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7. Tight Braided Top With High Ponytail

Source: jbraidsandbows via Instagram

Tight Braided Top With High Ponytail #ponytail #ponytailhairstyles #hairstyles #longhair #blondehair

How often do people get impressed by your everyday hairstyle? Well, if you bring this amazing idea to life, you will hear the most flattering words about your hair as long as you sport it. So how about braiding the top of your head tightly and let these braids be a part of your creative pony? Most easy ponytail hairstyles for long hair are meant to save your time, but this masterpiece is also meant to make you be in the spotlight.

8. High Wavy Pony For Shoulder Length Hair

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High Wavy Pony For Shoulder Length Hair #ponytail #ponytailhairstyles #hairstyles #mediumhair #blondehair

Let’s take time for some easy ponytail hairstyles for medium length hair! Look at this pic: this is what we call perfection in its purest form. Everything in this look is so neat and effortless, yet very dramatic and sexy. The point of this hairdo is that the pony should be set very high and wrapped tightly with your own hair. Also, you can curl the ends to add more of texture.

9. Graceful Half-Up Pony

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Graceful Half Up Pony #ponytail #ponytailhairstyles #hairstyles #mediumhair #brownhair

Wise ladies know that when it comes to a night party, their hairstyle shouldn’t be complicated. Just imagine: you’ve finally found a perfect festive dress, got exquisite accessories to embellish it, and now it’s time for a hairdo. Do you want it to emphasize the glory of your look or to fill the space with its complexness and lushness? A half-up ponytail is a good way to take care of your evening look with a polished and simple hairstyle: just section off the top layer of your hair and create a pony out of it. Make sure that the crown is clean and nothing sticks out, and your look is ready.

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