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22. Accessorized Braided Pony For Parties

Source: natalieannehair via Instagram

Accessorized Braided Pony For Parties #ponytail #ponytailhairstyles #hairstyles #mediumhair #brownhair

Want to be the most eye-catching girl at the party? Open up your beautiful face and shoulders with a high hairdo, and all the attention will be yours. You can do little, symmetrical braids on the sides and put your voluminous hair into a high ponytail. For this look you will need to apply a strong-hold hair gel to the top: it will tame your crown and make your pony look even fuller. Beautify it with fancy hair accessories and be ready to steal the show.

23. Pretty High Pony With Headscarf

Source: thanhtheman via Instagram

Pretty High Pony With Headscarf #ponytail #ponytailhairstyles #hairstyles #mediumhair #headscarf

Let us show you the hairstyle that will catch peoples eyes with its creativity, stylishness, and brightness. Its simplicity surely blows people’s minds! Please, look at this idea: she just put her hair up and tied it with a headscarf, but it looks so fresh, lovely, and simply impressive. Why don’t you do the same?

24. Braided Ponytail With Head Scarf

Source: sweethearts_hair via Instagram

Braided Ponytail With Head Scarf  #ponytail #ponytailhairstyles #hairstyles #longhair #blondehair

Soft and loose side braid, long wavy pony, and a glamorous scarf that secure it: what can compare to this? Instead of spending a lot of time on your super chic hairstyle, set your creativity into motion and show up with a unique ‘do.

After looking at our inspiring ideas, all those skeptical ladies who stay away from ponytails will change their minds. Now you realize that truly exceptional and effortless-looking hairstyles are quite easy. Isn’t that a reason to give them a try right now?

Main photo by Natalieannehair