Most Popular Ideas Of A Pixie Haircut For 2019

Pick a New Pixie Haircut to Keep Up With Fashion

A pixie haircut is something that becomes trendier with each day.

What is the reason for that? Who knows, maybe because they are extremely easy to maintain and super versatile? In any case, today we are going to draw your attention to the styles that are on the edge of popularity right now and that are going to hit the top of all hair charts when 2019 comes. Are you ready to embrace the unknown? Then what are you waiting for? Dive in!


Layered Pixie Haircut

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A layered pixie cut is the perfect way out for those whose hair is thinner than you would like it to be. The more layers, the more volume. Isn’t it something you have been dreaming of?


Long Pixie Cut

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If you are looking for a long pixie cut that will bring out all of your pretty facial features, then we know what you need. An ear-length pixie bob swept to one side is your perfect solution!


Shaggy Pixie Haircuts

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Short pixie haircuts are not for those of you who are faint-hearted. It takes a lot of courage to opt for something as edgy as this chocolate-shaded shaggy hairstyle. Besides, the undercuts only spice things up. Would you dare trying it out?


Textured Cut

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Textured cuts are not for everyone. But in case you would like the world to have a look at what you are standing here for, this is exactly what you need. A spicy, textured pixie dyed ice-blonde defines a strong and daring lady.


Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

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Asymmetrical pixie cuts look extremely sassy and fun. Besides, if you sweep those bangs to the side, you will always achieve a different than yesterday look, isn’t it amazing? Do not be afraid to experiment with shades too, subtle copper looks unique and elegant!

Short Pixie Haircuts

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How to style a pixie cut if it is barely even there? Well, those of you who prefer your hair being extra short should at least consider these extra short cuts. Besides, there is always a way to style a short pixie, and hair gel is your best friend here.

Pixie Haircut with Long Bang

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Once you go for bangs you should not forget about the recent trends. What is the better way to spice up your new ‘do than to add some unusual shade to it? The answer is to add two bright shades!