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Exquisite Low Ponytails

Source: emmachenartistry via Instagram, hiddenhair via Instagram, tonyastylist via Instagram

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If you want to show your exquisite taste, you shouldn’t forget about the hairstyles we are so familiar with. Believe it or not, a simple ponytail can look even more dramatic than Hollywood waves or extra-voluminous complicated updo. Never disregard the power of simplicity: it knows how to surprise us. We can talk about ponytails forever, but you should see their beauty with your own eyes. Don’t you find these ponytails to be fabulous? Yes, this simple hairstyle still has something to impress you. You can opt for a messy low ponytail with a side braid, a fishtail braid that graduates to a loose ponytail or let simplicity take over your look and get yourself a low ponytail with slight waves. Do ponytails still look familiar?

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