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Low Fade Samurai Hairstyle

Low Fade Samurai Hairstyle #samuraihair #menhairstyles

A hairier but still so virile Samurai knot. Though the fade is pretty low here, it forms a very harmonic duo with a dense beard.

Source: bunhairmen via Instagram

Messy Bun With Disconnected Undercut

Messy Bun With Disconnected Undercut #samuraihair #menhairstyles

An undercut is a nice canvas to styling creativity. And when you need a bulky twist with a carefree feel, nothing will work better than a tousled knot on a disconnected undercut.

Source: via Instagram

Man Bun With Beard Style

Man Bun With Beard Style #samuraihair #menhairstyles

Samurai long hair is unpredictable; one day it’s messy, and then it’s sleek and fancy. How do you like this versatility? When a special event is just around the corner, you can simply tame your mane with a pomade. Needless to say, an outlined beard will be an awesome finish.

Source: engiin.x via Instagram

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