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Blonde To Strawberry Ombre

Blonde To Strawberry Ombre #blondehair #ombre

While blonde hair are a statement in themselves, if you are looking to add a touch of zing to the look, why not go in for a blonde ombre. Pick an eye-catching color like strawberry for your ombre hair and get the ends colored in a naturally fading style. If you are inspired by the picture in our gallery and decide to go ‘matchy-matchy’ with your pooch, make sure to use dog-friendly hair-dye for its hair, please!

Source: rossmichaelssalon via Instagram

Stylish Long Haircut

Stylish Long Haircut #blondehair #longhair #wavyhair

A platinum silver hair color is a great variation for women who prefer a super light hair color. With dark roots fading into a silver ombre, this blonde hairstyle exudes confidence and style. Save this picture to show it to your hairstylist during your next visit. The darker roots are also sometimes referred to as shadow roots and a smooth transition to the silver blonde is key to this look. Go in for a slight blunt cut and style your hair poker straight for this hairstyle!

Source: hairby_chrissy via Instagram

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