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Flattering Short Haircuts For Round Faces You Cannot Miss

Flattering short haircuts for round faces, how is that? Well, even though there are universally flattering cuts, in general, not all haircuts are equally flattering for every face shape, and this is important to know.

Remember one thing: the right haircut for round face will conceal its redundant roundness. Just imagine a situation. You look though a magazine or better our blog and see several shorts haircuts that you absolutely love. You pick one and go get it at the salon. And the universe fails you and what you see as a result makes your face appear super fat.

To avoid such an unfortunate situation, you should learn beforehand if a particular cut will compliment your round face shape. But here are some basic things to look for in a cut if your face shape is round:

– Avoid heavy or straight bangs and go for layered bangs instead;
– A short hairstyle that provides some height;
– A hairstyle that can add some length to your face;
– A hairstyle that has the sides that are either close to your face or very short.

Moving on, let’s see the most flattering haircuts for round faces. Let’s pick you something that will enhance your features.

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