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Shoulder Length Straight Hairstyles

For inspiration, check out these straight bob hairstyle pictures. As you can see, a simple side part can add some sensuality to a mid length bob. Whatever style you choose, this type of cut will make you feel more alive and confident!

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Let’s talk about some of the pros of mid length hair to help convince you to trim those tresses!

  1. A mid length cut can help emphasize your facial features.
  2. There are countless styles for shoulder-length haircuts.
  3. Shoulder length hair is great for the summer as it is much cooler and more lightweight.
  4. Mid length cuts add can remove dull weight from long, thick hair.
  5. Shoulder length hairstyles can add volume and bounce to thinner tresses.
  6. Shoulder length hair is a great compromise for those who want to get rid of some length without going too short.
  7. You can still wear your hair in a cute updo or half updo.
  8. Shoulder length hair is perfect for playing around with fun color options such as ombre or balayage tones.
  9. Medium length hairstyles are less prone to knots and tangles than really long hair.
  10. A cute mid length cut can really boost your self-esteem and make you feel years younger.
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If you are looking for medium straight hairstyles to help remove some of the weight from your hair, you might want to consider one of these straight shoulder-length hairstyles. For those with naturally straight hair, it will be a breeze to style.

Straight medium length bob hairstyles are great as you are still able to pull your hair back if you wish. As well, they are comfortable for hot summer days and are very sleek and professional looking. However, if you leave them a bit tousled, they can be sexy as well!

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