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Turquoise Blue Ombre For Dark Brown Or Chestnut Hair

Source: hairgod_zito via Instagram

Turquoise Blue Ombre for Dark Brown or Chestnut Hair

This funky mermaid look, with its two shades of blue, the deep blue ombre in the middle and the pearly turquoise tips for a beachy vibe, works great for dark brunettes.

Icy Blue Waves

Source: hotonbeauty via Instagram

Icy Blue Waves

This ice-blue ombre goes great with naturally dark wavy hair. The light icy blue will really make your locks pop with flair and added depth and dimension.

Moody Blue Hues

Source: evalam_ via Instagram

Moody Blue Hues

This intricate combo of charcoal black and dark blue roots that fades into bouncy cool icy blue curls will create quite a mesmerizing effect.

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