Sassy And Stylish Hairstyles For Short Hair

Short Hair Styles to Look Chic

If you have short hair, you might think that you don’t have many styling options, but that can’t be farther from the truth. There are plenty of both funky and practical hairstyles for those with shorter hair. And if you are bored with your longer locks, a fun shorter hairdo might be just what you need.


Short hairstyles can be anywhere from chic and sophisticated to funky and daring. If you are getting tired of those troublesome knots and tangles, shorter hair could be the answer to your hair woes.

Inverted Bob

Source: Xostylistxo via Instagram

This layered bob is both trendy and fun. Subtle highlights will give it extra texture and depth. To style, simply use a medium barreled curling iron in the top layer to create waves and use your fingers to separate when cooled.


Short Layers

Source: Philipwolffhair via Instagram

This look works great for those with straighter hair, but it will also work well if you have light waves. The layers will create a dramatic definition, but in order to maintain this look, you need to get your hair trimmed every 6 weeks. Apply a leave-in conditioner to add texture but still keep your hair soft to the touch.


Layers with Twisted Balayage

Source: Cleencuts via Instagram

Highlights are a great way to enhance layers in shorter hairstyles. Also, they add a modern flair to any haircut. If you want to add some waves to this fun style and thus give it added volume, use a flat iron to make random imperfect curls.


Modern Betty Boop

Source: Missrockabillyruby via Instagram

This retro style has a lot of layers on top but adds feathered bangs for a modern touch. To make this look really pop, dye your hair silky blue-black. The textured layers create a flirty, playful look suitable for work or play.


Grungy Girl

Source: Xandervintage via Instagram

This fun and edgy look with its stacked layers in the back, and long fringe and longer front is totally rocking. Add some color to the bangs to really make this look pop.

Cropped Layers with Piecey Bangs

Source: Ramireztran

The piecey layered bangs are what pulls this stunning look together. All you need to do is work some pomade through the layers to achieve the punky, piecey effect that will stand out from the crowd.

Textured Layers

Source: Cutyourhair via Instagram

This fun take on a classic bob is extremely flattering as it is slightly shorter in the back and layered at the ends to create an almost blocked effect. The longer pieces toward the front allow for a lot of creativity when it comes to styling options.


Layered Bob for Thick Hair

Source: Petermenezes via Instagram

If you think you can’t rock a bob because you have naturally thick hair, guess again! This look maintains your natural volume while showing off a trendy, shorter style.

Edgy Style for Fine Hair

Source: _Sammie_ via Instagram

For those with thinner hair who want to try a bold and daring new look, this choppy pixie is perfect. With short layers, it’s easy to maintain and looks great with colorful hues like pretty violet or deep burgundy.

Classy, Layered Bob

Source: Xostylistxo via Instagram

This look is extremely chic and sophisticated with its feathery layers. It works great for those with thick hair and looks amazing with some gorgeous highlights that will glimmer in the sunlight.


Stacked Pixie

Source: Fanny_rst via Instagram

The best part about this adorable pixie is that it’s so easy to maintain. With the shorter back and longer bangs, you can add some playful streaks to kick it up a notch, especially if you want to be a bit edgier than normally.

Longer Pixie

Source: Emilyandersonstyling via Instagram

With this style, you have the best of both words. Shorter layers in the back and crown but longer layers in the front will leave you room to experiment with both styles and color combinations. Also, the shorter layers at the crown add texture and volume.

Choppy Pixie

Source: Emilyandersonstyling via Instagram

This cut is timeless, yet, youthful with its perfect combo of sleek and messy layers. For work, you can slick it back to look suave and sophisticated. But if you want to make it look flirty and playful, you can add some pomade for a carefree messy look. Or, mix it up and go for a combo of sleek and piecey to really draw all eyes to you!


Carefree Pixie

Source: Jessattriossalon via Instagram

The best thing about this cut is that it requires no effort to style. With its short, sophisticated cut, you simply wake up and walk out the door. This cut is perfect for those with a busy lifestyle who still want an ultra-chic and feminine appeal.

Sexy, Soft Layers

Source: Anhcotran via Instagram

For those who want a super-feminine cut, this look is ideal. It has feathered layers that will softly frame your face to add a look of pure sophistication with a slightly modern flair.

Textured Layered Bob

Source: Number_76 via Instagram

Looking for a girly but modern hairdo? Combine a layered bob with raven black dye. And to totally rock it, swoop some hair in the front and add some volume in the back. It will give you lots of possible styling options without unnecessary bangs.


Short Asymmetrical Crop

Source: Soraverly via Instagram

Short haircuts can’t but crave for asymmetry. What makes this cut special is that the wearer can combine both short and long hair benefits in one look. If you think we are lying – have a look yourself!

Pixie-Bob with Layers

Source: Soraverly via Instagram

This pixie-bob with layers gives you a possibility to mix voluminous back and sleek front. It is the perfect example of short hair with long layers. In order to style it, you will only require volumizing shampoo and a blow dryer.

Short Curly Hairstyle

Source: Hairbyelena via Instagram

We all know that waves can make any hair look stunning. But if we add them to short, silver hair – that will be as though working on a masterpiece! Yet, bear in mind that only top layers can be waved!


Short Layered Haircut

Source: Polishedbypaigey via Instagram

If your hair is smokey grey, then it already looks trendy and awesome. But an angled layered haircut with some sorter layers in the back will not spoil it for sure!

Silver Bob

Source: Emmanuelkuthaus via Instagram

Do you know what women with thick short hair dream of? We do! They dream of this silver bob with huge, sassy waves!

Which short hair style do you like best? We think you’ll love your new short and sassy do!