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Lob For Round Face Shape

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Blonde Lob For Round Face Shape #haircutsforroundfaces #haircuts #roundfaces #bobhaircuts
Wavy Lob For Round Face Shape #haircutsforroundfaces #haircuts #roundfaces #bobhaircuts

Yes, we haven’t finished with the mighty bob. It’s even more versatile than you think, a long bob can be another good idea for you. Apart from framing your face in a perfect way, it has one more advantage you will fall in love with: it looks more elegant than its shorter version. The hair length in these pictures is perfect for both evening and daily looks, and that’s what every girl needs. Of course, the haircut is crucial, but don’t forget that you should attach the importance to the choice of hair coloring technique. An ombre or balayage are your helping hands that will also make your face appear slimmer. Their strategies are easy: the combination of colors gives a great volume, thus drawing attention. It’s so easy to find a right bob for you, yet very important. And now you now that long bobs are the right bob hairstyles for round faces and thick hair.

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