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Head Wraps

Head Wraps #hairaccessories

Head wraps aren’t just about matching your outfit. They’re about matching your lifestyle. Those who are in love with ethnic-inspired looks and light, loose clothings, a head wrap is the missing detail.

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Hair Barrettes

Hair Barrettes #hairaccessories

Even though there are countless ways to wear hair barrettes, they reveal their full potential only when paired with simple classic updos. Not only do they bring a ton of character to the look but can also make the style perfectly match the outfit.

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Silk Head Scarf

Silk Head Scarf #hairaccessories

How about keeping up with trends and keep your head away from harsh summer sunlight at the same time? Yes, hairstyles finished with a silk head scarf are all the range in 2019.

Besides, you can not just wrap it all around your head; such a scarf can replace a regular hair tie. Isn’t that stylish twofer you’re looking for: it won’t tighten up the scalp while giving a modern touch to your hairdo.

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