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22. Chic Silver Edgy Pixie

Source: strength.n.dignity_31 via Instagram

Chic Silver Edgy Pixie #pixiehairstyles #pixiecut #shorthair #shortpixie #silverhair

Thanks to the trends of the 21st century that greyish hair is not about old age; now it’s all about stylishness. No words can describe how bold and attractive silvery edgy pixie looks, but only brave girls can say goodbye to regular hair color. Are you brave enough to let this extraordinary color to your life?

23. Messy Blonde Pixie

Source: anna_maria_theresia via Instagram

Messy Blonde Pixie #pixiehairstyles #pixiecut #shorthair #hairstyles #blondehair

Who would’ve known that messily styled hair would become one of the most requested styles of today? It’s time to appreciate mess and get yourself a stylish pixie with slight messy waves that will add some movement to your locks. To spice it up, pair this cut with soft caramel blonde hair color.

24. Auburn Short Pixie Haircut

Source: cristianabaruc via Instagram

Auburn Short Pixie Haircut #pixiehairstyles #pixiecut #shorthair #shortpixie #auburnhair

Why don’t you add some reddish shades to your hair instead of getting envious every time you see a girl with seductive red hair? Auburn hair color is a fantastic mixture of brown and red hair colors, which actually gets on well with short pixies. This idea is living proof!

25. Sassy Pixie Hairstyle

Source: caitlynmmua via Instagram

Sassy Pixie Hairstyle #pixiehairstyles #pixiecut #shorthair #shortpixie #beigehair

Looking for a style that will show everyone how sassy you are? Well, nothing is better than such a lively, contrastive pixie with a bit shaved sides. Don’t be shy to sport this hairstyle with a bright makeup! If you want it to be even more colorful, that means your cut needs ombre like the one you see above.

Main photo by Sarahb.h