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1. Double Braided Updo Tutorial

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Double Braided Updo Tutorial

Are you looking for some fancy and trendy but formal hairstyles for short hair? Then you have come to the right place! Of all the updos a double braided one is mind-blowingly easy and exceptional gorgeous!

  1. Divide your hair into two sections so that the one is a lot bigger than the other.
  2. Grab a section of hair in the front and divide it into three equal parts.
  3. Begin a French braid.
  4. Follow your hairline and bring the braid towards the back at an angle.
  5. Secure the braid with a hairband at the back of your head.
  6. Repeat the procedure with the other side.
  7. Secure two braids at your back with a hairband.
  8. Take the little sections of hair that are left at the back, twist them and bring them towards the braids.
  9. Use screw pins to secure the updo.
  10. Go back on your braid and pull them a little to add some more texture and volume to them.
  11. That is it!
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