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2. Edgy Double French Twist Tutorial

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Edgy Double French Twist Tutorial

In case you wish for some cute updos for short hair with a touch of edginess to be at hand, we have something special for you! Experimenting with hairstyles for short hair is so fun and easy!

  1. Part your hair first.
  2. Pin away the front section first.
  3. Split the rest of your hair into two equal parts.
  4. Start right above the ears, bring the hair towards the back.
  5. Pin it away for now, too.
  6. Grab the bottom section of your hair and tease it a little.
  7. Bring your hair over to the right side.
  8. Bobby pin it going from the bottom up.
  9. Grab all of the hair and start twisting it into the French twist.
  10. Repeat the same procedure with the top side with the only difference that this time you should bring your hair to the left side first.
  11. Split your front hair section into smaller one and curl all of them using your curling iron.
  12. Edgy double French twist – check!
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