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4. Low Pompadour Updo Tutorial

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Low Pompadour Updo Tutorial

Everybody knows that a girl who seeks a dramatic look will never pass by the pompadour hairstyle. So here comes the most elegant pompadour updo people could ever see. Whether you want to be on point for a date or you just want to flaunt with a super delicate daily hairstyle, this style knows how to make you feel happy with your hair. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Start from the very top of your crown, with a slight off-centered part going towards the left side.
  2. Take this section of the crown, bring it towards the back and secure it with some bobby pins on each side.
  3. Then, take a pompadour comb and make sure that the brush section is placed towards the scalp.
  4. Place it right underneath the bobby pins.
  5. Wrap the hair on the back all over the puff of your comb and pin it around.
  6. Take the hair on the front, twist them a little bit and put them on the top.
  7. You can also embellish your cute updo with any accessories you want!
  8. You are ready!
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