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5. Low Pompadour Braided Updo Tutorial

Source: Milabu

Low Pompadour Braided Updo Tutorial

Those who feel that there is a lack of braids in their lives can breathe a sigh of relief. Braids have never been so feminine, that’s for sure. And you are in luck today, as you can bring this braided pompadour to life right now. Yes, it’s totally easy, all you need is your beautiful hair and some bobby pins. Let’s do that!

  1. Start with a three-strand braid on each side.
  2. When both your braids are done, grab a section of hair right below it and a section on the other side, connecting them in the middle to create a tiny ponytail.
  3. Start taking the hairs from underneath the back and inner loop them around the ponytail you’ve made.
  4. Secure it with some bobby pins!
  5. Place your lovely braids on top, including them to the updo.
  6. Enjoy your stunning and lively pompadour!
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