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7. Bejewled Knotted Updo Tutorial

Source: Milabu

Bejewled Knotted Updo Tutorial #updosforshorthair #updohairstyles #shorthair #hairstyles

  1. Take a front section of your hair and tease it a little bit before using a pompadour comb right behind the hair section you have just taken. Bring your hair towards the back onto the pompadour comb and secure it with some bobby pins behind.
  2. Use the rest of the hair to create 4 ponytails.
  3. Take the ponytails and curl them around your finger, then using a bobby pin fix them upwards or towards the ponytail. You can loose the little buns we have created with the help of your fingers to create more volume and make your hairstyle a bit more relaxed looking. If your heart desires something more, you can definitely choose some hair jewelry to go with your hairstyle.

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