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Victory Rolls With Two Swirls

Victory Rolls With Two Swirls #victoryroll

Here comes one of the cutest pin up hairstyles for long hair to prove that simplicity is genius. You can wave your hair and create two victory rolls that get swirled on top. And that’s enough to get the retro look!
Source: dafna_barel via Instagram

Victory Rolls Styling With A Hat

Victory Rolls Styling With A Hat #victoryroll

For a restrained and feminine style, get yourself a chic, minimalist hat to pair with your rolls. In this way, they will not only get well-secured but also give you a very elegant look.
Source: missvictoryviolet via Instagram

Double Colorful Victory Rolls

Double Colorful Victory Rolls #victoryroll

The more colors, the better, especially if you want to cross the line between retro and modern rolls. And don’t forget to curl the rest of your hair!
Source: ohnoitsruthio via Instagram

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