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Everything about Getting a Rose Gold Hair Color

A rose gold hair color is so fun, even more fun, comparing to the king of fun – blonde. This color will definitely make you stand out, creating a girlish and vivid image.

Is going rose gold for you?

Well, it might be a great choice if your hair color is blonde and you would like to update it a bit without committing to a much darker hue. Brunettes can rock rose gold, too, but the dye job will require more effort.

The good news is that rose gold, involving both a cool and a warm hue, compliments any complexion. For the same reason, you can add any possible colors to rose gold and get the perfect combo. So, there is much room for experimenting. How to choose a rose gold hue and style? Let’s discuss which hue will work best for you.

Peaches and Warm Golds: Such hues will be ideal for ladies with warm undertones in their complexion. But they also won’t be that bad against the complexion with cool undertones.

Lavender and Ash Blonde: This take is cooler, so you can go for it if you have some cool undertones either in your complexion or in your natural hair color.

Purple-pink will appear especially winning if your natural hair color is ashy.

Balayage Highlights: Going for rose gold highlights is ideal for babes who have darker locks and don’t want to go through bleaching on a regular basis.

Another trendy but more laborious option is blonde hair with rose gold highlights.

Now let’s find out how to dye your tresses rose gold at home and how to take care of this color.

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