Braided Hairstyles

Braided Hairstyles That Turn Heads

It is time to show your creativity and improve your braiding skills! Join the club of ladies who can create the real masterpiece on their heads.

Simple, Yet Gorgeous, DIY Box Braids

They are an excellent way to extend your natural length and sport a variety of hairstyles that look complicated and sophisticated.

Glorious Ways To Style A Fishtail Braid

There’s one reason why the good old fishtail braid will never go out of style: the number of experiments you can do with it knows no end.

45 Glorious French Braid Hairstyles to Try

A woman who is familiar with the endless variety of the French braid never feels like she’s got nothing to wear.

Fantastic Crochet Braids For Natural Hair

Crochet braids are the trend that ladies with natural hair will never stop loving. See what hairstyles you can create with these cuties!

Braided Hairstyles are extremely popular among the owners of long hair. But even if you were not gifted with long hair or are just in the process of growing it, you can make it work out. We have options for all hairdos and lengths. The latest boom in popularity of braids was caused by Kim Kardashian. In the beginning of 2016, she literally became addicted to braided hairstyles. And as she is considered to be a trend setter and an influential person in the world of fashion, you were able to see many famous Instagram bloggers and a lot of other people copying this style since then. Braids look fab on everyone. There are so many variations, you can’t even imagine. We hope that in all this ‘chaos’ of braided hair styles we will help you to make the right choice.
THE LATEST IN Braided Hairstyles
Well-liked Ideas to Create a Snake Braid

30 Popular Styles with a Snake Braid

The snake braid is the next-level hairstyle for those who have tried popular braiding techniques and want something truly special. This amazing hairstyle has lots of facets to fit different looks and moods, and we’ve gathered them all here in this gallery.

Ways to Wear a Marvelous Ladder Braid

30 Ways to Wear a Marvelous Ladder Braid

The ladder braid is worth mastering not only for its unique and elegant look but also for the number of styles with which it can embellish your casual and formal looks. Every pic you’re going to see in this collection is the reason to try the braided trend!

All-Time Fishbone Braids For All Occasions

35 All-Time Fishbone Braids For All Occasions

If there is one type of hairdo that can be fitted to any occasion, we will name fishbone braids. Once you learn how versatile the ‘do is, you will think the same. It is time to broaden your horizons with these taste looks!

Amazing Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair 2018

27 Amazing Braided Hairstyles For Long Hair 2020

Long hair and braids always go hand in hand when it comes to creating beautiful hairstyles. If you’re an owner of a long mane, you are bound to see how variously you can spice up your look with a braided texture. Our trendy hairstyles will be your guide!

Braided Hairstyles for Your Purple Hair

30 Braided Hairstyles For Your Purple Hair

If you can’t have enough of your purple hair and you want everyone around you to observe the fantastic beauty of the color, then we know what you may need. A bunch of great braided styles will surely aid you in reaching the goal.

Charming Braided Hairstyles for Short Hair

35 Charming Braided Hairstyles For Short Hair

Do you know that there are tons of braided hairstyles for short hair? They can be simple or intricate, modest or eye-catching. Yet, regardless of your choice, they will instantly take you to the spotlight. Get the best ideas below.

Easy Halo Braid Styles for Any Occasion

35 Easy Halo Braid Styles For Any Occasion

If you need to add a touch of femininity to your look, a halo braid will be there for you. It can be one of your styling favorites for the season once you discover how different it can be! Dive in to see the best halo braid ideas.

Elegant Ways To Style Side Braid For Long Hair

35 Elegant Ways To Style Side Braid For Long Hair

Besides adding a feminine flair to your look, a side braid can also give your face a soft visual frame. Check out the most creative ways to style this braid, as well as incorporate it into popular hairstyles of today!

Different Types of Braids to Amaze Everyone

24 Different Types of Braids to Amaze Everyone

Experimenting with different types of braids allows for a diverse styling routine that eliminates the I-have-nothing-to-wear scenario. Besides, you can always combine braided ideas for a truly unique look, and here are the hottest examples of how far you can go with braids!

Cute and Elegant Braided Bun Hairstyles

21 Cute and Elegant Braided Bun Hairstyles

A braid is the symbol of femininity. A bun is the embodiment of elegance. Now, let’s have a look at the mesmerizing and sophisticated looks that you can create with braided bun hairstyles. From casual to formal looks, you’re going to take it up a notch!

Cool Braided Back to School Hairstyles

45 Cool Braided Back To School Hairstyles

The popular back to school hairstyles have turned out to be a chic complement to modern looks. Besides, sometimes we all want to relive those teen moments! Here’s how you can diversify your styling routine with fancy school-days-inspired styles.

Iconic Game of Thrones Hairstyles for All Hairaholics

5 Charming Game Of Thrones Hairstyles

There are many reasons to be obsessed with the series, and the iconic Game of Thrones hairstyles are certainly the major ones. Spoiler: they’re not as complicated as you think.

Top Best Braid Styles You've Ever Wanted

33 Top Best Braid Styles You’ve Ever Wanted

With the endless variety of beautiful braid styles we see on Pinterest, it’s so hard to choose the look to try today! That’s why we’ve created this ultimate braided gallery with the most creative and versatile braided looks for everyone.

From French To Box Two Braids Styles

From French To Box: 42 Two Braids Styles

Two braids — endless room for styling creativity! While the idea of a double-braid hairstyle may seem to be pretty simple, it has something more for you to offer. Discover amazing ways to diversify your looks with double braids, experimenting with different techniques!

Change Your Image With A Cute Headband Braid

Change Your Image With A Cute Headband Braid

A headband braid always gives a feminine touch to a woman’s look, be it short, medium, or long hair. The good news is, there’s a great variety of ways to incorporate this style into your hair look, and you’re going to see the most creative and stylish picks here!

Unbelievably Beautiful Braid Hairstyles for Christmas Party

36 Unbelievably Beautiful Braid Hairstyles For Christmas Party

Braid hairstyles are the classic choice that can fit any look and occasion possible. And this Christmas Eve is no exception! We’ve put together the most romantic, cute, and stylish ways to braid your hair to complement your holiday look.

Long Hairstyles That Are Just The Cutest For Valentine's Day

21 Long Hairstyles That Are Just The Cutest For Valentine’s Day

Long hair has always been a magnet for attention, so it can be your weapon for this Valentine’s Day! See how to amaze your boo with long hairstyles that will not only reveal your romantic nature but also make him unable to take his eyes off you.

Fresh Spring Hairstyles to Bring a Little Change in Your Life

48 Fresh Spring Hairstyles To Bring A Little Change In Your Life

Winter is finally coming to its end it is time you show those gorgeous locks of yours off. With these spring hairstyles ideas, you will look like a true goddess of beauty that you are! Do not limit your imagination!

Simple, Yet Gorgeous, DIY Box Braids

36 Simple, Yet Gorgeous, DIY Box Braids

Box braids are another ageless and versatile hairstyle for women blessed with natural hair. And if you think you’ve tried all the braided ideas possible, we’ve got something that will leave you speechless.

Ways How To Fishtail Braid Step-By-Step Tutorials And Style Ideas

6 Ways How To Fishtail Braid Step-By-Step (Tutorials And Style Ideas)

When you watch hairstylists` videos how to fishtail braid, you just give up. After reading this post you will never say it is complicated. A fishtail braid is an easy thing that you can do daily if you are taught and explained well with the technique. So many different hairstyles can be made with this beautiful hair design so don’t miss your chance to try it. Amaze yourself and people around you with how gorgeous your hair is done.

How to Do a Waterfall Braid Step by Step

How To Do A Waterfall Braid Step By Step

There’s nothing like a halo braid gently flowing and falling to your shoulders, that is true. But, many women think the waterfall braid is not just a complicated but impossible hairstyle. Well, our amazing tutorials are going to change that for good!

Easy Updos For Long Hair

55 Easy Updos For Long Hair

Still think that updos take hours and tons of styling products to get them done? Our fantastic, trendy, and easy updos for long hair are here to prove otherwise! See how to create a red-carped ‘do easily!

Creative And Modern Ways Of Pulling Off Ethnic-Inspired Fulani Braids

50 Creative And Modern Ways Of Pulling Off Ethnic-Inspired Fulani Braids

If you still haven’t tried Fulani braids, you’re missing out! Read this post to see how variously you can wear the protective hairstyle for natural hair. Natural hair is prone to damage, so wearing protective hairstyles is a must for women of color. What if we tell you that you can make it not just in a stylish but in an enviable way?

Glorious Ways to Style a Fishtail Braid

30 Glorious Ways To Style A Fishtail Braid

There’s one reason why the good old fishtail braid will never go out of style: the number of experiments you can do with it knows no end. Below, you’re going to see the latest braided looks that make hearts skip beats!