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Kanekalon Hair for the Sake of Experimentation

Kanekalon hair is the perfect way out for those who lack natural length to create some complex braided hairdos. These hair extensions are so popular due to their softness and variety of colors and lengths. Usually it is difficult to differentiate between real hair and the kanekalon. That is why we totally suggest that you try them out, at least once.


Pink Kanekalon Braids

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Pink Kanekalon Braids picture1

Pink Kanekalon Braids picture2
Pink Kanekalon Braids picture3

It is also worth knowing how much of kanekalon hair you require for your braids. If you have naturally thin hair, then the braids should not be too big. But if you have thick hair, then choose larger braids.


Original Braiding Ideas for Kanekalon Hair

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Original Ideas for Kanekalon Braiding Hair picture1

Original Ideas for Kanekalon Braiding Hair picture2
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Before hair braiding, make sure that your hair is washed and moisturized. And in the process of braiding, make sure that you do not pull too hard to avoid damaging your hair.

Colorful Braids

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Colorful Braids picture1

Colorful Braids picture2
Colorful Braids picture3

You can try out as many braided hairstyles as you want, but you should change your extensions after eight weeks of usage. Do not forget about the moisturizing!


Kanekalon Braiding Hair to Try

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Kanekalon Braiding Hair to Try picture1

Kanekalon Braiding Hair to Try picture2
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With the summer here, the popularity of braided styles becomes more and more obvious. Kanekalon braids are not only a practical but also a good-looking solution.

A Lot of Little Braids

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A Lot of Little Braids picture1

A Lot of Little Braids picture2
A Lot of Little Braids picture3

With these braids you can try out any color without the necessity to dye your hair. Even a slight hint of a new color will add a stunning alternative to your look.


Stylish Kanekalon Braids

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Stylish Kanekalon Braids picture1

Stylish Kanekalon Braids picture2
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If you think that wearing such braids doesn’t make your image bold enough, spice things up with a burst of color!

So Fantastic Braided Styles

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So Fantastic Braided Styles picture1
So Fantastic Braided Styles picture2
So Fantastic Braided Styles picture3

Sometimes you need to keep your hair away from your face. Ponytails and buns are perfect for this task.

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