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Straight Hairstyles That All Women Love

Straight hairstyles look super-elegant and that is why such hairstyles are among our ultimate favorites. You can opt for a sleek, polished or for a messier look as both will be gorgeous. Plus, when your hair is straight, it can frame your face, which is great if you wish to accentuate your facial features.


Half Bun Straight Hairstyles

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Braided Half Bun Straight Hairstyles #straighthairstyles #longhair #hairstyles

In case your hair is fine and you do not want to apply tons of styling products to make it voluminous, consider half-up bun hairstyles. You will not only spend less than ten minutes to get a style but also will flaunt with an unbelieavably full casual ‘do.


Straight Hairstyles With Side Braid

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Long Straight Hairstyles With Side Braid #straighthairstyles #longhair #hairstyles

And try spicing up your straight hairstyles with side braids when you wish to alter your look. Hairstyles for straight hair are chic, but sooner or later, we become tired of even the most amazing hairstyles. Do not be afraid to experiment!

Half Up Braided Straight Hairstyles

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Blonde Half Up Braided Straight Hairstyles #straighthairstyles #longhair #hairstyles

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You can always add some more oomph to your texture by adding some braided elements. Anything from tight fishtail braids to loose pull-through ideas will look ravishingly on your long locks.


Braided Straight Hairstyles

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Braided Straight Hairstyles #straighthairstyles #longhair #hairstyles

Braids can take place wherever you want! They can serve as a natural accessory and adorn your hair with a couple of side braids or make your look glorious, embellishing your head with a halo braid. And if you prefer some bolder styles, you can create a half-up Mohawk. Yes, braids are super versatile.

Straight Hairstyles With Ponytail

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Straight Hairstyles With Side Ponytail #straighthairstyles #longhair #hairstyles
Straight Hairstyles With Low Ponytail #straighthairstyles #longhair #hairstyles
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There are no better straight hairstyles for long hair than ponytails. Since your hair is sleek and manageable, you can play around with different types of pony styles, thus diversifying your casual look.


Creative Half Up Straight Hairstyles

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Twisted Half Up Straight Hairstyles #straighthairstyles #longhair #hairstyles

Braided Half Up Straight Hairstyles #straighthairstyles #longhair #hairstyles
Half Up Straight Hairstyles With Accessories #straighthairstyles #longhair #hairstyles

Even simple half-ups can look very presentable. Just don’t forget to set your creativity into motion! Combine different braiding techniques, experiment with hair accessories, and add some twists to make your styles look different.

Braid Into Ponytail

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Side Braid Into Ponytail #straighthairstyles #longhair #hairstyles

Braid Into Ponytail #straighthairstyles #longhair #hairstyles
Dutch Braid Into Ponytail #straighthairstyles #longhair #hairstyles

Braids will always be a good match for ponytails. Their duo is another proof for the genius of simplicity. Whether it’s a side braid that turns into a pony, a gentle pull-through braid that slowly becomes a pony, or an awesome braided Mohawk ponytail, you will look unique, that’s for sure.

Low Twisted Straight Updos

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Low Twisted Straight Updos Headband #straighthair #longhair
Low Twisted Straight Updos Accessories #straighthair #longhair
Low Twisted Straight Updos Bun #straighthair #longhair

While there’s nothing easier than twisted updos, nothing can compare to the gentle vibe and sense of femininity these hairstyles can add to your look. To individualize your girly twist, you can finish the look with a minimalist accessory or focus on the texture of your locks, making the ‘do as detailed as possible.

Braided Sleek Half-Ups

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Braided Sleek Half-Ups Bun #straighthair #longhair

Braided Sleek Half-Ups Blonde #straighthair #longhair
Braided Sleek Half-Ups Red #straighthair #longhair

One of the greatest things you can do with your long hair is to play around with different textures. For example, you can wear your enviably sleek mane down while flaunting with a braided texture embellishing your luscious locks on the top. As for braids, they can be anything you want them to be!

Four & Five Strand Braids

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Four & Five Strand Braids Pony #straighthair #longhair

Four & Five Strand Braids Blue #straighthair #longhair
Four & Five Strand Braids Blonde #straighthair #longhair

How about a textured masterpiece that will steal the show? This is the case where practicality meets stylishness! A super thick and defined mix of braided techniques will not only keep you comfortable with your hair but also give you a trendy, head-turning look.

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