Purple hair shouts ‘Extraordinary!’ A purple trend was set up in the early 1990-s. While now all of us are used to dark purple, purple ombre, light purple, lavender, and many other hues, back in 1990-s, neon purple was all the rage. Well, today purple shades are more elegant and mostly pastel. Surely, no one can forbid you to go crazy and get your hair dyed super-bright purple, but the current trends move towards softer shades. And if to consider all pastel hair shades, purple is a rock star among them! To achieve the ideal purple shade, it is advisable to ask a hair stylist for help. The good thing is that there are so many hairstyles for purple-haired that every woman will definitely find the one that suits her best. See purple hair ideas at LoveHairStyles.com.
Shades of Purple and Black Hair Color

35 Hypnotic Purple And Black Hair Shades

There Is Nothing Better Than The Unique Purple And Black Hair The combination of purple and black hair is not only stunning, but it is also kind of daring. Besides, the versatility of shades purple hair comes in won’t leave anyone indifferent. And when one shade is not enough for you, you can always ask […]

Glamorous Violet Hair Color Ideas

21 Glamorous Violet Hair Color Ideas

Violet Hair Color Ideas for You to Try It’s high time to experiment with hair and violet hair color might be the perfect option. This non-conventional hair color will look nice on brown and dark and ash blonde hair. If it is not extravagant enough for you, try to add violet and other shades in […]

Glorious Lavender Hair Color To Embrace The Trend Of Now

Glorious Lavender Hair Color To Embrace The Trend Of Now

Lavender hair color is one of the most requested shades ever. It’s time to fall in love with the stylish hair color and see how to pull it off awesomely. Do you want to find yourself in a fairytale? This magical color can turn your life into the fairy world.

Light Purple Hair Color Ideas

36 Light Purple Hair Color Ideas

Light Purple Hair to Get into a Fairy Tale A light purple hair color can give you a truly unique look and also make your tresses look much brighter. Another magnificent effect of this pastel shade is that it instantly helps you to appear more elegant. All you need to do is switch on your […]

Pastel Purple Hair You'll Want to Wear

21 Pastel Purple Hair You’ll Want to Wear

Pastel Purple Hair Color for Any Occasion Have you seen a pastel purple hair color in the streets of your city? It’s one of the new trends this season. This shade of purple will be perfectly combined with a bright stylish girl’s cheeky look. And if you opt for more radical changes, also see our […]

Beautiful Purple and Blue Hair Looks

50+ Best Purple And Blue Hair Looks

Only women with a bright personality and eternal creativity can see this post! But be careful: your mind is about to go crazy with the captivating purple and blue hair trend. Why is it so special? Dive in to find out.

Amazing Purple Hair Color Ideas

24 Amazing Purple Hair Color Ideas

Purple Hair Color – a Dream Come True Trend Purple hair color is the perfect option to step out of your box while creating a new look. Violet hair is everywhere these days, no matter if your locks are long and curly or short and straight. That is why if you ever wanted to do […]

Awesome Purple Red Hair for Your Next Makeover

30 Awesome Purple Red Hair For Your Next Makeover

Perfect Purple Red Hair Ideas To Stay Unique Purple red hair may be a pretty uncommon suggestion when it comes to modern trends. Nevertheless, it is quite popular. The reason for that lies in its versatility, since it can be a good option for those who want to go as bright as possible and for […]

Braided Hairstyles for Your Purple Hair

24 Braided Hairstyles for Your Purple Hair

Purple Hair Braiding Ideas to Try Purple hair is now a huge trend among chic fashionistas and celebrities. Kesha and Katy Perry rock this hair color. If you are a frequent user of Tumblr, you must have seen all those gorgeous photos with purple locks and braids. Moreover, there are some amazing shades of purple […]

Bold and Provocative Dark Purple Hair Color Ideas

50 Bold And Provocative Dark Purple Hair Color Ideas

The dark purple hair trend has come to our world to show our black and dark brunette manes what real dimension and depth are. At the same time, the variety of this color is so vast that it can adapt to any complexion and mood. See the most sultry ideas!