Purple Hair


Purple Hair Color Trends

Purple hair shouts ‘Extraordinary!’ A purple trend was set up in the early 1990-s. While now all of us are used to dark purple, purple ombre, light purple, lavender, and many other hues, back in 1990-s, neon purple was all the rage. Well, today purple shades are more elegant and mostly pastel. Surely, no one can forbid you to go crazy and get your hair dyed super-bright purple, but the current trends move towards softer shades. And if to consider all pastel hair shades, purple is a rock star among them! To achieve the ideal purple shade, it is advisable to ask a hair stylist for help. The good thing is that there are so many hairstyles for purple-haired that every woman will definitely find the one that suits her best. See purple hair ideas at LoveHairStyles.com.