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There Is Nothing Better Than The Unique Purple And Black Hair

The combination of purple and black hair is not only stunning, but it is also kind of daring. Besides, the versatility of shades purple hair comes in won’t leave anyone indifferent. And when one shade is not enough for you, you can always ask your stylist to mix and match for the creation of something special. What we have here is the list of the trendiest ideas of these colors. Who knows, maybe there will be something for you, too.


Long Purple And Black Hair

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Long Purple and Black Hair picture1

Long Purple and Black Hair picture2
Long Purple and Black Hair picture3

Purple and blue hair mixture is totally a choice for crazy little dare-devils. And what we are suggesting here is a calm but oh-so-sweet transition from black to dark purple. These purple waves make you crave for it, don’t they?


Black To Purple Bob

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Black to Purple Bob picture1

Black to Purple Bob picture2
Black to Purple Bob picture3

There are cases when dark purple hair coloring is not an option. In such cases lilac substitution fits in perfectly. Not only pastel purples are trendy but also they look incredible on middle-length wavy hair.

Black Purple Medium Hair

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Black Purple Medium Hair picture1

Black Purple Medium Hair picture2
Black Purple Medium Hair picture3

Sometimes women are not completely sure of what they want to do with their hair. In such cases opting for purple highlights is the best suggestion. You can always show them off by creating elegant curls or hide them if it turns out to be not your cup of tea.


Cool Black To Purple Ombre

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Cool Black to Purple Ombre picture1

Cool Black to Purple Ombre picture2
Cool Black to Purple Ombre picture3

When you get bored of your jet black hair, go for an awesome upgrade. Ask your stylist to mix the blue and purple shades into one stunning ombre. Trust us, that will be a non-regrettable decision.

Cute Purple Black Hair

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Cute Purple Black Hair picture1

Cute Purple Black Hair picture2
Cute Purple Black Hair picture1

When you go to the purple side, you should not only be able to pick the perfect shade, but also you need to learn what makes your highlights stand out best. And in our opinion, any kind of braiding will do for that. See for yourself!


Bright Purple Ombre

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Bright Purple Ombre picture1

Bright Purple Ombre picture2
Bright Purple Ombre picture3

Amazing Purple Ombre Hair Color

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Amazing Purple Ombre Hair Color picture1

Amazing Purple Ombre Hair Color picture2
Amazing Purple Ombre Hair Color picture3

Mulberry Purple Locks

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Mulberry Purple Locks #brunette #purplehair #highlights

We love dark purple combinations. What about you? Just look at this one. Such a soft transition of dark hair that is highlighted at length with a lighter purple. Doesn`t it look dramatic in a good way?

Electric Purple Ombre

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Electric Purple Ombre #brunette #purplehair #ombre

Ombre ideas with colors are always fun. Especially when they are super colorful and creative. What do you think about this electric purple one? Look at how beautiful purple looks with different shades. We love how gorgeous it is fading from dark black roots.

Black With Smokey Purple

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Black With Smokey Purple #brunette #purplehair

A silver shade combined with a light purple tone. That`s how we can describe the smokey purple that you can see in the picture. This is the trendiest color that you can come up with for your hair this season. Creative but neutral and stylish at the same time. Wouldn`t you like to try it?


Purple Highlights

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Purple Highlights #brunette #purplehair #highlights

This idea is for you if you are bored of having plain black hair and would like to experiment with it. Have some fun with adding purple highlights to your hair. If it is also long, don`t even doubt your choice as it will look magically.

Smokey Plum With Babylights

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Smokey Plum With Babylights #brunette #purplehair

Another trendy shade is this smokey plum one. Look at how deep and beautiful it is. Such dark colors look so good with interesting highlights, so play with a bit of lighter tones to get a bit of contrast. And voila your friends will be amazed by the results when they see you!

Lavender Purple Tint

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Lavender Purple Tint #brunette #purplehair #balayage

Dark roots that are slowly fading into light lavender color at the ends of the hair. Wow! An idea that will freshen up your look and will bring a unique vibe to your appearance. Would you like to play with colors?

Purple With Ashy Blue Ends

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Purple With Ashy Blue Ends #brunette #purplehair #bluehair

A pastel purple is already a hot choice so imagine adding an ashy blue shade to it. If you have a short cut, this idea is for you. Enhance the beauty of your short length by adding such an interesting combination of colors, and you will be looking super special.

Purple With Red-Violet

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Purple With Red-Violet #brunette #purplehair

Dark roots that go into a purple color, which fades into a red violet. Isn`t it chic? For long hair, such an idea is unbelievable beautiful as it will fully complete the combinations. Gorgeous mermaid hair that will turn heads.


Black Roots With Purple And Yellow Ends

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Black Roots With Purple And Yellow Ends #purplehair #brunette

Creativity is always about bringing in something new that nobody has done before. Have you ever seen a girl with purple hair that goes into yellow ends? If no, then dare to try such an idea on yourself. Leave your roots dark and play with a bright contrasting color.

Black With Purpura Purple Highlights

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Black With Purpura Purple Highlights #brunette #purplehair #highlights

Black hair is perfect for experimenting especially with fun colors like purple. Why don`t you add purple highlights to the length? Blend in the dullness and bring in some freshness to your hairstyle. You will love how different it will make you look and feel about yourself.

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