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Trendiest Purple and Blue Hair Styles

Ready to believe in miracles?

Purple and Blue Hair is the newest dye obsession. Due to the resemblance to the night sky full of stars, this coloring technique is also called galaxy dye. It is possible to create this look with the help of highlights, ombre, etc. And these colors are analogous, that is, their mixture will be harmonious rather than contrast in a stark way.

So what happens when your hair is blue and purple?

First of all, all kids will love you! They will think that you are an amazing person who has superpower. Also, since the moment you dye your hair these shades, all towels in your house will be dark-colored.

Intrigued to learn why?

Every time you wash your hair, bluish water will drip from your hair. You will be like a paint pot that leaks. But a pretty one!

Let us look in detail into this mesmerizing color blend. The first question that might pop in your mind is who can pull off this look? Well, the answer is obvious: the most daring ladies who admit that experimenting is their credo. So, it is not surprising that Katie Perry and Demi Lovato already sported such look – these gals are true trendsetters who love changing their image. Follow the suit, and you will definitely make a statement wherever you go.

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