Braided Hairstyles for You to Get Inspired

Braids look fab on everyone. There are so many variations, you can’t even imagine. We hope that in all this ‘chaos’ of braided hairstyles we will help you to make the right choice.

A Ton of Ponytail Hairstyles to Show Off

Nowadays the perception of ponytail hairstyles is totally different. It looks good with evening gowns and with a pair of jeans.

Trendy and Gorgeous Updo Hairstyles

Updo hairstyles are super versatile. A simple side bun can be mastered every day when you go to work or to a formal event.

How To Show Off Dreadlocks And Be Beautiful

Dream of getting dreadlocks? Check out our iconic ideas and see how to wear, style and color dreads today!

Chic Ways To Sport Messy Hair Today

Messy hair is the trend that all ladies like to pull off. Check out our fresh and stylish ideas to see how to sport such styles.


Some time ago hairstyles were considered to be very complicated and done by professionals only. All in all, for the person who does it, skills are a must because hairstyles are supposed to come out immaculate. Furthermore, the majority of women preferred hairstyles for special events exclusively. Nowadays everything became 180 degrees different. And we can say with confidence that it was a change for the better. Trends in the hairstyle department are super flexible in 2020. Some of them are appropriate for both formal and informal occasions. Frankly speaking, messy hair styles run the world now. It doesn’t matter what kind of hair type you own, there are some hair styles that will take you about 5 or 10 minutes in the morning and will make you feel like you are capable of conquering the world. Check out hair styles with bangs, easy hair styles, celebrity hair styles, hair styles for short hair, and hair styles for long hair at
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Diy Hairstyles: Easy Rope Braid Hair Styles + Tutorial

Diy Hairstyles: Easy Rope Braid Hair Styles + Tutorial

You can’t even imagine how many secrets are hiding under the rope braid. Remember this type of plait? Today, you’re going to see its new facets that will diversify your braiding routine without taking much time.

75 Incredibly Cool Hairstyles For Thin Hair

75 Incredibly Cool Hairstyles For Thin Hair

“Hi guys! I`m Abby, and I`d like to know what is the best short haircut for thin hair? Thanks!”
Instead of getting disappointed every time your thin locks fall flat during styling, you’d better see this post. Here, we’ve selected must-try hairstyles for thin hair that will take your hair type to the next level.

Most Amazing Long And Short Haircuts For Women Over 60 In 2022

95 Most Amazing Long And Short Haircuts For Women Over 60 In 2024

The best thing about being a mature woman is that you’ve already created your own style. But not every lady knows how to add something new and diversify her looks. Once you see our short haircuts for women over 60, you will find out how to make your hair look even better.

Unique Fall Hairstyles – Best Autumn Trends

35 Unique Fall Hairstyles – Best Autumn Trends

As fall comes into our lives, everything that surrounds us changes its palette to warmer and faded tones. Do you know what hairstyles are the best to wear this season? You won’t believe your eyes once you see how many easy, yet awesome looks you can do.

Lovely Short Hair Updos For Everyday Occasion

Lovely Short Hair Updos For Everyday Occasion

You don’t need to have a knee-length mane to wear updos anymore! Today, you’re going to discover the fanciest ways to turn your bob or lob into a lovely and versatile updo.

Stylish Kanekalon Braiding Hair Ideas

Stylish Kanekalon Hair Ideas With Braids

When you want to brighten up your styling routine, there’s no need to go for coloring commitment. Instead, you can follow the latest trends, and make kanekalon hair a part of your look. See how you can make braids as different as you want them to be with bright synthetic extensions!

Tips, Tricks And Tutorials On How To Put Your Hair In A Bun

Even though it seems like there’s nothing complicated about updos, there are some things to consider to reach perfection. Here, we’ve gathered all the mindblowing tips and ideas on how to put your hair in a bun that will make all your updos look like masterpieces.

How To Get Rid Of Flyaways: A Step By Step Guide

How To Get Rid Of Flyaways: A Step By Step Guide

Still no idea how to get rid of flyaways? Apart from shaving off your locks, there are actually quite a few other effective ways. For your convenience, they are gathered in our insightful guide. Feel free to use it wisely.

Learn How To Dutch Braid Easily And Effectively

Learn How To Dutch Braid Easily And Effectively

Learning how to Dutch braid is easy if you have a complete guide at hand and that is something that we are going to treat you with! Fun and easy tutorials as to how to Dutch braid are waiting for you!

Ways How To Fishtail Braid Step-By-Step Tutorials And Style Ideas

6 Ways How To Fishtail Braid Step-By-Step (Tutorials And Style Ideas)

When you watch hairstylists` videos how to fishtail braid, you just give up. After reading this post you will never say it is complicated. A fishtail braid is an easy thing that you can do daily if you are taught and explained well with the technique. So many different hairstyles can be made with this beautiful hair design so don’t miss your chance to try it. Amaze yourself and people around you with how gorgeous your hair is done.

Step Tutorial For A Fun Variation Of Braided Updos

Step-By-Step Tutorials & Creative Ways To Wear Braided Updos

While you can always finish your updo with a refined accessory, nothing can compare to braided updos. All in all, braids will always be better than any embellishments. And today, you’re going to learn how to incorporate braids into updo hairstyles with our tutorials and exceptional ideas.

Vikings Lagertha Hair Tutorial

Vikings Lagertha Hair Tutorial

Who wouldn’t admire the intricacy of Lagertha hair, right? Would you like to be able to introduce something as spicy and Viking into your hair fashion routine? We can help you succeed with the task with simple but gorgeous tutorials!

55 Bang Hairstyles For Older Women That Will Beat Your Age

55 Bang Hairstyles For Older Women That Will Beat Your Age

Ladies who want to be on point in their 50s should check out these bang hairstyles for older women! See how trendy bangs can make you look younger. Looking stunning regardless of your age is easy. If you don’t believe that age is just a number, these ideas will make you change your mind!

Cornrows Braids To Look Like A Magazine Cover

75 Cornrow Braids To Look Like A Magazine Cover

Cornrow braids will save your hair from the heating routine! See how these cute braids can prevent hair damage and show off the beauty of your natural hair. Tired of natural hair styling rituals? Explore the gorgeous cornrows hairstyles that can tame your hair once and for all.

Classic And Elegant Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50

85 Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50 to Try In 2024

Short hairstyles for women over 50: restrained and carefree, elegant and daring, dramatic and minimalistic: we’ve collected the most inspiring and presentable ideas. See how you can express your exceptional sense of fashion with short hair!

Inspiring Ideas For Braided Hairstyles

100 Inspiring Ideas For Braided Hairstyles

Spring is the perfect time to show your love, passion for life, and, of course, your exceptional taste! If not braids, what else can do that? See the trendiest braided hairstyles to make this season bright.

Easy Hairstyles For Teenage Girls

32 Easy Hairstyles For Teenage Girls

Teen time is the time for blossom and self-expression. Well, your hair is the best canvas for experiments! The good news is, you don’t need a lot of time to show up with a different look every day: just check out our awesome easy hairstyles for all lengths.

Simple, Yet Gorgeous, DIY Box Braids

Timeless and Elegant Box Braids Style 2024

Box braids are another ageless and versatile hairstyle for women blessed with natural hair. And if you think you’ve tried all the braided ideas possible, we’ve got something that will leave you speechless.

Super Sexy Hairstyles For Round Faces That Are Totally Hip

41 Hairstyles For Round Faces That Are Totally Hip

“Hi, my name is Kate! I want to change my haircut based on my face shape. How do I style my hair with a round face?”
Every time you feel that your rounder cheeks let you down, look through this post. To help you build the perfect balance for all your facial features, we’ve selected the most radiant and beautifying hairstyles for round faces. Try them, and you will fall in love with your face!

How to Do Messy Bun Hairstyles

How To Do Messy Bun Hairstyles

“Hi, my name is Amy. I wonder how do you do a messy bun with long hair? Maybe you can give me a tutorial and some ideas.”
A bit of messiness won’t hurt your updo. On the contrary, it will turn your style into a worldwide trend! Below, you will discover lots of fantastic ways to style a messy bun that will accentuate any outfit and occasion.

Tiny But Distinctive Micro Braids: Tips To Know And Pics To Get Inspired

Tiny But Distinctive Micro Braids: Tips To Know And Pics To Get Inspired

Once you get micro braids, you will open the world of countless amazing hairstyles. Want to make your look big and eye-catching? See our ideas, then! The more braids, the better: that’s all you need to know to make the common hairstyles show up in a new light. Just make friends with micro twists, and the dream look will turn real.