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Micro Braids Can Turn Into Any Look You Want!

While getting micro braids may seem to be a great time commitment, there’s nothing easier than wearing them. Some ladies tend to stay away from this idea because it really takes plenty of time to get it done, and wise ones know that the long-lasting and low-maintenance effect is worth such a sacrifice.

Though such braided hairstyles are primarily popular with women of color, there are no restrictions for ladies with other textures, except for those with fragile types that are prone to damage. So whether you’re a cutie with a funky natural chevelure who wants to see the famous braids from a new angle or you rock a regular straight mane and about to play with textures, the ideas we’ve prepared will impress everyone. And before inspiring you, we’d like to tell you what to expect from the styles, how to get them, and how to take care of them right. Braid on!

Things To Consider Before Getting Micro Braids

Things To Consider Before Getting Micro Braids #braids

Of course, they’re just braids. Yet, just like many other styles, there are some things every lady should know before going for micro braids hairstyles. Make sure that you’re familiar with the basics to get the perfect, flattering result.

  • The longer your hair is, the more attention it will need when it’s micro-braided. If you start with a long mane, you’ll need to moisturize your hair daily so as not to cause breakage.
  • Remember that it’s a very tight style, so you’re going to lose some hair. Once you unravel your braids, it’s most likely to cause breakage at the front hairline which actually takes a lot of time to regrow.
  • If you want to avoid any damage possible, you can try extensions such as crochet micro braids. They will keep your hair safe while giving an awesome braided look.
  • It’s better to find a skilled braider to get the desired look. But keep in mind that the style won’t be cheap!

Source: shanjosiane via Instagram

How To Create Micro Braids Yourself

How To Create Micro Braids Yourself #braids

The style will look ravishing if you leave it up to a professional, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t master it yourself. Everything comes with practice, right? Let us share with you the common way on how to get micro braids at home.

  1. Before getting to the style, your hair should be well-conditioned, moisturized, and detangled.
  2. Start by creating four sections of hair.
  3. Pick a tiny piece of hair and begin braiding it.
  4. Do the same with the rest of sections, regulating the size and thickness of braids based on the look you want to achieve.

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Your Micro Braids’ Care Routine

Your Micro Braids’ Care Routine #braids #updo #bun

Since you want to rock a tight hairstyle for weeks or even months, it’s pretty obvious that you can’t do without the right care approach. Here are some care tips that will help you to keep your hair healthy and the look fresh.

  • Switch your regular shampoo to a moisturizing one and pair it with a nice conditioner. When your hair is braided, use the duo regularly.
  • If you want to set some hairstyle with gels or any kind of heavy products, it’s very important to wash them off thoroughly after each use as they lead to build up and cause damage. Actually, it’s better just not to use such products and opt for something organic.
  • Light oil for daily moisturizing is a must.
  • Monitor the appearance of your braids. Once you notice them begin to fall off, start itching, and weigh down, consider unraveling them.

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Micro Braids Styles

Now that you know all the basics, it’s time to behold the endless beauty of braids! See how you can take familiar styles to the next level!

Micro Twist Into Space Buns

Micro Twist Into Space Buns #braids #updo #buns

Your braids can come as very thin and curvy micro twists braids. Everyone’s familiar with the trendy space buns, isn’t it so? And you are the one who can make them different with some little twists!

Source: jaesaidso via Instagram

Half-Up Micro Braids

Half-Up Micro Braids #braids #halfup

Let’s talk about super straightforward micro braids styles. The truth is, the only thing we can tell you about them is that even a simple half-up will look ravishing with such an eye-catching texture.

Source: aieshatae via Instagram

Voluminous High Bun

Voluminous High Bun #updo #bun

As for micro braids updo hairstyles, with the help of your imagination, you can make a real masterpiece out of your braided locks. And this tight but voluminous bun is an inspiring example.

Source: doraowusu via Instagram

High Pony Hairstyle

High Pony Hairstyle #updo #ponytail

For those who want to sport long micro braids, the high ponytail hairstyle will be beneficial for two reasons. First: it gives a convenient look for long tresses. Second: it just looks sexy.

Source: joyjah via Instagram

Center Parted Braids

Center Parted Braids #braids

Who says that your micro twist braids can’t frame up your face? Once you create a center part and put the braids forward, you will get a trendy, flattering style.

Source: jessicapettway via Instagram

Crown Micro Braids With Curls

Crown Micro Braids With Curls #braids

These micro braids with curly hair are here to set your creativity into motion. You can diversify your natural texture by braiding just a couple of strands: they can take place wherever you want.

Source: kersti.pitre via Instagram

Double Ponytails

Double Ponytails #braids #ponytails

Everything awesome always comes in pairs. So meet the simple and cute way to style straight micro braids. Some back-to-school vibes and ethnic beads won’t hurt!

Source: joyjah via Instagram

Micro Braids Into Double Low Buns

Micro Braids Into Double Low Buns #braids #updo #buns

You can also get a minimalistic and significant look for your micro braids. Make the style show off your individuality! These double low buns with two embellished tiny braids know how to keep the look unique.

Source: kersti.pitre via Instagram

Half Tied Curls

Half Tied Curls #braids

Another stunning way to experiment with your texture is to braid your hair till the mid-length! In this way, you can get an attention-grabbing, comfy, and flexible hairstyle.

Source: lipstickncurls via Instagram

Super Tiny Braids

Super Tiny Braids #braids

Nothing gives truly full and voluminous looks better than micro mini braids. Yes, you will need to spend the whole day getting these unbelievably tiny sweeties. Yet, the result is worth it.

Source: braidsbytasha via Instagram

Micro Braids Side Updo

Micro Braids Side Updo #braids #updo

If you want your braids to look festive, a micro braids lace front wig will come in handy. Besides your own hair, you can incorporate some extensions or go for a partial wig just to make your updo fuller and brighter.

Source: saythelees via Instagram

Updo Micro Braids With Undercut

Updo Micro Braids With Undercut #braids #updo #undercut

Be it short micro braids or their long version, an undercut will always be a classy finishing touch to it. Just imagine how enviably people will stare at you once you put your locks into a bun!

Source: braidsbytasha via Instagram

Tiny Twists Into Low Ponytail

Tiny Twists Into Low Ponytail #braids #ponytail

Even the good-old low pony will look different once you micro braid your hair. A bit of distinctive and sharp texture is enough to change the image of the common styles!

Source: saythelees via Instagram

Tree Braids Style

Tree Braids Style #braids

This tree braids hairstyle, where the top portion mixes three different braids is nothing but the creativity in its purest! You can style the loose half in any way you want. Isn’t that awesome?

Source: saythelees via Instagram

Micro Twist Half-Up Bun

Micro Twist Half-Up Bun #braids #halfup #bun

No, we can’t leave you without micro box braids; all girls just love them. If you want to flaunt with a thick and outstanding half-up, don’t forget to ask box braids for help.

Source: tupo1 via Instagram

Micro Braids With A Side Part

Micro Braids With Side Part #braids #naturalhair

Even though micro braids are very edgy in and of themselves, you can add even more definition to them by opting for a side part. In this way, they will hold the shape much easier and basically won’t need any extra styling.
Source: alissa.ashley via Instagram

High Updo With A Scarf

High Updo With Scarf #updo #braids

Micro braids look great with different hair accessories, such as a scarf, for example. You can wear them loose and pull the scarf underneath your braids or pack them in a high updo and wrap the scarf around its base.
Source: aieshatae via Instagram

Low Updo With Accessories

Low Updo With Accessories #updo #braids

If you’re about to attend a formal event or simply want to add a touch of elegance to your style, consider twisting your micro braids in a low updo. It’ll help you keep your hair away from your face and bring your femininity to the highest level.
Source: tarnde via Instagram

Micro Fulani Braids

Micro Fulani Braids #braids

Fulani micro braids will give you everything you might want from a perfect hairstyle: a bold and trendy look, low maintenance and an intricate element of design, which is the pattern the braids create on your head.
Source: freshlengths via Instagram

Micro Braids With Hearts

Micro Braids With Hearts #braids

Are you a romantic person and want to accentuate it with your hairstyle? Add heart-shaped hair accessories to random braids, which will instantly make your appearance softer and cuter. Highlight your look with off-white strings plaited into your micro braids.
Source: braidsbytasha via Instagram

Micro Cornrow Braiding

Micro Cornrow Braiding #braids

This amazing hairstyle combines two elaborate types of braids – micro and cornrows. Although they’re quite different, a skillful hair braider will manage to make a smooth transition from one type to another so that they look like a single whole.
Source: braidsbytasha via Instagram

The pictures of micro braids you’ve seen today are only the beginning: you can’t even imagine how many styles you can pull off with these cuties. Keep in mind the basics, choose the look you want to rock, and turn your hair into a braided piece of art!

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