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Everything That Black Braided Hairstyles Touch Turns To Trends!

There are countless reasons why black braided hairstyles are considered to be the most enviable styles of now. First of all, their variety is something that has a beginning but has no end: crochet, Fulani, goddess, cornrow, micro braids. The endless number of options allows any women of color pull off a unique style.

And besides the distinctive and eye-catching visual side, all these braided hairstyles are designed to protect coarse and kinky hair from daily routine damage, giving it a lot of room for styling and wearing creativity.

In this post, we’ve gathered all the braided trends for natural hair to show all women, whether they’re natural-haired or not, why braids are so popular and how to pull them off today!

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Women with natural hair once decided that they can’t have too much of a good thing. First, they took African braids as a basis for their protective hairstyles. Then, they let their imagination run wild and went on taking the tribal-inspired idea to the next level. And now, every single girl with black hair that you come across will live long in your memory. Why? Because there are so many braided hairstyles for black women that can be customized and individualized that it’s hard to take eyes off each.

While fashion trends that we see on the latest runway shows can come into our wardrobe after a couple of seasons, these hairstyles can be stolen right away! To help you stay up to date with the latest natural trends, here are the most popular braided styles:

  • Tight cornrow hairstyles that turn into textured updos and classy half-ups. Such hairstyles are known to appear in Couture collections while being awesome and comfy casual options.
  • Boho-inspired wrapped hairstyles with Senegalese twists for a rather feminine and sophisticated look to show up at a romantic date.
  • Chic feed-in braided styles that feature colorful extensions and beads. It’s a nice way to loosen the tension to the scalp while rocking a fancy, bright hairdo.
  • Thin micro braided ponytails, braids, and casual hairstyles. With the help of tiny braids, the good-old, familiar ‘dos show up in the new light.
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