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Try The Lemonade Braids Trend

Ready for a tall glass of cool water? That’s right! Lemonade braids are for you if you want the hair that gets some serious stares. Check out these goddess-like tresses for yourself and tell us you don’t want to try the trend. Better yet, just go book your hair appointment!

What Are Lemonade Braids?

What Are Lemonade Braids #braids

If you’re wondering what Lemonade braids are, you certainly aren’t alone. The name itself sparks some interest.. The reason why they are called Lemonade braids rather than the cornrow braids they actually are, is because pop-star Beyonce debuted a side-swept version in her 2017 “Formation” music video and throughout her “Lemonade” album music tour. Soon, the basic cornrow went to the superstar status. (Not surprised? Neither are we.)

Take a look at the many different variations of Lemonade braids and get inspired for a variation of Queen Bey’s rockin’ style.

Source: kiaharperbraids via Instagram

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