For the longest while, it has been considered that bangs are time-consuming and unfit for all. Ladies tended to think so until the curtain bangs made their way into the hair fashion. The style is so fantastic and table-turning that a whole lot of popular celebs rock it every so often. With all that in mind. We decided that it is time such a fabulous style is brought to the masses. After this dedicated article, you will have a strong urge to rush to the hairstylist’s and chop some locks off. A word of advice – do not suppress it!


What are Curtain Bangs?

You may wonder – so what are curtain bangs? The resembled an outgrown fringe, parted and swept to the sides so that it framed the face. Often, the bangs featured a fair share of wispy layers, which enhanced that girly vibe that ladies sported. Such a laidback and relaxed style couldn’t just vanish, so it made its way back into modern fashion. However, the season has introduced some alterations to the style, making it even more required.

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Curtain Bangs Benefits

When you know how to style curtain bangs properly, it is high time we bring heavy artillery to the stage – curtain bangs and their primary benefits. The advantages are only three, but they will be more than enough to convince you to try the style out.

  • Even the uneven.

    Ladies with an uneven hairline will agree with the assumption that disguising the line is not a simple task. However, well-cut curtain bangs will help you deal with the issues effectively since they will distract the attention of the hairline and hide away all the flaws.

  • Forget about the age gap.

    The main advantage of curtain bangs is that they are designed to make anyone look younger. The style brings out all the best features and keeps the flaws hidden, thus a rejuvenating effect is granted.

  • Off with the skin blemishes.

    Just like the style deals with possible facial flaws, so it hides all the blemishes and imperfections.

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How to Style Curtain Bangs?

No matter how to cut curtain bangs, there are three most common ways to style them – using a blow dryer, a curling iron, and a hair straightener. Here are all of them explained.


Styling A Curtain Bang Using A Hair Dryer

The majority of women prefer to style their curtain bangs with a hairdryer. It is easy, effortless and the result is quite impressive. To get the look, take a round brush and a powerful hair dryer. If you want the bangs to be bouncy, the diameter of the brush barrel should be around one inch. Divide your hair into two equal sections with a center parting. Wrap one front section of hair around the brush and start to blow dry it while swirling the brush and pulling the strand to the side. Do the same for the other section. The remaining locks can be styled in any way you like.

Styling A Curtain Bang Using A Flat Iron

A flat iron is also a very popular option when it comes to styling your bangs. One of its main advantages is that it makes your hair fuller and ampler. This may be achieved by creating waves that frame your face. First, you need to secure a strand of hair inside the flat iron, indenting about one inch from the roots. While pulling the iron down, turn it in the direction opposite to the face. You can repeat this step to enhance the effect.


Styling A Curtain Bang Using A Curling Wand

If you have a curling wand, then you can use it as well. You will need the barrel diameter to be between 1 and 1¼ in. This will allow you to achieve blow out waves in a blink of an eye. Apply a texturizing product before styling your locks and do not forget to secure the result with a hairspray. The algorithm is the same as for the styling with the flat iron.

Amazing Hairstyles With Curtain Fringe Bangs

Now we proceed to the question - how do I style my hair with curtain bangs? The answer to that is quite simple and basic. At their core, curtain bangs are simple and effortless to look after. They can go with almost any hairstyle - from long hair to short one, which is the beauty of the style, not to be underestimated. It all matters upon the way the bangs are cut. These gorgeous visual examples will lead you in the right direction.

Bob with Curtain Bangs

Sporting a shorter mane does not mean that you should say ‘no’ to trending curtain bangs. On the contrary, curtain bangs can uniquely enhance any hairstyle, making your style stand out and attracting adoring glances. Whether these are straight bangs or wavy curtains, you choose whatever suits you best, and the hairstylist will do the rest.

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Curtain Banged Style for Straight Hair

There is a circling opinion that straight curtain bangs may bring some unwanted flatness to the style. However, you can escape the undesirable consequences when you pick the proper approach to the matter. According to hair fashion experts, curtain bangs look impressive when combined with vibrant hues and some layers dispersed throughout the length.

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Balayage Hair & Curtain Wispy Bangs

We all know already that there is barely any better technique to add depth and dimension to your locks but skillful balayage. Yet, you can throw in one more component to the mix to take your flawless look even further. What we have in mind are the ultimate curtain bangs. As you can see, even such a fashion icon as JLo can’t resist the new stream.

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Layered Hair with Curtain Bang Style

Ultra-voluminous tresses may always seem unmanageable, and there is barely any trendy cut that you can opt for to take over the unruly locks. Nevertheless, everything changes when curtain bangs combined with fashionable layers come knocking on the door. Who could have thought that your mane would look so light and fabulous?

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Long Thick Hair with Curtain Bang

The longer your thick hair gets, the harder it is to style. You may not be willing to sacrifice the length to achieve a better look, but there is always a third option to pursue. What we have in mind are the super-trending curtain bangs. With as much as a new fringe, you can transform your hairstyle to the point of being unrecognizable.

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Volume Shaggy Hairstyle with Bangs

Shags are back in the business this season. Thus, many of you may be considering giving the style a try. However, if you are not sure whether you are ready to commit to the full-style shag, you can test the alternative. Curtain bangs seem to compliment the voluminous shags ideally.

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Braided Hairstyles with Curtains

No matter how fancy curtain bangs look on loose manes, you may still wonder whether you can flawlessly implement them into any other hairstyle. In fact, you can, and the outcome will exceed all the expectations. Just look at these braided ‘dos and the way they are intertwined with curtain bangs. If that’s not perfection – then what is?

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Updo Style Hairdo with Curtain Bangs

We have already figured that braided hairdos seem to be created to complement curtain bangs and vice versa. But what about the rest of the style to try? Well, one thing is for sure – Halle Berry rocks her curtain bangs with a sleek low bun. Other examples prove that various updos coexist with this type of bangs well.

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Waves and Curls with Curtain Bangs

Some sources claim that waves and bangs don’t go well with one another. Surely, there are cases when the assumption proves to be true. However, curtain bangs seem to be the exception to the rule. Even natural curls will look marvelous with these fancy bangs. See for yourself!

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Due to the increased popularity of curtain fringe bangs, the number of questions on the matter grows by the day. Today we’ll try to answer the trending ones in detail.

How do you know if curtain bangs will suit you?

Just like with any other hairstyle, some of you may wonder if curtain bangs will suit your face shape of hair texture. The fact is that the style is universal, and it is designed to suit all. That is one of the primary advantages of curtain bangs that they can enhance any style without looking out of place.

Are curtain bangs high maintenance?

It is true that regular bangs will certainly add a few minutes on top of your regular hairstyling routine. However, curtain bangs do not belong to the category. In their majority, such bangs are already well-textured so that no matter how fast your hair grows, there will be no need to trim the cut every few weeks. Apart from that, the variety of looks to experiment with gives you a chance to rock effortlessly ‘out of bed’ style as often as you need.

Are curtain bangs good for thin hair?

There is a circling opinion that bangs and thin hair do not pair well. The situation is different with curtain bangs. This type of bangs is designed to frame your face but also to bring some hair to the front. Such an approach results in a thicker mane effect, and that is a benefit that ladies with fine hair should definitely evaluate.

Can you have curtain bangs with a side part?

If you are not a massive fan of a center part, that does not mean that curtain bangs are off-limits for you. The truth is that the style can work perfectly fine with a side part too.

Can I pull off curtain bangs?

To put it simply – yes, anyone can pull curtain bangs off. However, it is best to discuss with your hairdresser which type will enhance your face best as well as embrace the hair texture. Other than that, there is nothing to worry about.

Curtain bangs belong to the variety of timeless styles that have made their way into modern fashion. The ultimate versatility and universal flair make the cut suitable for all. that is why, if you have been considering bang experimentation for a while – this is the best chance to make your dream come true!

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