The experts have it that some trends are never really out of fashion. The assumption is incredibly true when it comes to the shag cut, or as the stylists have it these days - a wolf cut. Haven’t you heard about the increasing popularity of edgy wolf cut hair? Then, you’ve missed the recent news, that’s for sure!


We sought the opinion of one of our hair experts, Exotismos, regarding this haircut, and here is the insight she provided:

The wolfcut really is the hair trend of the moment the world over. It is a nostalgic cut with lots of personality and various easy options to style it. It is a cut that works well with any type of hair and many types of people. That is why it is the favorite among professionals and clients.

The mentioned cut was a pure style icon back in the 70s and this year it’s made a revolutionary comeback with an interesting twist to it. Read on to find more!

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What is Wolf Cut Hair?

No matter the trendiness of the wolf haircut, you should know what the wolfcut actually means. To put it simply, this style is what has come out of the unholy union of a mullet and a shag. There’s no better explanation.

Just as with the mentioned retro styles, the wolf cut has many layers and adds definitive volume to the style. However, when you compare it to other layered cuts, there is little blending involved, and each layer is as choppy as it can possibly be.

Another determining feature of the haircut is the shorter front and longer back. Due to such a distinctive mixture of different styles, this cut is usually described as messy, edgy, and rebellious.


Will a Wolf Cut Suit You?

There's been a lot of buzz surrounding the wolf haircut, but many women may be wondering if it's a style that can flatter everyone. To answer this question, we consulted with Diana Apostol, a hairstylist from London, to gather her insights on whether the wolf haircut is a versatile look that can complement women of various ages, hair textures, and facial structures:

I think wolf cuts are perfect for straight and wavy hair, as well as medium and fine hair. Wolf haircut is the same as bob cut - once started, it will never dye! The perfect face shape for this haircut is oval or diamond.

Wolf cut lovers, keep in mind - your type of hair needs to be easy to style, not to thik easy maneuvrable, like this you will not have to use too much heat treatment for styling, and you will keep your hair healthy!

Is a Wolf Cut and a Mullet the Same Thing?

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To cut a long story short – these are two different styles. When you learn how to cut a wolf haircut, you will realize the difference between the two. The layering that a wolf cut female features is more even when compared to a mullet. So, the cut has more resemblance to shag at this point. Besides, curtain or blunt bangs are almost always part of the look. In case you don’t know – most mullets don’t contain those.


How to Get a Wolf Haircut?

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Should you be intrigued by a wolf cut hairstyle, you may decide to get there straight away, and with the current situation – it may not be that easy to book an appointment at the salon. However, the professionals advise it to wait it out and leave it to the experts if you want to sport an inspiring wolf cut hair female image.

It takes a lot of movement to be added to the hairstyle to create a true wolf cut, and unless you are not a trained hairstylist, it may be a bit challenging to succeed with the task at home. However, you can save the image from our list that inspires you most and replicate it when you spot an opportunity in your master’s schedule.

How To Style A Wolf Haircut?

When it comes to how to style a wolf cut – sky is the limit. Whether it is a short wolf cut or a long one that you sport, you can adapt it to any texture since there is no one-for-all alternative.

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Those of you with curly manes may need to only work some hair product in to enhance the waves, and the well-cut style will do the rest. At the same time, ladies with straight locks may want to work a little with a curling iron or go for a blowout to introduce the texture that grants the wolf cut its definition. In either case, you won’t have to spend hours in front of the mirrors since the cut belongs to the range of low-maintenance looks.


Inspiring Wolf Haircut Ideas To Test

So, what is the best wolf cut mullet you can test this season? The answer may be slightly more complex than you think since it depends on your needs and preferences. However, what we can offer is a push in the right direction in the form of timeless looks for all textures and lengths!

Loosely Cut Style Wolf Haircut

With all the layered bangs that a loose wolf cut features, you can wear it daily without putting too much effort and time into the styling process. Keep in mind that this style looks impressively gorgeous when paired with natural hair colors and wavy textures.

Shoulder-Length Wolf's Cut

The wolf cut and short hair match seem to have been blessed in heaven. No matter your color palette, the effect will be absolutely stunning. The multi-layered style introduces dimension and movement into the look so that you won’t go unnoticed no matter how thick a crowd you end up in.


Long Wolf Cut

This long shag haircut looks deep and well defined, all due to the proper mixture of layers and skillfully applied highlights.

Short Wolf Haircut

A short shag haircut is filled with an easy-going and cheerful flair that no one can let go unnoticed. It does not matter texture or face shape is you are born to spread your energy and good vibes.

Ladies with fine short hair, you can rejoice! Trendy wolf cut is in style not, and you should make the most of it. Add a little teasing during the styling process, and you will love the result.

The Micro Fringe Wolf Hair Cut

Curtain bangs are the first thought that pops up in your head when you consider a wolf cut. However, that isn’t the only direction to explore since micro fringe is surely a thing in 2023. Whether these are blunt or slightly rugged bangs – you can decide on the option to choose. The only thing to mind is your face shape. A micro may add unwanted width to your forehead if you have a heart-shaped face.


The Feathered Wolf Haircut

Feathered bangs are back in fashion, worn with many styles in 2023. Yet, the feathered wolf cut is one unexpected but rather anticipated solution for those seeking a more formal way out. If you can’t wear an edgy wolf cut to work, the feathered one will surely fit any environment. Should you be free of potential dress code limitations, we suggest you also play around with hair color. Silver tones are still rocking the fashion.

Flicky Wolf Style

It is true that blunt bangs aren’t for all, but nothing is wrong with them. Those curious about the gentler and softer side of a wolf cut will find this flicky variation to their taste, that is for sure. As the light layers frame your face and introduce desired angles, you may want to accent them a tad more. That is where colored highlight comes of undeniable use.

Curly Wolf Cut

There is something incredibly authentic about a wolf cut curly hair. Even those of you with the finest hair can show off the style impeccably.


Long Tick Hair with Wolf Style & Curtain Bangs

Do you still think a long wolf cut is non-existent or nearly impossible? We are here to change your mind once and for all. The thing is that a wolf cut looks exceptionally great on longer locks. The plethora of layers will breathe new life into your mane. Not only will you implement a fashionable style into your look, but you will also get rid of the split ends simultaneously. Don’t forget to add trendy coloring to enhance the vibes.

Croppy Bangs with Wolf Shaggy Style

A wolf cut is often described as one of the shaggiest shags in fashion, and there is more than a single grain of truth to that. The way those croppy bangs make your hair stand out is impressive. Besides, all it takes is skilled highlighting to bring dimension to the cut, making it challenging to take the eyes off. Even the most reserved of wolf cuts projects confidence and elegance. See for yourself!

Two Colored Wolf Haircut Style

There are many trends and styles to follow regarding hair fashion, and the task can be pretty tiresome. Thus, should you have missed on a bixie haircut, it is time to make it a wolf bixie instead. Spice the mixture of a pixie, bob, and wolf cut with trendy skunk hair coloring, and the result will steal the attention in every room you walk in.


Extra Volume Top for Wolfs Cut

The notion of a curly wolf cut is where it all started. When combined with extra layers, the natural wavy texture will bring an insane amount of volume to your mane, and some ladies are head over heels for it. Besides, sporting a bit of a retro vibe is never a waste. There is an undeniable charm about that 80’s vibe, wouldn’t you agree?

Bright Color Ideas for More Spice Wolf Hair Cut

Step cutting isn’t the only thing that the wolf is known for. The truth is that the style is great for embracing the craziest and fanciest coloring ideas. Whether you want to go full “firebreather” or add flaming touches to your mane – the wolf style is there for you. Whenever you can’t decide which bright hue to pursue, you can match and mix them all with a wolf cut – everyone will take notice of your daring nature and creativity!

A wolf cut is a revolutionary style that many girls around the globe dream about. It may not fit some stricter dress codes, but it’s incredibly customizable and unique.


Should I get the wolf cut?

The style is trending at the moment, that is for sure. However, whether to go that way is solely up to you. One thing remains true – the cut can be suited to any style, length, and texture.

Is a wolf cut good for thin hair?

Yes. Due to excessive layering, the cut will introduce that necessary volume that your mane needs.

Can you put a wolf cut into a ponytail?

Unless the cut is too short, you can always pull a ponytail off. However, you shouldn’t expect it to be incredibly neat since most of the layers will be loose.