Short hair, don’t care they say and the short shag haircuts won’t be the last option you would want to have. Getting short hair isn’t just bravery. It’s also about being trendy and time management efficient. It requires little effort to maintain and you can also be stylish even with short locs.


To get what we mean, get closer to the different variations of these trendy short shag haircuts for women. A lot of lively movement, distinctive texture, and amazing lift are the things that will complete your look. See our short shag ideas and find out how beneficial these hair cuts can be!

What Does a Short Shag Haircut Look Like?

What Does A Short Shag Haircut Look Like? #shortshaghaircuts #shorthaircuts #shaghaircuts
by @shorthairexclusive

Rose to fame in the ‘70s, the short shag haircuts have been making huge waves to this date. Choppy layers are done on short hair in textured cut using razors, creating a bolder and messier look. For most women, the short shag haircut is their go-to hairstyle as it requires little effort to maintain.


How Do You Style a Short Shaggy Haircut?

How Do You Style A Short Shaggy Haircut? #shortshaghaircuts #shorthaircuts #shaghaircuts
by @chrisjones_hair

A small amount of pomade, hair wax, or hair spray would be great in styling short shag haircuts for women. A modern style creates a new perspective and you have a lot of styling options for inspiration. The sky is the limit!

Dimensional Blonde Bob

Dimensional Blonde Bob #shortshaghaircut #shorthair #shaghair
by @styled_by_carolynn

The blonde tone on a shag bob cut is irresistible for us and we want to make the same also applicable to you. Talking about this cut, Carolynn Judd says,

“DIMENSIONAL BLONDE is always in style. Dimension is one of the ways I keep all of my colors looking as healthy as they are. Having reflection in the hair is what makes it appear to shine and have a natural glow.”


Short Shag Pixie

Short Shag Pixie, shag short haircuts, short length shag haircuts, short, shag haircuts for women
by @sissemarie

Pixie establishes a modern short haircut that is perfect for adventurous women who love experimenting with different short hairstyles. If you have thin hair, a shaggy pixie can do wonders to make it look bolder with its layers and textures. It’s worth a try!

Long Pixie Haircut

Long Pixie Haircut #shortshaghaircuts #shorthaircuts #shaghaircuts
by @manemisfit

Short shag haircuts offer stylish variations that women can opt for. For fine hair, longer pixies can’t be a good match sometimes. And the reason lies in the lack of volume that occurs once fine locks start to grow out. Luckily, some shaggy layers on the top can sort things out!


Wavy Shaggy Pixie

Wavy Shaggy Pixie #shortshaghaircuts #shorthaircuts #shaghaircuts
by @kristinakatsabina

There’s no need to tell you how awesomely your waves will look with what the modern shag short haircut offers. Some layers are short, and some are long: these features will give your head of hair a pleasant movement, taking your pixie to the next level.

Wolfish Bob Style

Wolfish Bob Style
by @brianaguilarhair

In case you normally wear a bob but now would like to upgrade it without making big changes, a short wolf cut is your failsafe option. It also flatters your facial features but gives off a more effortless and carefree vibe. Curtain bangs are the only thing it is missing. So make sure to get them as well.

Short Shag Mullet

Short Shag Mullet #shortshaghaircut #shorthair #shaghair
by @andrewdoeshair

Andrew Kozak, a barber and hair stylist who has been in the industry since 2003 does know his game and has proven so with this short-shag mullet. While Grammy award winner, Billie Eilish is a long-time fan of the shag haircut, a new twist is making yours shorter and adding a mullet finish for that rebellious look.


Spanish Bob

Spanish Bob #shortshaghaircut #shorthair #shaghair
by @salsalhair

Not everyone is a big fan of sleek-looking bob styles which is why Sal Salcedo hairstylists introduce something new and different. The Spanish bob is all about embracing your natural curls and pairing it with a bob haircut. Thanks to the volume of your curls, your face appears smaller and the center of attention at every gathering.

Short Shaggy Peek-a-Boo Hairstyles

Short Shaggy Peek-a-Boo Hairstyles #shortshaghaircut #shorthair #shaghair
by @salsalhair

A short shaggy haircut in all its glory mainly consists of layers and shedding of volume in your hair. But if you find the haircut a little too simple to fit your exciting personality, a peekaboo highlight introduces an element of mystery into your style. Sal Salcedo, Nova salon owner strategically places the highlights, allowing glimpses of hair to peek through.

Short Shag with Wispy Layers

Short Shag with Wispy Layers #shortshaghaircut #shorthair #shaghair
by @salsalhair

Even a short shag haircut can pair well with wispy layers and Salcedo strikes a balance between structure and softness with this style. So if you’re interested in adding a touch of delicacy to your outfit, this might just be the best haircut to rock especially for your summer break.


French Bobs

French Bobs #shortshaghaircut #shorthair #shaghair
by @salsalhair

Inspired by the timeless French elegance, the French bob combines the sophistication of a bob with the laid-back appeal of a shag. Hairstylist was able to effortlessly achieve a cut that works well with any face shape. Perfect if you’re intentional about short hair lengths that require minimum maintenance.

Short Blonde Shag

Short Blonde Shag #shortshaghaircut #shorthair #shaghair
by @styled_by_carolynn

Hair tones might just be one of the easiest options for turning a haircut into a personal one tailored for you. Carolynn Judd, a short hair expert, was able to amplify the playful vibes of a shag cut with the allure of a blonde hue. So if you want to make the shag haircut yours, a blonde tone that compliments your skin tone and undertone is a great choice.

Shaggy Two-Tone Wolf Cut

Shaggy Two-Tone Wolf Cut #shortshaghaircut #shorthair #shaghair
by @jeanclaudeelmoughayar

What can be more interesting than a short shaggy? A two-tone wolfcut! Dive into the trend of the moment with this stunning haircut that embraces the tousled layers of the shaggy cut with the addition of two hair tones. Lebanese creative hairstylist, Jean Claude El was able to produce a style that’s quite a daring and contemporary choice.


Silver Blonde Shaggy Bob

Silver Blonde Shaggy Bob #shortshaghaircut #shorthair #shaghair
by @mila_kryshchykhina

A silver-blonde on your shaggy bob is no doubt the icing on the cake for a futuristic and chic aesthetic. The highlights enhance the texture of the hair and also introduce a touch of youthful modernity to middle-aged and older women who opt for this cut.

Copper Chin-Length Shaggy Cut

Copper Chin-Length Shaggy Cut #shortshaghaircut #shorthair #shaghair
by @chrisjones_hair

If you’re going for that pretty and popular female lead vibe you see in high school romance movies, then you have to wear this chin-length shaggy cut. But mind you, the selling point of this style which Chris Jones did a great job showing off is in the copper tones.

Curly Pixie Haircut

Curly Pixie Haircut, short shaggy haircuts, short shaggy wispy haircuts, short shag
by @mila_kryshchykhina

If wearing short hair for ladies with thick texture is the salvation, short shag haircuts for curly hair are stylish and practical. Yes, it’s a shaggy pixie again. But look how well-groomed and harmonic these curls are! A bit of shag won’t hurt, that’s for sure.


Shaggy Highlighted Pixie

Shaggy Highlighted Pixie #shortshaghaircuts #shorthaircuts #haircuts #shaghaircuts #pixiehaircut
by @kaci.lashgeeks

Since shags consist of various layers shagging throughout the length, you can make the effect even bigger with well-blended balayage highlights for your modern shag short haircut. And this chopped pixie is a splendid example of the right haircut and color combination.

Long Wavy Pixie with Undercut

Long Wavy Pixie With Undercut #shortshaghaircuts #shorthaircuts #shaghaircuts
by @mila_kryshchykhina

Another head-turning way to make your shaggy locks stand out in the crowd is to let an undercut do the trick. As you know, undercut features shaved or buzzed sides which put the longer top in the spotlight. And that’s how you can highlight your shag! Give your sides a little shave, wave the top, run your fingers through your masterpiece, and prepare to have all eyes on you!

Asymmetrical Shaggy Pixie

Asymmetrical Shaggy Pixie, shaggy pixie, short shag, shaggy pixie cut
by @cutyourhair

Asymmetrical pixie haircuts have come to our world to prove that a bit of imbalance can lead to harmony! This outweighed silhouette looks ravishing with the variety of textured length that stretches throughout the shag.


Messy Side Parted Pixie-Bob

Messy Side Parted Pixie-Bob, short length shag haircuts, womens haircuts shag short fine thin hair', short shaggy haircuts
by @sissemarie

Shag short haircuts can be full of surprises, remember? So when you are about to leave your home with a chic, sassy hairstyle, a shaggy pixie bob will do the talking. For a more striking effect, finish it with a dramatic side parting.

Pixie-Bob with Undercut

Pixie-Bob With Undercut #shortshaghaircuts #shorthaircuts #shaghaircuts
by @apostoldiana

Who says that undercut can’t look feminine? The right approach of soft taper on the sides and defined sideburns by Diana Apostol can nicely reveal your girliness through the contrast of the masculine cut. Of course, the volume of shag will emphasize your sophisticated and femme mood.

Wavy Shaggy Pixie-Bob

Wavy Shaggy Pixie-Bob #shortshaghaircuts #shorthaircuts #shaghaircuts
by @headrushdesigns

Waves have always been the best embellishment for all haircuts, and if your cut features a pointed body, voluminous crown, and play of layers, they are even more advantageous. How about you to fall back in love with wavy styles?


Shaved Line Undercut Pixie

Shaved Line Undercut Pixie #shortshaghaircuts #shorthaircuts #shaghaircuts
by @janine_ker_hair

It is trendy, convenient, and comfortable. A shaved-line undercut pixie by Janine (Cortez) Ker can go perfectly with the general outlook that the style predetermines. Play around with trendy silver highlights to achieve the most desired outcome.

Voluminous Curly Long Pixie Shag

Voluminous Curly Long Pixie Shag #shortshaghaircuts #shorthaircuts #shaghaircuts
by @shorthair.losangeles

One of the most underrated characteristics of a pixie shag is the fact that it can look incredibly elegant when styled properly. A long shag with curls will perfectly frame your face to enhance all the prominent features and present them most favorably.

Side Swept Shaggy Pixie

Side Swept Shaggy Pixie #shortshaghaircuts #shorthaircuts #shaghaircuts
by @shorthairexclusive

At times when you want to add some angles to your front, you may consider a cut with bangs. However, if you're going to introduce some style and trendiness on top of that, you should go for a side-swept shaggy pixie.


Bowl Shaggy Cut

Bowl Shaggy Cut #shortshaghaircuts #shorthaircuts #haircuts #shaghaircuts
by @sissemarie

At times, your desire for a comfortable haircut overcomes all the other wishes. That is when a shaggy bowl cut comes in more than handy. Active and goal-driven ladies will benefit from the style most. However, you should consider the point that such a haircut will go well on fine locks due to all the light but well-distinct layers.

Spiky Pixie Shag

Spiky Pixie Shag #shortshaghaircuts #shorthaircuts #haircuts #shaghaircuts
by @princessstiefel

It is as clear as a day that a pixie shag can also be the source of edginess and style. All it takes is to style it up so that the spikiness of the cut is best visible, and you will be turning heads everywhere you go. Throw in a little extra dramatic makeup to the look, and you will be irresistible.

Pixie with Nape Undercut

Pixie With Nape Undercut #shortshaghaircuts #shorthaircuts #shaghaircuts
by @kamila.seksenalina

If you think you can't wear a shortcut because of the fine texture of your locks, it is time to prove you wrong. An excellent platinum pixie with a nape undercut should serve you more than well. Not to mention that the style looks both gentle and trendy.


Curly Chin-Length Shaggy Bob

Curly Chin-Length Shaggy Bob, shaggy bob, short shag haircut, short shag, shag short haircuts
by @hairbyclairperez

Short curly shag haircuts are meant not only to make you comfy with your tough texture; they can help you to get the most out of it. This transformation is the proof!

Short Shaggy Bob With Waves

Short Shaggy Bob With Waves #shortshaghaircuts #shorthaircuts #haircuts #shaghaircuts #bobhaircut
by @headrushdesigns

The bob haircut we all love to wear can also be moved to the next level! A hint of messiness and the tousled body of a wavy shag is enough to personalize your bob.

Stacked Shaggy Bob

Stacked Shaggy Bob, images of short layered shag haircuts, shaggy bob, short shaggy bob
by @headrushdesigns

If you’re looking for short shag haircuts for older women, this idea is the key: its youthful, flirty body seems to take years off. This idea can fit any age and lifestyle, just make sure you’ve got enough volume for the top layers.


Straight Short Bob

Straight Short Bob, short length layered shag haircuts, short shag hairstyles, short shaggy hairstyles
by @chrisjones_hair

Believe it or not, a simple straight bob stands among popular short shag haircuts for fine hair. The point is that its simple silhouette gives a lot of room for root lift which is a win-win for hair that tends to fall flat.

Short Shaggy Bob with Bangs

Short Shaggy Bob With Bangs, womens haircuts shag short fine thin hair', short shag haircut, short shaggy wispy haircuts
by @chrisjones_hair

If your hairstylist offers you to get thin layers all over the length and finish your cut with bangs, don’t even try to cast this idea aside. With bangs, your style will get as voluminous as never before, and thin layers will give an airy body to it.

Angled Bob Haircut

Angled Bob Haircut, short shag, shag short haircuts, short, shag haircuts for women
by @headrushdesigns

There’s no better way to look at your bob from a new angle than to get a shaggy angled bob! While its classic haircuts version involves a perfectly sleek and even look, you can add some depth and dimension with the help of shag.


Brown Messy Shaggy Bob

Brown Messy Shaggy Bob
by @headrushdesigns

On straight hair, shags amp up the body, adding some edge to the overall silhouette. But when it meets wavy hair, it works on every single lock, shaping it and making it more defined. Plus, shag haircuts for wavy hair can reveal a beautiful and well-shaped wavy pattern you never knew you had.

Shaggy Bob with Baby Bangs

Shaggy Bob With Baby Bangs
by @styledbylizsustaita

Such a tiny, yet significant detail as baby bangs can not only modernize your look but also give a lovely frame to your forehead. To make the textures blend seamlessly with the rest of your shaggy layers, ask your stylist to give your bangs a little chop at the edges.

Middle-Parted Shaggy Rose Bob

Middle-Parted Shaggy Rose Bob, short length layered shag haircuts, shag short haircuts, short curly shag haircuts
by @cutyourhair

A middle-parted bob with waves is probably the easiest and the most beautiful hairstyle for all face shapes and hair types. Not only does it add tons of volume to fine locks but it also helps to tame unruly thick hair, holding its shape with the help of waves.


Short-To-Medium Bob with Bangs

Short-To-Medium Bob With Bangs, fluffy cuts, short shaggy bob, short shaggy wispy haircuts, short shag
by @xostylistxo

No wonder that most stylists love to combine shag haircuts with fringe: it’s a detail that balances out the playful texture of your locks, giving a slight framing touch to your face shape.

Short Haircut with Sass

Short Haircut With Sass, short length layered shag haircuts, shaggy bob, short shag haircut, short shag hairstyles, short shaggy bob
by @chrisjones_hair

The beauty of shag cuts lies in their immense versatility. You can enhance every style with a bit of shag to it. This almost-classy bob is the best proof of the point. Sassy wispy layers and cute bangs will ensure you look your absolute best everywhere you go!

Bob With Piecey Layers

Bob With Piecey Layers #shortshaghaircuts #shorthaircuts #haircuts #shaghaircuts
by @sofiya.bravo

It is truly possible to gain some reserved style with a piece-y bob in the picture. All it takes is to ask for a side-parted bob and add some extra layering to the scene. Besides, a classy blonde-on-brunette highlighting couldn't look more in the place, wouldn't you agree?


Messy Thick Bob Shag

Messy Thick Bob Shag
by @chrisjones_hair

We know how uneasy it is to deal with thick manes. Yet, if you think there is little you can do without sacrificing the length – we are here to prove you wrong. A messy shoulder-length bob is an answer to all your prayers. You will get rid of all the extra weight, but you keep the volume intact.

Short Bob with Cropped Bangs

Short Bob With Cropped Bangs #shortshaghaircuts #shorthaircuts #shaghaircuts
by @chrisjones_hair

A daring shag isn't for everyone. Thus, those willing to look exceptional and edgy 24/7 – pay increased attention. A short bob with blunt layers and cropped bangs is utterly unique. On top of that, the cut is simple to style even if you have minimal skills in the industry.

Side Parted Wavy Bob

Side Parted Wavy Bob Haircut
by @styledbylizsustaita

Going bright is something that many people dream of, but not everyone dares to dedicate themselves to. Should that be your case, you can meet the desired trend somewhere in the middle. All it takes is to opt for a side-parted wavy bob with oil-stain thick highlights implemented into it.


Sliced Inverted Bob

Sliced Inverted Bob
by @styledbylizsustaita

An inverted bob has been the absolute favorite of many women throughout the globe, and there are countless reasons why. Even though the haircut looks utterly modern, it is pretty universal and can be styled in a variety of ways to suit any occasion.

Bob Shag with Short Back

Bob Shag With Short Back #shortshaghaircuts #shorthaircuts #shaghaircuts
by @shorthair.losangeles

Dealing with long cuts is often time-consuming and tiresome. If you feel that you can't afford to grow a lengthy mane, you should be able to experiment with what you have at the moment. Thus, a short bob shag with side bangs is the option to pursue. Add some copper highlights to emphasize your taste and unique style.

Long Side Shaggy Bangs

Long Side Shaggy Bangs #shortshaghaircuts #shorthaircuts #shaghaircuts
by @chrisjones_hair

If you want to kill two birds with the same stone, this idea is precisely for you. A long bob with shaggy bangs will rid you of excess weight, while the ocean-blue color will emphasize your extraordinary and creative personality.


Tapered Shaggy Bob

Tapered Shaggy Bob #shortshaghaircuts #shorthaircuts #shaghaircuts
by @kamila.seksenalina

A tapered shaggy bob comes knocking on your doors when a classy bob goes out the window. The style is light, trendy, and elegant all the same time. What is more, an impressive light mauve shading will make you the star of the show. There is barely anyone who wouldn't envy the outcome.

Short Hairstyles with Curtain Bangs

Short Hairstyles with Curtain Bangs #shortshaghaircut #shorthair #shaghair
by @salsalhair

A fun way to easily allow a short haircut to pair well with any face shape is through the addition of bangs and curtain bangs for one does a great job. With this style, Sal Salcedo focused more on framing the face and we have to say the expert stylist did a great job! Trust us when we say this hairstyle can work for any age including for women over 50 as they’ll be looking as youthful as ever.

Curly Thick Fringe for Shag Hair

Curly Thick Fringe for Shag Hair #shortshaghaircut #shorthair #shaghair
by @salsalhair

For the perfect style to match any of your beach outfits, the first thing to cross your mind is embracing waves and curls. Luckily if you’re a natural curly hair girlie, Sal has shown that replicating this style is a piece of cake. Don’t only opt for the shag haircut but also ask your stylists for a thick fringe, such that your face appears smaller in the style.


Short Shaggy Wolf Cut

Short Shaggy Wolf Cut #shortshaghaircut #shorthair #shaghair
by @caithelle_hair

Another short haircut from our collections is the shaggy wolf cut, introducing a new level of edginess. This trendy cut for women styled by Caitlin Helle, a cutting specialist, enhances the volume and texture at the top of your hair while leaving a few lengthy bits at the back to cover your neckline. A perfect ticket to a new look.

Pink Layered Bob

Pink Layered Bob #shortshaghaircut #shorthair #shaghair
by @salsalhair

Experimenting with hair dyes will most times turn out great and this pink layered bob by Sal Salcedo is a great example! You get a flirty and fun-filled style when you opt for this unconventional color to go with your layered bob.

Shag for Round Face

Shag for Round Face #shortshaghaircut #shorthair #shaghair
by @joeltorresstyle

If you have a round face and thick hair, go for a shag haircut that particularly frames your face. For instance, the hairdresser of this cut Joel Torres, is more intentional about creating lots of layers in the fringe that extend beyond the eyebrows. It’s a great way to draw attention to your eyes and make your face appear petite while still showing off your cheekbones.


Layered Pixie with Highlights

Wavy Shaggy Pixie Hair
by @mila_kryshchykhina

We know how hard it is to resist the captivating charms of the layered pixie cut especially with the extra addition of highlights to brighten up the style completely. It’s almost hard to go wrong with a pixie cut so allow your confidence level to charge up to a complete 100% with this style.

Asymmetric Shaggy Blonde Bob

Short Shaggy Bob With Waves
by @xostylistxo

Lovers of lines and patterns can show off their taste for anything unusual and witty with the asymmetric shaggy bob. The blonde hue is what makes the style more interesting and perfect if you want to release your quirky side.

Brown Shaggy Bob with Caramel Ombre

Brown Messy Shaggy Bob, short length layered shag haircuts, short shag hairstyles, short shaggy hairstyles, shag short haircuts
by @cutyourhair

The beauty of shaggy cuts is that there are so many variations available for women that can be adjusted to match their vibes and tastes. This brown shaggy bob for instance gives room for the addition of caramel huess using an ombre technique, perfect to accompany you through the fall season.


Copper Shaggy Bob

Shaggy Bob With Baby Bangs #shortshaghaircuts #shorthaircuts #shaghaircuts
by @wessharpton

Go bold and show off how excited you are with tones that reflect your emotional state. For one, it’s almost impossible to look moody with a copper shaggy bob as the vibrant tone is what would be at the center of attention.

Side Part Messy Bob

Messy Thick Bob Shag #shortshaghaircuts #shorthaircuts #haircuts #shaghaircuts
by @sofiya.bravo

When it comes to low maintenance styles, we highly recommend the side part messy bob. Another pro to this style is the strikingly cool balance between classy and laid-back, allowing you to be at the top of your game in both casual and formal settings.

Side Part Blonde Bob with Dark Roots

Side Parted Wavy Bob #shortshaghaircuts #shorthaircuts #shaghaircuts
by @jeffersonbolina

While going for a plain blonde bob is a great option, if you desire more depth to your style, ask your hair colorist to incorporate dark roots into your hair. You don’t have to worry about your hair losing its color on time and styling your hair to the side brings more intensity to the style.


Layered Blonde Short Haircut

Sliced Inverted Bob #shortshaghaircuts #shorthaircuts #haircuts #shaghaircuts
by @hairwaytokale

These layers not only create movement but also provide a soft, feminine touch that complements the edginess of the short length. Also, say goodbye to long styling routines as a quick tousle with your fingers or a touch of texturizing spray is all you need to maintain that effortlessly chic appearance.

You’ve just seen the most attractive and iconic pictures of short shag haircuts! So if your soul requires some style changes, you know how to do it stylishly. Just call your hairstylist and ask for a shag, and he or she will understand that you are about to change your look for the better.

FAQ: Short Shag Haircuts

What are the best shag haircuts and hairstyles of short length?

Many women prefer hairstyles with a nostalgic vibe, while others prefer a more contemporary look. You’ll love the straight and wavy shag and the Piecey pixie, regardless of which of these two groups you belong to.

What types of hair are ideal for short and shaggy hairstyles?

Basically, these cuts are suitable for all hair types. Some women have quite fine hair, but this haircut gives them a very elegant and classy look.

When is asymmetrical pixie suitable?

When it comes to rocking the shaggy look, short haircuts such as asymmetrical pixies are ideal. Scrunch in hair product with your fingers to create eye catching mod curls!

  • Shag haircuts are gorgeous. Byrdie