Even though wispy bangs are a light finish to a haircut, their transformational power is to die for. Remember how many times you felt bored with your cut, style or hair texture and had no idea how to have a beautifying makeover? As it turns out, a little fringe is all you need to see your style in the new light.


Fortunately, this fringe has a great diversity of its types which offer a pleasant versatility for every lady. Also, it’s absolutely easy to maintain. So you don’t need to go for new hair cuts or colors to freshen things up: and our ideas are going to prove that! See how a soft fringe can change your look for the better.

Very Short Wispy Bangs


Ultra Short Baby Bangs

Credit photo: instagram.com/blushandmane

Short wispy bangs can be different: it’s time to face their bold, tomboy-like side. First, they were salvation for broad foreheads for a long time, then baby bangs have become a huge trend that punky girls like to pull off. Are you one of them?

Sassy Chopped Baby Bangs

Credit photo: instagram.com/salsalhair

How about you to open your heart for the charm of baby wispy bangs Asian trendsetters sport proudly today? Wise girls know that a little choppy fringe is enough to add a sense of modernity to their styles, and we all should keep up with them!


Medium Cut With Small Wispy Bang

Credit photo: instagram.com/salsalhair

How gorgeous is this idea? Medium cut hairstyles are coming back to the hair trends and we love that. Look how much volume and texture you can bring to your hair with its help. Wow! And these wispy bangs, aren`t they perfect with such a cut?

Classic Mid Length Wispy Bangs


Arched Bangs With Point Cut Ends

Credit photo: instagram.com/_edwardsandco

The main reasons why ladies go for light wispy bangs is that they can add something new to their styling routine while keeping their awesome brows open. Arched bangs with slightly thinner ends are a nice way to create a new, airy look.

Blunt Wispy Bang

Credit photo: instagram.com/leahjay_

When you don’t have a thick and fine chevelure, thin wispy bangs will be there for you. The point is that the lighter your fringe is, the more effortlessly it looks, which is a stunning finish for naturally thin locks, as it keeps the whole balance.

Textured And Light Disconnected Bang

Credit photo: instagram.com/cut_and_color

Texturizing always gives a light effect to your cut, and the same can be applied to your bangs. A disconnected wispy fringe gives more styling flexibility, so you can easily push your wispy front bangs away and style them in any way you want.


Short Pixie With Piecey Bangs

Credit photo: instagram.com/rubyrose

Piecey bangs are a choppy, cropped wispy bangs short hair can spice up in the most attractive way. Wearing a pixie is always a bold decision, and these tiny jagged cuties will enhance the mood of your daring cut.

Short Bob With Soft Wispy Bangs

Credit photo: instagram.com/vanessahudgens

A short bob with wispy bangs that fall slightly below your brows can not only flatter your face shape but also bring your bob to the next level. This idea is pretty versatile and looks ravishing when layers are added to it.

Classic Swept Fringe

Credit photo: instagram.com/salsalhair

Luckily for girls with chubby cheeks faces, there are no wispy bangs round faces can spoil. A classic swept fringe with longer front tresses is nothing but a face-framing masterpiece that we all deserve to wear: the last trace of face shape insecurities can be washed away by a stylish fringe!


Natural Textured Wispy Bang

Credit photo: instagram.com/salsalhair

Still think that there are no wispy bangs curly hair can fit in? Whether you have naturally wavy or curly locks, remember that there’s nothing impossible for a wispy fringe. A little tip: consider styling your bangs straight to reveal the beauty of your hair type through contrasts.

Minimalist And Light Wispy Bang

Credit photo: instagram.com/saraontheinternet

This simple and minimalist look is another reason for you to cut wispy bangs. Just imagine that your thin hair doesn’t appear flat, and styling routine seems to be a blessing. Yes, you can reach perfection with the help of a blunt fringe and its over-directed texture.

Full And Thick Wispy Fringe

Credit photo: instagram.com/marinaruybarbosa

If you prefer outstanding, voluminous, and lush looks to textured and simple ones, full bangs will be a nice choice. There’s no better way to add more fullness and stylishness to your casual hairstyles than wearing such a distinctive fringe, that’s for sure.


Texturized Wispy Thin Bangs

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You know that layering and texturizing changes the way your hair appears, providing it with a lot of movement and volume. So why don’t add these features to your fringe? It can come as blunt or wispy side bangs; it’s totally up to you, just find the style that suits you best.

Wispy Bangs With Natural Texture

Credit photo: instagram.com/salsalhair

If you don`t like to do much to your hair, but still would love to look trendy and stylish, this is your idea. Rock a natural texture and add wispy bangs to go with it. How cute is that? Brings so much freshness and makes the length of the hair look amazing with such a detail.

Point Cut Arched Bangs

Credit photo: instagram.com/salsalhair

Point cut arched bangs are for those women who don`t like to spend much time on their hair. It is easy to style and looks really good with your hair as it blends in gradually into your length. A great way to add some sparkle to the look.


Voluminous Sweeping Side Bangs

Credit photo: instagram.com/sheffpavelstylist

Voluminous sweeping side bangs are there to bring elegance and chicness to your appearance. Would you like to have that vibe? Then don`t hesitate and add such an interesting detail. We promise you that it will bring out the beauty of your face even more.

Light Eyebrow-Skimming Bangs

Credit photo: instagram.com/sheffpavelstylist

This type of bangs has blown the industry recently and we get why. Look how much mystery these eyebrow-skimming bangs add to the glance. Would you like to try it? Goes so well with any length so there`s no need to cut the inches.

Wispy Bangs For Thin Hair

Credit photo: instagram.com/salsalhair

Another amazing fact about wispy fringes is their magical power to give a lightweight body to the hair while creating a voluminous finish. Well, it goes without saying that ladies who suffer from thin hair cruelty can finally get salvation. To get the most out of your thin locks, ask your hairstylist to lighten up the ends, as it will create an even, well-balanced silhouette.


Messy Shag

Credit photo: instagram.com/salsalhair

Shag hairstyles are all about freedom, messiness, and simplicity. As a combination of variously cut layers running through the length, they can instantly give a modern touch even to the thinnest hair ever. Moreover, they know no limits: you can always diversify your shag. So when you feel that your shaggy look needs a little fresh take, why don’t emphasize its carefree mood with a wispy fringe?

Wispy & Center Parted

Credit photo: instagram.com/nadigerber

How about a happy medium between the popular curtain bangs and wispy fringe? Curtain bangs are probably a classic way to hide the forehead while keeping the brows visible. While such a fringe usually comes pretty thick and defined, wisps offer a more harmonic finish. In this way, you can get bangs that will work like the good old center-parted bangs and look like the trendy wisps.

Elegant Updo With Side Swept Wispy Bangs

Credit photo: instagram.com/itsbrittanycox

Now, let’s get back to the versatility of wispy cuties. Needless to say, they can nicely fit any hairstyle, whether it’s a casual five-minute braid or a presentable evening updo. And this picture is the best example of how bangs can create absolute harmony. The updo is chic and elegant, and the fringe makes it appear more alive and aesthetically pleasing effortless.


Wispy & Texturized Waves

Credit photo: instagram.com/salsalhair

If we had it our way, we would write a love story about wispy bangs and wavy textures. They just belong together! Words are not enough to describe the youthful, lightweight mood that these two can create, so let’s just enjoy this amazing two-toned masterpiece.

Curly Bob With Wispy Bangs

Credit photo: instagram.com/hairbyjaxx

For ladies who’d like to curl their hair, a wispy fringe may work as those flirty carefree locks that stick out of the whole hairdo. Again, its lightweight texture is so manageable that you can incorporate it into any styling experiment possible. Just look at this pic to get what we mean.

Messy Thin Hair

Credit photo: instagram.com/salsalhair

You don’t need to be a celebrity hairstylist to know that bangs are like brows: if done right, they can drastically change the way a woman looks. At the same time, some women still don’t believe that thin hair is no longer a disaster. And this idea is here to change your picture of thin hair. Even though the hair is very light fine, it’s by no means flat and boring. On the contrary, it’s super voluminous, lively, and well-balanced! Call it magic, call it true, and we will call it the right combination of gentle wispy bangs and a messy shag for thin locks.


Straight Blunt Bob

Credit photo: instagram.com/Messy Thin Hair

A blunt bob paired with a straight fringe is a classic duo that isn’t going to ever leave the fashion world. While it works great on anyone from a schoolgirl to a mature woman, it offers a great canvas for experimenting. Surely, it’s all about the thickness: you can diversify the classics by adding a touch of modernity. Cut a long story short, ask your stylist for soft texturizing and you will love the transparent finish on your blunt bangs.

Two-Toned Fringe

Credit photo: instagram.com/gwendoline.wendy

Wispy Bang For Curly Hair With Highlihgts

Credit photo: instagram.com/rodrigues_ricardo


Shaggy Haircut With Bang

Credit photo: instagram.com/rodrigues_ricardo

Thick, Mid-Length Bang

Credit photo: instagram.com/avevalentine

Long Wispy Bangs


Layered Side Fringe Fad

Credit photo: instagram.com/mariohenriqueoficial

Long bangs seem to never go out of style, especially if we’re talking about long wispy bangs! Such a soft fringe that seamlessly melts with your layered cut works well for girls with prominent foreheads, smoothing out the oblong silhouette.

Long Soft Wispy Bangs

Credit photo: instagram.com/themanestyle

Unlike classic variations of wispy bangs, their long version has nothing to do with commitment. In fact, once you get tired of wearing a fringe, you can simply incorporate it into a ponytail or make it work as an additional layer for wavy styles. Here, the bangs are meant to conceal the broad forehead. Still, they look different due to the additional length, especially compared to the previous ideas.

Versatile Wispy Bangs

Credit photo: instagram.com/themanestyle

Want to change something in your style but have no clue what your changes should look like? Have seen about thousands of haircuts and still not sure if you’re ready for such a move? Instead of letting your indecisive side take you over, go for bangs that always work, no matter what. As a matter of fact, you can have just a soft layer of a wispy fringe that you can style in countless amazing ways. You can wear it straight, sweep it to the side, part it to the center. In other words, they give you a room for your imagination. And this room has no roof.


Edgy & Uneven Arched Bangs

Credit photo: salsalhair via Instagram

There is a simple and edgy variation of wispy bangs long hair can perfectly complement. You can make your straight bangs looks less common by shaping the ends of your fringe and adding some dimension to it. Voila! It looks exceptional with loose wavy hair.

Versatile Long Wispy Bangs

Credit photo: camila_cabello via Instagram

If you’re wondering how many hairstyles with wispy bangs you can create, the answer is as many as you want. Girls who love playing around with their hair should opt for longer and textured versions of wispy bangs as they give more room for creativity.

Classy Shattered Wispy Fringe

Credit photo: camilacoelho via Instagram

A shattered fringe, where wispy side swept bangs involve visible gaps between thick sections is the best friend for women. Yes, it takes minutes to get it styled, that’s why we love it so much. Such bangs can be a stunning finish for updos: from buns to braided styles.


Long Thin Fringe

Credit photo: salsalhair via Instagram

No wonder that you’d like to find out how to cut wispy bangs once you have a look at the long thin fringe. Since your bangs are long, you can keep them thin and weightless, yet, for a sophisticated style, you should make sure that they’re clean and sleek enough.

Medium Cutting Edge Style

Credit photo: jomakinmeblonde via Instagram

The best thing about the cutting edge style is that it’s not like all those familiar blunt bangs. It has a special charm that is revealed by the lightweight structure of this fringe. Plus, you can go for any haircuts with wispy bangs like these, as they can deal with any face shape.

Flat And Straight

Credit photo: sheffpavelstylist via Instagram

Flat and straight bangs will be your best friend in defining the beauty of your eyes. Look how much attention it brings to them! How gorgeous and flattering it looks with long hair. If you would like to experiment, it should be the first in your list.


Wispy Bangs With Natural Textured Waves

Credit photo: hairbyjaxx via Instagram

When playing with textures, it’s very important to keep up with the balance between your hairstyle and your bangs. And since the texture of wispy bangs is meant to seamlessly blend with the rest of the hair, you won’t go wrong if you finish your wavy hairdo with them. Here, for example, you can see how a soft fringe frames up the forehead while forming a single whole with the rest of the hair.

Waves & Wisps

Credit photo: themanestyle via Instagram

If this idea is not the embodiment of real harmony, what is, then? Natural waves that move as gently as if you’ve left the beach and a tiny fringe that gives your face a slight frame. Isn’t that an irreplaceable duo for the long-awaited summer?

Choppy Style

Credit photo: chrisjones_hair via Instagram

Choppy haircuts, whatever they are, don’t come alone; they always have a fringe accompanying them. It just so happens that when you want to create a torn silhouette for your look, you can’t do without bangs. Not only do they give a bit of an edge but also nicely complement the choppy look.


Wispy Parted Bangs

Credit photo: petermenezes via Instagram

Although initially wispy bangs were supposed to be a lightweight sheer fringe, it can be many-faceted in terms of thickness and density. You can leave it just as thick as the rest of your hair is to make its visual impact stronger and face-framing effect more apparent. To make it real, find a good stylist who can graduate your bangs so that they split to the sides and blend with the rest of the hair seamlessly.

Layers And Bangs

Credit photo: blushandmane via Instagram

When combining layered haircuts with fringe, there are many things to consider. One of the major rules you should follow is to create a perfect harmony between the thickness of your bangs and the density of your layers. Also, your hairdresser should provide you with a smooth transition from layers to bangs so that they look like a single whole. As for the visual side, nothing can beat the combination of dimensional layers and soft wispy fringe. Whether you rock short, medium, or long hair, you won’t go wrong with this idea.

Layered Curtain Bang

Credit photo: instagram.com/avevalentine


Medium Waves

Credit photo: hairbyjaxx via Instagram

Contrasts run the fashion world, be it different lengths, textures, or colors. The medium length bob here focuses on the play of different textures, where most of the hair is wavy, and the bangs are straight and pointed. We weren’t joking when we told you that a wispy fringe could be anything you want! Here, for example, it’s sharp and pointed enough to steal the show.

Well, now you’re familiar with the powerful variety of wispy bangs. So why are you waiting for? You have also found out how to style wispy bangs in many different ways, so now your task is to call your hairstylist and be ready for style changes!

FAQ: Wispy Bangs

What is the difference between curtain bangs and wispy bangs?

Wispy bangs are delicate and feathery. They usually have a lot of feathering on the ends, which enriches their delicate, barely-there appearance. Blunt or arched bangs are given a cool twist with parted bangs. These bangs are divided along the middle, like curtain bangs. However, they are left blunt, instead of feathery edges.

Are wispy bangs out of style?

You don’t always need to entirely change your look or wear excessively short cuts. Bangs would sometimes be quite enough. Because they aren’t overdone or dramatic, wispy bangs are a super style trend now. This easy modification will quickly refresh your appearance.

Are wispy bangs high maintenance?

The wispy style is a low-maintenance alternative to the popular autumn hairstyles, though this bang isn’t quite as audacious as, for example, Bardot’s bang.