By: | Updated: 06/05/2019

Faux Locs Are The New Old Trend!

Faux locs are a huge nowadays’ trend that has always been around. But some of us were unable to embrace this daring, tribal-inspired beauty with its rich history. And now, all the cuties with natural hair don’t need any reasons to sport them. Except one: they’re ravishingly amazing.

African American women wear false locs so that their hair looks like real dreads. They come in different types: they can be created with synthetic locs, human hair, Marley hair, and kanekalon hair. All these types can give your hairstyle absolutely different appearances, so your task is to decide what look you’re going to create and then choose the right fake locs for it.

Today we will show you the difference between all the types of these hair beautifiers: see how you can impress all people around you with your unbelievable hair texture.

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