Change Your Image With A Cute Headband Braid

A headband braid, also known as a crown or a halo braid, is a cute half updo or updo hairstyle with a braid around a head. And as for the type of a braid involved, any braid would do here. Make a choice based on your taste.


Who can pull off a crown braid? This hairstyle looks more intricate than it is. So, even an amateur can do it.

And in case you have no idea how to do braid styles, we have even prepared several tutorials here.

Read on to learn more about braided hairstyles with a crown.

Dreamy Goddess

Source: emmachenartistry via Instagram

Isn’t this headband braid amazing with its effortless and romantic vibes? Such a loose crown braid looks absolutely gorgeous when paired with loose and messy waves. When styling, we would recommend that you apply texturizing mousse first.


Queen Of Nature

Source: karindragos via Instagram

This updo crown braid appears quite romantic. As you can see, the braid should be quite tight for this look, yet, voluminous. And that means that it can be done on thick, long tresses. Or you can use hair extensions if your tresses are thin or shorter than needed.

A Boho Festive Look

Source: missysueblog via Instagram

Everyone is so into boho and hippie hairstyles these days. And there is no wonder why because they are pretty and feminine. We love boho braid styles, as well. Let’s show off our free spirit by pulling off such a boho chic hairstyle!


A Dutch Crown Braid Step By Step

Source: Missy Sue

This dutch crown braid hair tutorial is super simple.

  1. Wave your tresses, using a curling wand.
  2. Fix with a generous amount of hairspray.
  3. Do a right parting. Get a hair strand from the parting, make 3 strands out of it.
  4. Cross that back piece under the central one.
  5. Cross that front piece under the central piece.
  6. Cross that back piece under the central piece, grab another hair section.
  7. Now cross that front piece under the central piece. Again, bring in one more hair section.
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7.
  9. Braid the remaining hair down, with the regular braiding technique.
  10. Pull on its edges gently so that the braid becomes loose.
  11. Wrap that braid around the head, use pins.
  12. Clip some cute hair barrette to finish your hairstyle.

Super Long And Romantic

Source: joellefarrow via Instagram

There are many ways how to wear a headband: either in an updo or a half updo. But we really love the hairstyle that you can see here. If you have long hair, why not pull off such a hairstyle? Create a crown braid, twist your hair and let the tail loose.


For A Day At The Office

Source: missysueblog via Instagram

In case your braiding skills are good, you can always rock a French braid headband. And we really love the fancy French braid you can see here. If you have a special occasion ahead, you can also rock a French braid updo.

Simple Yet Gorgeous

Source: missysueblog via Instagram

A waterfall braid is something ultimately sophisticated. Loose, messy yet texturized waves look amazing when paired with a waterfall braid. Try this look for a night out or a romantic date.

How To Create A Headband Braid

Source: Missy Sue

This headband braid tutorial will come in handy if you wish to sport this beautiful hairstyle.

  1. Brush your hair, part to any side (here it’s right).
  2. Create a parting vertically. It should be placed about 2 inches back from your hairline. Somewhere near the parting and down to your left ear.
  3. Find the center of the vertical parting, do a parting horizontally there. Top is clipped away.
  4. Below the section that is clipped off, pick a 2 inch piece. You will use it for your headband braid.
  5. Braid this section in a regular way.
  6. Use an elastic band to tie it.
  7. The right braid is created the same way.
  8. Wrap your left braid over your head for it to sit 1 inch back from your hairline.
  9. Secure it with bobby pins.
  10. Lay the right braid over your head, placing it near the left braid.
  11. Secure it with bobby pins, too.
  12. Release the hair from the clips. Hide the places where the braids start.
  13. Curl your tresses with a curling iron.
  14. Get rid of flyaways with hairspray.


An Elegant Headband Into A Bun

Source: alexgaboury via Instagram

If you can braid your own hair, you are really lucky because there are so many adorable looks you can pull off! Combine various elements, like a crown braid and a bun for a stunning effect.

Double Dutch Braids To Impress

Source: missysueblog via Instagram

Would you like to rock a look that will turn heads wherever you go? Try double Dutch braids! Believe us, this hairstyle is really special. A tip: secure each braid with a bobby pin, not a hair elastic, for a natural and effortless look.

The Definition Of Romantic

Source: larinabeauty via Instagram

This updo with a fishtail braid element is absolutely stunning. And look how highlights make this hairstyle even more defined. Sometimes the color of our hair works wonders, especially when we experiment with different looks.


To Resemble A Princess

Source: _mariahbrianne via Instagram

A Dutch braid in the form of a crown paired with loose, long waves, what can be more sophisticated? When styling the waves, apply some volumizing mousse to your tresses. Blow dry with a round brush. Curl your tresses with a large barrel curling wand. Finish with some hairspray.

Messy Hair, Loose Braid

Source: emmachenartistry via Instagram

Here you can see how amazing your tresses can look if you pair a loose headband braid with each medium vertical section of hair beach waved. The easiest way to get such carefree and pretty beach waves is to spritz your tresses with quality sea salt spray.

Woven Crown Braid Hair Tutorial

Source: Missy Sue

With this step by step tutorial, you will have no difficulty in learning how to do a woven crown braid.

  1. Do a deep parting on any side. Here it’s right.
  2. Get a hair piece from the heavier side of your parting. Apply some paste for braiding to this piece to avoid flyaways. Divide this piece into 3 pieces.
  3. Braid this piece in a regular way.
  4. Clip the right piece away.
  5. Get a new piece to replace the clipped away one. Cross this new piece over the central piece.
  6. Now take the left piece and cross it over the central piece. Then a new piece is brought in. This braid side will be braided in a French braid manner.
  7. Remember the clipped away piece? Bring it down. Take that new right piece and switch these two. The top piece should be brought under the piece that is beneath.
  8. Now the second piece should be clipped (this time above another piece) up and away.
  9. Take that new right piece, cross it over the central piece. Grab a new piece, cross this new piece over the central piece too. Like when you do a French braid.
  10. Now let’s work on the left braid side. Take the side piece, cross it over the central piece. Then grab a new hair piece.
  11. As for the right braid side, the clipped piece on top should be released. Cross this piece under the piece beneath. Then wrap that bottom strand up and clip it away.
  12. That new side piece should be crossed over the central piece and then that new hair section should be crossed into your braid.
  13. Continue braiding down in the left ear direction. Stop adding new hair pieces 1 inch above your ear.
  14. Braid this section down a bit more, tie it with an elastic.
  15. Make the braid a bit fuller by pulling on its edges carefully.
  16. Wrap this braid around your head. Grab a small hair piece under the very crown.
  17. Tie this piece to your braid for the braid to be secure against your head. The top hair will conceal the elastic.
  18. The elastic that is at the braid end should be removed and the braid should be unraveled.
  19. If you wish, smooth down your hair with a flat iron.
  20. Finish this hairstyle with hairspray.


Voluminous Double Braid

Source: aynsleyovard via Instagram

Who knows why headbands are so pretty. Maybe because they do remind us of a crown, but this time made of our own hair rather than any metal. And in our head, a crown is associated with royalty. Following this logic, a headband makes us feel like the real queen. And truly, just look at this hairstyle. Isn’t it queen-worthy?

A Braided Hairstyle To Look Cute

Source: ellepearls via Instagram

Always remember that the best hairstyles are the ones that flatter you most. Not someone else. You. We often see someone wearing an awesome hairstyle. But once we try it, we may get disappointed because it doesn’t compliment us. So, just pick a hairstyle that will enhance your look.

Play With Volume

Source: daley_do via Instagram

When experimenting with the way your hair looks, try to play with volume some time. As you can see here, the crown braid that is thinner goes down and merges into a bigger and much more voluminous braid. Looks great!


Multiple Elements

Source: marinamcavoy via Instagram

One crown braid looks nice, but add some more elements to your hairstyle, and it will appear totally creative. When adding more elements, just consider the texture of your hair. Maybe you will need to fix some hair extensions for a more fabulous look.

Messy Hair With Crown Braid

Source: alexandralee1016 via Instagram

Long messy hair, accompanied with a crown braid will show everyone who’s boss. Or, to be more exact, who’s the queen. Such a hairdo is quite simple, yet it can suit any occasion: from a walk with your friend to a great evening party.

Headband Braid Updo

Source: gabi_oliveiras_ via Instagram

Nothing looks more charming, elegant, and cute at the same time than braided updos. Some sections of your hair are braided, some are twisted, and some are waved. This headband, or braided headband, will adorn your holiday look, giving a touch of elegance to it.


Headband With Rope Braid

Source: aurorabraids via Instagram

Rope braids are known for the extra volume and fullness that they generously give girls who opt for them. They can look both delicate and dramatic, and their versatility is another reason for loving them. Just look how gorgeously it pairs with this cute braided headband: isn’t that a tempting idea?

Headband Braid With Beach Waves

Source: sarahpotempa via Instagram

The liveliness of beachy waves is something incredible. What if we tell you that you can make them look even more stunning? Spice up your long messy waves with a cute braided headband to add some drama to this simple, yet awesome look.

Fishtail Headband Braid

Source: alexandralee1016 via Instagram

Have you ever seen as feminine hairstyle as this masterpiece? Your long hair gently falls on your shoulders, while a cute fishtail headband impresses everyone with your creativity. If you’re looking for something effortless and chic, don’t miss this idea.


Braided Updo With Hair Accessories

Source: hairandmakeupbysteph via Instagram

How about you to make your exquisite updo a bit more festive and significant? When a special occasion is just around the corner, we dedicate ourselves to every single detail to reach perfection. Accessorize you lovely braided updo with floral accessories to enhance the beauty of your hairdo. Real flowers will look ravishing, too!

Dutch Headband Braid

Source: shelleygregoryhair via Instagram

How about you to create a Dutch headband braid all over the crown and let the rest of hair down? This idea looks like the elegance in its purest form, so if you want your braided hairstyle to emphasize your femininity, don’t miss it!

Double Headband Braids Into Ponytail

Source: missysueblog via Instagram

Playing around with many textures in one hairstyle is always fun. And beautiful, of course! You can embellish your head with two thick and cute braids on the top and turn them into a voluminous wavy ponytail. With a fancy hair accessory, this look will be the one to steal.


French Headband Braid Half-Up

Source: sarahpotempa via Instagram

Waves and braids have always been the best complements for one another. It just so happens that the most elegant and delicate hairstyles feature these two, and this half-up isn’t an exception: a side French headband braid looks ravishing with soft waves!

Do you love these headband braid hairstyles? We do! And we can promise to teach you a lot more on our blog.