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You Can Get Yourself Any Braided Design With Goddess Braids!

Goddess braids are called so gloriously not for nothing. Not only they make African-American ladies always look exceptional, impressive, and eye-catching but they also allow a lot of room for their creativity and flight of imagination.


We all remember the famous cornrow braids, where hair is braided extremely tight and close to the scalp, right? It’s pretty easy to confuse our today’s topic with cornrows, so take a tip: goddess braids are far bigger in size.

Besides their unbelievable visual side, such braids can bring many benefits to your styling routine: it can be both a stylish and protective hairstyle. That’s why we want you to discover the ideas we’ve prepared for you! Fascinating braided updos and half-ups, incredible designs, and loads of inspiration are waiting for you to try.

Sexy Swept Back Goddess Braids

Sexy Swept Back Goddess Braids #goddessbraids #braids #longhair

Source: magicfingersstudio via Instagram

Though this goddess braids style isn’t something extraordinary, we’d like to start with some classic styling options. With the rows of tight and bold braids on your head, you can create literally any hairstyle you want, and this idea is a good start. It can be either braided natural hair or installed extensions; it all depends on what you need from your look. The point is to get a neat, polished, and textured look that will keep your hair secure and away from your face; the look above is definitely a perfect example.


Twist Goddess Braids Half-Up Style

Twist Goddess Braids Half-Up Style #goddessbraids #braids #half-up

Source: typicalblaqueen via Instagram

Not, let’s look at goddess braids from a half-up perspective. Have you ever heard about twisted braids? Look at this pic and to see how lovely they look. There are lots of hair braiding techniques, and when it comes to styling natural hair, there’s also a stunning twisting technique. You can braid and twist the hair on your sides, creating a very textured look, and leave the rest of your puffy hair to stand out. For a fuller effect, you can install some curly extensions which will give a thicker base.

Creative Side Goddess Braids

Creative Side Goddess Braids #goddessbraids #braids #longhair

Source: braided__ via Instagram

One of the greatest styling things about goddess braids is the customized parting. Yes, you can braid your hair in any direction you want, thus giving your silky locks many different looks. If you are fond of larger braids, it’s better to braid all your hair down to the ends. Do you like this fascinating side styling? The braids are a bit outweighed to the side, which makes this hairstyle look quite unique.


Cute Space Buns Half-Up

Cute Space Buns Half-Up #goddessbraids #braids #bun

Source: braided__ via Instagram

Want to keep it even more tight and secure? Nothing stops you from putting your hair up in a high updo, especially when you flaunt with such versatile braids. You can change the spacing between your braids, adorn them with colorful elastics, twist them into space buns, and leave some of them to excel at the back of your head. Just don’t be shy to experiment with your beautiful hair!

Chic Double Goddess Braids Crown

Chic Double Goddess Braids Crown #goddessbraids #braids #updo

Source: a_ii_z via Instagram

Depending on the style you want to flaunt with, goddess braids hairstyles have perfect and suitable approaches. Don’t forget that the initial aim of such hairdos is to show off your femininity; so meet the most delicate idea ever: two super neat, volumetric, and sturdy braids with a clean and definite parting really look like a crown. How about you to show everyone who’s the queen?


Goddess Braids Into A Dramatic High Bun

Goddess Braids Into A Dramatic High Bun #goddessbraids #braids #bun

Source: mzpritea via Instagram

Goddess braids seem to be a special form of art. The designs that you can create on your head with your own hair can actually impress everyone around. Following the right pattern of braiding can lead you to such a hair masterpiece like this one: the tight massive braids, framed with smaller ones, are twisted into a great high bun. This look will definitely catch people’s eyes.

Goddess Braids With Spectacular Star Design

Goddess Braids With Spectacular Star Design #goddessbraids #braids #longhair

Source: magicfingersstudio via Instagram

Remember what we said about the room for creativity? We weren’t joking: your hairstyle can be as astonishing and different as your inner stylist lets you. Having mastered some braided hairstyles, you will be able to go as far as the design on this pic: some stargazing with large and tiny braids won’t hurt.

Fantastic Double Goddess Braids Into Bun

Fantastic Double Goddess Braids Into Bun #goddessbraids #braids #updo

Source: thehairqueen via Instagram

A look that reminds you of the soft sea waves, who could ask for more? Though today it’s all about the braids, and there is no wavy hair, there’s a marvelous wave-like bun silhouette: two large braids, that gradually become bigger to the side, and smaller to the crown, look like a rising tide. As for baby hairs, they’re styled very gently, in a tasteful wave-like manner.

Magnificent Goddess Braids Updo

Magnificent Goddess Braids Updo #goddessbraids #braids #updo

Source: kersti.pitre via Instagram

Ladies with natural hair never complain about not having enough volume in their hair. But it’s very important to know how to keep it when taming your coarse and puffy hair into an updo. This braid updo is a win-win idea that will emphasize the fullness of your locks and give it a well-groomed look at the same time. Three big goddess braids that turn into a low, braided bun shows how to get the most out of your natural chevelure.

Sassy Braided High Ponytail

Sassy Braided High Ponytail #goddessbraids #braids #ponytail

Source: lipstickncurls via Instagram

Your hairstyle can express your personality, and braids also take part! Those who rock their days brightly, sporting colorful clothes and enviable hairstyles, this idea is for you: the high ponytail, made out of spectacular long braids styled to the side, is something that will show all your daring nature.


Fancy Double French Goddess Braids

Fancy Double French Goddess Braids #goddessbraids #braids #longhair

Source: kersti.pitre via Instagram

There’s no way you’re not familiar with French braid; we all have tried the never-ending, world-famous trend. It may be quite unexpected, but you can get yourself goddess braids by French braiding your hair. This time you just have to do your braids bigger and tighter. Just look what a girly style these double French goddess braids create!

Gorgeous Fishtail Goddess Braid Into Ponytail

Gorgeous Fishtail Goddess Braid Into Ponytail #goddessbraids #braids #ponytail

Source: thehairqueen via Instagram

Continuing the theme of familiar hairstyles, we’d like to share with you another way of diversifying them: how about you to mix some goddess and fishtail braids? The gorgeous hairstyle you see in this pic isn’t the easiest one: first, you need to tame your natural hair, straighten it, and only then play around with it. But it’s worth a try! The fishtail braid that lifts up the crown and little goddess braids on the side that are wrapped around the sleek ponytail is a look to steal.

Captivating Dutch Goddess Braids

Captivating Dutch Goddess Braids #goddessbraids #braids #longhair

Source: mzpritea via Instagram

Here comes another popular braiding technique that can be applied to goddess braids. Once you pull off such a wonderful Dutch-goddess braid design, you will take the common hairstyle to the next level. Originally, Dutch braids create a very neat look, incorporating all of the hair. And you will get an even tidier look with such a fabulous texture.

Double Goddess Braids With Beads

Double Goddess Braids With Beads #goddessbraids #braids #longhair

Source: magicfingersstudio via Instagram

Not only creative designs can embellish your thick braids! There are hair accessories that ethnic women like to combine with their outstanding hairstyles. A couple of beads can change the whole look of your braids, giving them some cute, tribal-inspired, and authentic vibes; these awesome double braids with tiny cuties on the sides and beads on the ends are living proof.

Fabulous Dutch Fishtail Goddess Braid Into Bun

Fabulous Dutch Fishtail Goddess Braid Into Bun #goddessbraids #braids #bun

Source: thehairqueen via Instagram

Are you ready for head-turning experiments? Since you’ve already faced the new versions of familiar hairstyles, it’s time to impress you with the hair mixture you won’t ever be able to forget: dutch fishtail braid that twists into an unbelievable bun at the top of the head. It seems to be a new definition of impressive hairstyle, do you dare to sport it?


Funky Crochet Goddess Braids

Funky Crochet Goddess Braids #goddessbraids #braids #longhair

Source: magicfingersstudio via Instagram

It’s no secret that stylish black women prefer wearing goddess braids with kanekalon hair, installing them with crochet technique. Yes, those lucky ones can pull off any colors they want without damaging their hair at all. So why don’t add some colors? You can incorporate some kanekalon hair into your braids to get a truly bright and terrific look.

Goddess Braids Faux Hawk Hairstyle

Goddess Braids Faux Hawk Hairstyle #goddessbraids #braids #longhair

Source: thehairqueen via Instagram

This is the faux hawk we all deserve. The amazing contrast of colors, bold texture, neat and silky hair rolled into one. After looking at this ideas, only the most pleasant and girly things will come to your mind when you think of mohawks. The bright top braid stands as a hawk, while the rest of the hair, put into a long braid, forms the clean sides.

S-Design Goddess Braid Updo

S-Design Goddess Braid Updo #goddessbraids #braids #updo

Source: hairdesignz_bytiffany via Instagram

The s-designed updo is here to prove that there are no goddess braids natural hair can’t handle. Yes, there’s absolutely nothing impossible about them. How about a huge, all-over braid, designed in an “S” shape? It can be a splendid hairdo for weddings, evening parties, and even prom nights.

Classic Goddess Underbraids

Classic Goddess Underbraids #braids #goddessbraids

Source: thehairqueen via Instagram

For ladies with natural hair, the styling options are countless, regardless of their age or the upcoming event. Since you can install goddess hair, why don’t you play around with the braided designs on your head? Change the regular direction of your braids, involve chic underbraids, and change the thickness: it’s all about experiments.

Asymmetrical Braided Hairstyle

Asymmetrical Braided Hairstyle #braids

Source: thehairqueen via Instagram

It’s no secret that your hairstyle can be focused on one side only: this trick adds a lot of modernity and creativity to braids, whether they’re cornrows of goddess braids. Just braid your hair to the side you like the most and see how it will freshen up the whole silhouette.


Double Jumbo Goddess Braids

Double Jumbo Goddess Braids #braids

Source: thehairqueen via Instagram

Jumbo braids are famous for their irresistible lushness and silkiness. If you want to put your hair in the spotlight, don’t look any further than double jumbo braids! Nowadays, braiding two braids on the back of the head is a thing, and if you spice it up with voluminous curls that unravel at the midway, your style will be just on the top.

Dutch Goddess Braids Into Ponytail

Dutch Goddess Braids Into Ponytail #braids #ponytail

Source: shellyafrikhair via Instagram

Who says that the everyone’s favorite Dutch braids can’t be done on natural hair? This time, they will show up in a whole new light! You can braid the top in any direction you please, incorporating some highlighted strands, and put it all into a high ponytail. Isn’t that sexy?

Mohawk Goddess Braid

Mohawk Goddess Braid #braids #mohawk

Source: shellyafrikhair via Instagram

The feminine version of the popular Mohawk hairstyle will never stop impressing ladies; there are so many ways to recreate the style! It can be a huge center braid with neatly tight sides, or you can add a bit more creativity and braid the sides, adding even more texture to this beauty.

Greek Goddess Crown Braid

Greek Goddess Crown Braid #braids #updo

Source: samanthapollack via Instagram

Meet another super girly idea that perfectly tames natural hair, whipping it into decent, clean shape. A greek crown braid with cute thin braids near the hairline is a simple, yet very sophisticated idea to pull off for an evening party or a date.

Dragon Goddess Braid

Dragon Goddess Braid #braids #goddessbraid

Source: leynabloom via Instagram

If you’re fancy trying something new, how about a head-turning braid that looks like the scales of a dragon’s spine? It’s not the familiar braids we’re all used to seeing; it’s something that can expose your inner experimenter and leave everyone speechless.


Goddess Rope Twists

Goddess Rope Twists #braids #halfup #goddessbraid

Source: voiceofhair via Instagram

Twisting two strands has never been complicated, yet, the looks they give to us are the ones to copy. And, of course, on your natural hair, this style will show up in the most attractive light.

Double Butterfly Braid With A Twist

Double Butterfly Braid With A Twist #braids #goddessbraid

Source: indigo_dazzle via Instagram

This style wants you to let your imagination run fly and go for a creative butterfly braid. Or, let it be double braids that twist at the ends! The full and lush duo that keeps your sides tight and creates a super outstanding crown is worth everyone’s attention!

Goddess Butterfly Braid

Goddess Butterfly Braid #braids #goddessbraid #longhair

Source: indigo_dazzle via Instagram

Wondering how a single butterfly braid looks like? Actually, it can be anything you want, as it gives a lot of room for braiding creativity. This idea starts at the side as a voluminous crown and then transforms into a huge braid that looks like a caterpillar. A caterpillar that has become a gorgeous butterfly!

Double Dutch Goddess Braids

Double Dutch Goddess Braids #braids #goddessbraid

Source: hair2serveyou via Instagram

These perfectly symmetrical Dutch goddess braids show how differently you can wear today’s classics. As you can see, the neat and full body can be enhanced with the play of contrastive colors! Just involve some colored strands into your braids to add some oomph.

Goddess Sleek Pony

Goddess Sleek Pony #braids #goddessbraid #ponytail

Source: keystylist via Instagram

Not all the goddess braids are all about voluminous and unbearably full silhouettes, and this pony is here to introduce its sleek and tidy side. You can show up with a wonderful, immaculate pony that features a braid along the top and some braided elements on the sides. See? The versatility of goddess looks is to die for!


Goddess Cornrows

Goddess Cornrows #goddessbraids #braids

Source: 1755braids via Instagram
Now, it’s time to remind everyone why goddess braids have outshined the good old cornrows. While being the version of the latter, goddess hairstyles appear thicker, thus giving a greater visual impact. And here, you can see a wonderful way to show off the majesty of hairstyles rocked by goddesses. Create two big and full cornrows falling down as double braids and unravel the bottom to finish the look with a fantastic play of texture.

Stitches & Waves

Stitches & Waves #goddessbraids #braids

Source: missy_did_em via Instagram
Here’s another option from the endless variety of braided patterns you can recreate. You can either make up your own idea or ask your braider to set her creativity into motion. In other words, with a little effort, you can leave your stylist with a hairstyle that will boost likes on your Instagram like crazy. By the way, combining stitches and waves is one of the most desirable styles now.

Goddess Braids With Ribbon

Goddess Braids With Ribbon #goddessbraids #braids

Source: beautyrebellion_ via Instagram
Accessories are what add character to our looks. And this time, you can forget about all accessorized hairstyles you’ve seen lately, as this simple, yet striking idea seems to play by its own rules. As it turns out, a shiny silk ribbon incorporated into a braid can become a hairstyle worth a red carpet walk! Paired with a big makeup, this look will reach its highest.

Goddess Designed Braids

Goddess Designed Braids #goddessbraids #braids

Source: xotic_braids via Instagram
Little stitches, thick cornrows, box-like pattern, colorful elastics, and minimalist embellishment on the Fulani-inspired design: if you think that you can go too much with braiding techniques for natural hair, you’ve never been so wrong. Think of how you can tie everything up, embracing the main details of all braiding patterns to create your one of a kind masterpiece.

Halo Style Updo

Halo Style Updo #goddessbraids #braids

Source: xotic_braids via Instagram
If a halo hairstyle is initially meant to resemble a crown, why don’t you make it look as regal as a real queen’s accessory? Since you are free to incorporate kanekalon extensions or even paint over any faux locks, you can add a sense of kingdom drama to your halo braid by coloring the top bright golden shade. Apply the color in a smooth ombre technique so that the shade stands out, yet without being too drastic.

How does it feel to be the luckiest person in the world? We call you so because now you know all the trendy ways of wearing goddess braids, so all the flattering compliments will be yours. Don’t be shy to look different and give our fancy braided ideas a try right now!

Main photo by Steph_odia