Rosemary Egbo

LIVES IN: Abuja, Nigeria EDUCATION: Nnamdi Azikiwe University EXPERIENCE AND LIFESTYLE:Rosemary joined our LoveHairStyles team not just as a passionate writer but a hair trend hunter who has a strong connection with the world of hairstyles. In our project, this girl combines her biggest pleasures - writing and experimenting with her hair, which she conveys in her awesome content. From braids and ponytails to half-ups and updos, our amazing writer will show you the popular styles at their best.

Glorious French Braid Hairstyles to Try

49 Glorious French Braid Hairstyles To Try

A woman who is familiar with the endless variety of the French braid never feels like she’s got nothing to wear. Do you want to become one? All you need is the braided inspiration we’ve prepared here.

Perfect Short Haircuts For Older Women

Perfect Short Haircuts For Older Women

Your life is a canvas for experiments with your haircuts and hairstyles. Once you reach the stage when you want to keep it short, yet significant, our short haircuts for mature women will be your endless inspiration. See how you can follow trends and look presentable today!

Easy But Chic Asian Hairstyles For Modern And Fashionable Ladies

35 Easy But Chic Asian Hairstyles 2021 For Modern And Fashionable Ladies

Do you know why Asian hairstyles are considered the trendiest styles ever? Check out the gallery of the iconic hairstyles. Don’t hesitate to copy them! Asian hairstyles are a gift that was sent from the world of trendsetters. Do you want to stay up to date with the latest fashion? Dive in!

Best Platinum Blonde Hair Colors

100 Best Platinum Blonde Hair Colors In 2021

Platinum blonde is a noble shade that makes eyes envy, heads turn, and jaws drop. Here, you’re going to learn everything you should know to get this color, whether you’re into DIY or planning a salon appointment.

How to Add Definition to Your Unique Look with a Mens Fade Haircut

A Fade Haircut: The Latest Unisex Haircut To Define Your 2021 Style

Fade haircuts are the latest trend in fashion that can perfect every image. See how to make anything from undercut and pompadour to pixie and faux hawk even better. Feel like something is missing in your look? Leave it up to a fade. Discover why getting a fade is crucial if you want your styling routine to reach its highest.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Ideas For 2019

Top Dark Blonde Hair Color Ideas For 2021

“Hello, my name is Alice. I want to go blonde, but I am not sure which shade to pick. What is dark blonde, and who looks best with it? “
Dark blonde hair color has nothing to do with the blonde you’re used to seeing. It’s deeper, more dynamic, and way more dramatic. In other words, it’s just different. And here, you’re going to find out how different you can look with this mesmerizing shade of blonde!

Brown Hair Color Chart To Find Your Flattering Brunette Shade

Brown Hair Color Chart To Find Your Flattering Brunette Shade To Try In 2021

Discovering the brown hair color chart is crucial before going brown. See what brown shades will suit your skin tone and get inspired by their variety! Time for a new color? So as not to end up crying about the wrong shade, let our chart help you to find the right one.

Most Amazing Short Haircuts for Women Over 60

95 Most Amazing Long And Short Haircuts For Women Over 60 In 2021

The best thing about being a mature woman is that you’ve already created your own style. But not every lady knows how to add something new and diversify her looks. Once you see our short haircuts for women over 60, you will find out how to make your hair look even better.

Blonde Hair Color Chart: The Shades Kissed By The Sun

Blonde Hair Color Chart 2021: The Shades Kissed By The Sun

Every woman that is about to change her hair color to blonde should get to know the blonde hair color chart. Let’s see how diverse blonde can be! This post is your guide that will help you to choose the right blonde shade based on your skin tone and eye color.

The Two Block Haircut The Mens Trend That Has Outshined The Good Old Undercut

The Two Block Haircut In 2021: The Men’s Trend That Has Outshined The Good Old Undercut

What is two block haircut and how is it different from the undercut? Get to know how the former took over the latter and get inspired by our ideas! The two block haircut has come into the world of men’s fashion not empty-handed. It brought a totally new perspective on men’s hair thus becoming a huge trend. And even though it’s spotted primarily on Asian guys, the cut comes comfy and suitable for all men. See how it works!

Stacked Bob Haircut Ideas To Try Right Now

195 Best Bob Haircut Ideas To Try In 2021

If you are looking for various ways to wear a bob hairstyle, we have some excellent options for you to explore. A cut like this is sassy and trendy for those in search of a new style, so dive in!

Feminine Goddess Braids Hairstyles To Add Some Ethnic Vibes To Your Style

35 Feminine Goddess Braids Hairstyles To Add Some Ethnic Vibes To Your Style

Stylish ladies with natural hair know how trendy goddess braids are these days. Check out our awe-inspiring ideas and see how you can pull off this trend. Every woman wants to look like a goddess. What if we tell you that with these ideas you can actually become one?

One Inverted Bob, Several Ways: Make The Most Of Your Cut

Bob haircut has many facets. As it turns out, a graduated sharp silhouette with pointed front tresses is what can reveal the best version of the on-trend short haircut. As for the latest ideas, they all are here!