Our ideas of summer hairstyles are perfect for the warm season. At this time of the year, it is extremely hard to achieve a nice hairstyle due to the excessive humidity. Summer weather is totally against our hair. It is so irritating to wear bangs or deal with frizz. If this situation sounds like you, then you have come to the right place. Our ideas of cuts, updos, and hairstyles will help you manage this unfriendly climate. Get inspired!


Jenna Lu, professional hairdresser, says the top hairstyle/cut for 2022 is medium to long hair, paired with feathered curtain bangs and layers. Shorter layers are coming back in style because the messy disheveled look is easy to accomplish on your own. Low-maintenance hair is what people ask her for when they come into the salon. She always suggests a balayage because it gives a softer grow out. The term “balayage” is of French origin, meaning “to sweep.” Compared to traditional foils, the stylist's hand paints the bleach onto the hair to give more of an organic and natural look.


90s Inspired Blowout Hairstyle

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If it seems to you that you have already seen a blowout hairstyle, this is because you indeed have. Like many 90s hair trends, it has made a huge comeback recently. So, in case you still have hot rollers or a round brush, it is time to get them out. If not, then add them to the top of your shopping list. A blowout comes out incredibly voluminous and flowy, which is a perfect option for women with thin locks.

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Sassy Braided Hairstyles

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Not that braids have ever gone out of style, but this year they are at the peak of their popularity. Cornrows, micro braids, lemonade braids, box braids, there is a wide variety of styles to choose from. And do not be afraid to experiment, incorporating bold colors and elaborate patterns.

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Credit photo: mila_kryshchykhina/instagram.com

When hairstylists decided to mix two popular summer hairstyles for women, namely a pixie and a bob, we got an extremely trendy hair look, which goes by the name “bixie.” One of its benefits is that it turns out quite easy to maintain and style. Plus, it works well for any hair texture, especially wavy.

Credit photo: mila_kryshchykhina/instagram.com Credit photo: salsalhair/instagram.com

Smooth Glossy Bun

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Messy buns have been replaced by sleek and smooth alternatives. A staple ballerina hairstyle is now flaunted in everyday life. In addition to being elegant and sophisticated, it makes your hair look unbelievably shiny. So, your hairstyle has a glossy finish as a result. Low and high, a smooth bun allows for different embellishments, such as braids and hair accessories.

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Wispy Bang Style

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Wispy bangs seem to never go out of fashion. Since they are feathered, they are much easier to blend with the rest of your hair, which makes styling it pretty effortless. Besides, they create a beautiful face framing effect and thus, look flattering on almost everyone.

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Bottleneck Hair Bobs

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Bobs are in for this summer. But this season, they are not just regular bobs but bottleneck ones. Such a haircut features plenty of texture, yet the ends are blunt and heavy. Since it finishes near the middle of your neck, it is suitable for the majority of face shapes.

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90s Inspired Updo With A Lot Of Volume

Credit photo: michaelgrayhair/instagram.com

Remember those opulent updo hairstyles trending in the 90s? It is time to give them a second chance. Do not try to make it overly neat though. Leave several strands to frame your face and tie the remaining hair quite loose so the hairstyle gives off a relaxed feel.

Credit photo: tonyastylist/instagram.com Credit photo: shiyan_marina/instagram.com


A Soft Layered Cut

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Layering is still one of the most popular ways to give your locks texture and definition, which is why it works particularly well for summer. Not a fan of chunky strands? Get soft layers cut only in the front of your face for subtle framing.

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A Low Pony With Hair Accessories

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A low ponytail can look fun and unusual when you incorporate various hair accessories into it. All those rubber bands, scrunchies, scarves and hair clips will do it a big favor. Thus, if you want to make your hairstyle stand out, do not be afraid to adorn it with any of these accessories or everything at once.

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The Octopus Haircut

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If you want to take your shag hairstyle to the next level, then an octopus haircut is your way to go. The strands are yet again styled into beachy waves, but the top is rounded so it makes the cut voluminous and full. Wispy bangs are a wonderful accompaniment to such a hair look.

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Summer Wavy Hairstyles

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As for hairstyles for medium hair, waves and curls would be perfect. Of course, we are not talking about the smooth version. The undone effect is what we need. Use medium size curling wand and curl random areas all over your head to achieve it.

Easy Updos for Hot Weather

Credit photo: inspobyelvirall/instagram.com

Updos can become your life savior for this hot weather. They are not only comfortable to wear but also chic. Besides, they go with all of your summer outfits. You can make it as high or as low as you want, but the key is to make it look undone. Use serum before to tame your frizz.

Credit photo: sass.and.braids/instagram.com

Braided Summer Hairstyles

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High braids are perfect for summer. In fact, they are one of the best spring hairstyles too. The main thing is not to make it way too tight. Also, do not forget about teasing the roots and unbraided ends for more volume, otherwise you will look like a schoolgirl. The braid should be loose and not silky.

Credit photo: jaykaybraids/instagram.com


Braided Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

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Wavy hair always looks playful, especially in summer. Add small braids on the side or in the middle to make the hairstyle more fresh.

Summer Hairstyles with Flowers

Credit photo: inspobyelvirall/instagram.com Credit photo: michaelgrayhair/instagram.com

To look like a real princess, add a couple of small flowers to your style.

FAQ: Summer Hairstyles

How should I wear my hair in summer?

Make a high ponytail with your hair, braid it straight back and fasten it. If you need to give your hair a smooth, clean look, use hairspray. For example, Blake Lively will not let stray strands get in her way.
Pull the top layers of hair back with bobby pins to emphasize the beachy waves.

Is long hair good in summer?

High temperatures and humidity might make your stunning long hair feel like a burden on a hot summer day. The good news is that there are many attractive hairstyles appropriate right for your hair length and that will keep you cool and effortlessly chic.

How can I deal with long hair in summer?

To decrease bulk, have your hairstylist leave the length but trim long layers in the back and front. Your haircut is crucial. Any style you choose will be hampered if you don’t have the appropriate cut.