Long hair is the dream of many ladies, however now every one of you is aware of the troubles that come alongside the length of your hair. The longer is the hair, the harder it is to come up with ideas to style it, especially if you are searching for a new hairstyle from day to day. That is why we decided to provide you with a couple of useful tutorials to try on yourself the next time you decide to some braiding. The thing is that Dutch raiding is not only popular, great-looking and trendy it is also quite versatile and easy to master. By the way, in case you wonder – Dutch braid and reversed French braid is the same thing. So, in case you are looking for some easy tutorials to help you learn how to Dutch braids – you have come to the right place!


How To Dutch Braid For Beginners

Source: Luxy Hair

Among easy Dutch braid hairstyles, the classic one is surely the easiest, and we are going, beginning with, it, of course.

    1. Section your hair at the top.
    2. Split it into three equal sections.
    3. Cross the right side under the middle.
    4. Take some hair from the left side, combine it with the left section and cross under the middle.
    5. Repeat the same with the right side.
    6. Continue all the way down.
    7. You can finish the braid as a regular three-strand one.
    8. Secure the braid with an elastic band.


How To Create Double Dutch Braids

Source: Blanca Vazquez

Now it is time to play around with double Dutch braid!

      1. Start off with combing your hair so that there is no tangling.
      2. Part your hair in the middle.
      3. Section your hair at the top of the side you are going to start with first.
      4. Split it into three sections.
      5. Cross the left strand under the middle strand and do the same with the right one.
      6. Take some hair on the top and combine it with the top section and cross it under the middle.
      7. Repeat the same with the bottom section.
      8. Continue all the way down.
      9. Secure the braid with an elastic band.
      10. Repeat the process with the other side.

Angel Like Dutch Headband Braid Tutorial

Source: Missy Sue

In case you are wondering how to Dutch braid step by step so that you end up looking like an angel – you have come to the right place!

        1. Create a side part.
        2. Separate off a section of hair from the part down to the left ear and clip off the back section.
        3. Pick up a small section of hair right next to the part.
        4. Divide it into three sections.
        5. Start the Dutch braid with crossing the right section right under the middle and following the patterns with the left section as well.
        6. Start adding new sections of hair to the braid as you follow the pattern down.
        7. Repeat the actions until your braid reaches the temple, then start braiding the regular braid.
        8. Secure the braid with bobby pins.
        9. Section off a section of hair at the back of your head.
        10. Pick up a small section under the pinned away one.
        11. Tie the braid to that section with the help of an elastic band.
        12. Add some curls to your hair with the help of a curling iron.


Gorgeous Side Dutch Braid Hair Tutorial

Source: Luxy Hair

Side Dutch braid tutorials for beginners are easier than easy if you know where to look for them!

          1. First of all, decide which side to choose for braiding – left side or right side.
          2. Create a side part to the chosen side you prefer more.
          3. Brush your hair.
          4. Grab a section of hair close to your side part.
          5. Split the section into three.
          6. Start the Dutch braid with crossing the right section right under the middle and following the patterns with the left section as well.
          7. Braid in the sections from the outside, following the sane Dutch braid pattern.
          8. Make sure that you are not braiding down, but backward.
          9. Continue the braiding all the way down.
          10. Finish off the braid like a regular three-strand one.
          11. Pull out the braid a little starting at the very top to add some more volume to it.
          12. Secure the braid with an elastic band at the end.

Two Dutch Braids & Low Messy Bun Tutorial

Source: Missy Sue

Mixing our favorite hairstyles is so fun and creative, isn’t it? With this tutorial, you will master not only how to Dutch braid but also how to turn it into a low messy bun!

            1. First off, create a side part.
            2. Take a small section from the heavy side of the part and leave a small piece of hair at the front.
            3. Divide this section into three equal pieces for the braid.
            4. Start doing the Dutch braid: cross the back strand under the center, front strand under the center, and then the back strand under the center, doing the same with the front strand and bringing in new sections of hair.
            5. When the braid reaches your ear, braid it as a regular braid and tie it with a band.
            6. Then, create the second braid on the other side.
            7. Tie all of your hair into a low ponytail.
            8. Wrap the band over the hair once.
            9. Pull your hair halfway through the band and wrap it to create a bun.
            10. Secure the bun with some bobby pins.


Double Dutch Braid Ponytail Tutorial

Source: Missy Sue

Is there something better than the combo of double Dutch braids and a good-old ponytail? Sounds too complicated? Don’t worry; this tutorial will help you make it real. Just follow these steps.

            1. Part your hair a bit off center.
            2. Take a small section of hair from the left side, split it into three equal strands and start doing a Dutch braid.
            3. For the braid, cross the right strand under the center and the left strand under the center.
            4. Cross the right strand under the middle and pick a new section to incorporate it into the braid.
            5. Do the same with the left strand and go on bringing in new side sections.
            6. When your braid reaches the back of your head, and your hair from behind your ear is brought in, stop picking new sections and go on braiding the section a bit further.
            7. Create the second Dutch braid.
            8. When it’s done, tie all of your hair into a ponytail.
            9. Pull the edges of the braids to make them appear fuller.
            10. Hide the elastic underneath a piece of hair, wrapping it around the band and pinning it with some bobbies.
            11. Coat the style with hairspray.

Easy Crown Dutch Braid Tutorial

Source: Laineymariebeauty

Big Textured Dutch Braid

Source: aurorabraids via Instagram

This Dutch braid is here to show how different it can be. Yes, it doesn’t always come as a tight and thick braid: it can adapt to your flirty mood and get fuller if you want. To achieve this idea, make sure to pull the edges of your braid and loosen it as much as possible.


Side Dutch Braid

Source: aurorabraids via Instagram

Nothing can compare to the unbearably voluminous and full braid that takes place on the side. Not only do such silhouettes show a hairstyle from a new perspective but also give a bit outweighed body, which, in its turn, makes the whole look more charming.

Double Dutch Braided Updo

Source: aurorabraids via Instagram

You’ve seen how to turn your Dutch braids into a bun and pony, but how about a hairdo full of thick, volumetric twists? Create two braids on the sides, combine them and twist the braided duo at the back of the head. For a more effortless look, don’t forget to tousle up the edges.

Dutch Mohawk Ponytail

Source: tonyastylist via Instagram

Believe it or not, this is the most straightforward Dutch hairstyle: it features one thick braid on top and transforms into a low ponytail at the mid-length. Yet, it looks as if it requires more than one styling hour! The key step is to wave your ponytail.


Dutch Headband Braid

Source: samirasjewelry via Instagram

Want to add some girly accessory to your daily hairstyle but can’t find anything suitable in your box for embellishments? Well, a feminine Dutch headband braid will look better than any other accessories you could ever see.

Side Double Dutch Braid

Source: aurorabraids via Instagram

Who says that Double Dutch braids should lie on the opposite sides? To reveal the real versatility of the hairstyle, you can create the double style on one side, thus getting yourself a full and attention-grabbing hairdo.

FAQ: How To Dutch Braid

Is Dutch braid easy?

The reverse French braid is one of the various names for the Dutch braid. In truth, the Dutch braid is similar to a French braid except that the Dutch braid strands are crossed under rather than over. It may seem difficult to a novice, but it is actually fairly simple.

Can I wash my hair with Dutch braids?

NY hair experts recommend to wash braids every two to three weeks to keep your hair healthy.
By not washing your scalp and hair, you allow the product buildup to stay on your scalp, which causes flakes and itching.

How do you sleep with Dutch braids at night?

Before going to bed, wrap your braids in a scarf. Cover them with a large, 40 by 40 in (100 by 100 cm) shawl or scarf to minimize unnecessary hair friction and frizziness at night. You can also put a sock-style scarf over your braids, which fits over them like a pillowcase or sock.