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Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50: Your Age Does Not Matter

There are plenty of great short hairstyles for women over 50. As we age, our sense of style matures a bit. However, it does not mean it has to be boring and outdated. A woman can be stylish at any age. It concerns her hairstyles, as well. It is quite natural for a woman to experiment with her hairstyle as she ages. It is true though that, as we mature, we tend to prefer simpler hairstyles.

As a rule, older women seem to follow an unwritten set of rules for short hairstyles once they are older than 50. If you prefer a look that is elegant and sophisticated, you can brush your locks back so you can open your face. Shaggy haircuts look awkward and sloppy on older women. Bangs are acceptable, especially if they make your face look younger. However, you should keep them trimmed and perhaps style them to one side not to completely cover your forehead. If you dye your hair, you should opt for lighter hues which can also help you seem years younger. A lot of women can pull off silver hair if it is styled properly. However, if you are not one of these lucky few, you should opt for soft blonde highlights.

Short haircuts work best for fine fair, especially when it is cut in layers. Thicker hair always looks nice in an elongated haircut. Medium haircuts are extremely stylish on older women and a great choice for those with thicker hair. No matter what your age is, you should stick to a hairstyle that keeps in line with your facial structure and texture of your hair.

1. Stylish Messy Spikes

Stylish Messy Spikes

If you really want to rock a bold and daring do, this messy, spiky cut will add major volume to fine hair. Opt for putty rather than a gel to keep your hair looking soft and smooth to the touch!

Source: Chicover500610 via Pinterest

2. Curly, Short Hairstyle To Add Volume

Curly Short Hairstyle to Add Volume

This simple cropped haircut is one of the most popular short hairstyles for women over 50 as it does not require a lot of styling time. This adorable cut embraces volume for naturally curly hair and it adds lift to the top. It is easy to manage and works for any occasion.

Source: via Instagram

3. Sassy Pixie

Sassy Pixie Haircuts for Older Women

Sharon Stone’s chic and stylish do is the perfect example of a bold and daring haircut for older women. With a few bold spikes on top, this sassy textured pixie cut works best on those with oval facial features.

Source: Abbymoneyhun via Pinterest

4. A-Line Shag

A-Line Shag

Diane Keaton has always looked barely aging and elegant. With this simple A-ling shag, you can look years younger as this look is both chic and contemporary. It’s perfect with its ruffled imperfections. You can rock this style at any length if you alternate texture and silhouette for a fun and playful look.

Source: Dominiquesachse via Instagram

5. Lovely Blonde Locks

Lovely Blonde Locks

With this elegant style, you can rock your natural white hair color. You don’t have to worry about bleach if you simply add soft and romantic pastels such as lavender. This fun and funky cut adds fullness with its wispy fringe and short feathered layers.

Source: Jonsewellhair via Instagram

6. Longer Pixie Cut

Longer Pixie Cut

While most pixie cuts are shorter, this fun pixie cut keeps the same basic look but adds length and volume with its long bangs that frame your face for a peek-a-boo effect.

Source: Suzido_ via Instagram

7. Vintage Bob Cut

Vintage Bob Cut #hairstylesforwomenover50 #shorthaircutsforwomenover50 #haircuts #bobhaircut #straighthair

This hair style harkens back to the Roaring Twenties with its bold fringe and timeless look. It’s got more edge than the usual bob and will never go out of style.

Source: Chrisweberhair via Instagram

Silver Featured Pixie Cut

Jamie Lee Curtis is the perfect example of how a short pixie looks great on older women. The salt-and-pepper color with its feathered texture is sophisticated with a bit of a daring edge.

Source: Emilyandersonstyling via Instagram

9. Wet, Sassy Look

Wet Sassy Look #hairstylesforwomenover50 #shorthaircutsforwomenover50 #haircuts #bobhaircut #wavyhair

Jodie Foster is famous for her shorter bobs. This natural look with its messy waves that help pull off a wet look can soften your face and enhance your natural features.

Source: Styled_by_carolynn via Instagram

10. Fluffy, Short Curls

Fluffy Short Curls #hairstylesforwomenover50 #shorthaircutsforwomenover50 #haircuts #bobhaircut #curlyhair

These delicate ash-blonde curls can make your face look elegant with a soft, romantic flair. If you sweep your curls back, you can totally rock this simple short hairstyle.

Source: Terukolaura via Instagram

11. Classic Tapered Short Haircut

Classic Tapered Short Haircut

This sleek style with its elongated bangs works perfectly with the tapered back and sides. Style your bangs on a slant, boost your hair shine with the product, and you can totally rock this adorable short hairstyle.

Source: Vitahairstudio via Instagram

12. Messy, Short And Bright Hairstyle

Messy Short and Bright Hairstyle

Joan Jett’s dazzling, messy layered look is timeless. With its messy crown and neatly styled sides, it can accentuate your eyes and bring out your more daring side. Add some highlights for a bolder edge.

Source: Cosmo_camee via Instagram

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