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Light Brown Hair Color Shades to Look Gorgeous

A light brown hair color is neither extra light nor extra brown. It is medium, and therefore, perfect. There are many chic variations of light brown with low- and highlights. For example, Color Melt shade is a combination of dark roots with warm light brown middle and ends. This soft and warm ombre fits medium and dark skin tones. And Gingerbread Delight is based on a cooler shade topped with highlights that are hand painted. It also fits medium and dark skin tones.

Rarest Natural Hair Color

Rarest Natural Hair Color

Red hair color shades never go out of style and every season, you’ll find one shade or the other trending. The interesting part is that despite so many people sport red hair, it holds the title of the rarest natural hair color, even rarer than blonde. Want to find out more? The following are some interesting facts about redheads:

  • It’s a Mutation – Natural red hair occurs because of a genetic mutation of the MC1R gene that is passed on from the parents to the kids. Even then, there is a 25% chance of the child having red hair and both parents must have the gene.
  • Only the 2% – As the rarest natural hair color, less than 2% of the world’s population has red hair. Interestingly, red hair can occur in any ethnicity although it appears more frequently in people with Western or Northern European lineages.
  • Thicker but Thinner – While red hair strands are thicker in texture, the number of hair strands is thinner. Red heads have 90,000 strands whereas blondes sport 110,000 strands and brunettes take the lead with 140,000 strands.
  • Fades to White – When growing old, red hair doesn’t turn gray. While blonde and brunette hair fades to gray and then turns white. In the process, red hair slowly transitions through different red hair color shades until it fades to white.
  • It Might be Gone Soon – The genetic gene for the red hair mutation might actually go extinct, largely because of climate change. The recessive gene doesn’t thrive or adapt in warm climates. As temperatures are rising, it is likely that the gene will slowly diminish. Already the overall numbers are reducing and considering it is already counted as the rarest natural hair color, this only solidifies its rarity.
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What Colors Look Good With Light Brown?

What Colors Look Good With Light Brown

A Light brown hair color is extremely popular because it offers you middle ground. It’s not too light and not too dark and when used with versatility, it can actually look good with a wide array of colors. The first thing you need to do is to consult a light brown hair color chart. Since it is counted among the neutrals, it combines very well with a few primary and secondary colors.

Different shades of red, blue, green and purple complement a light brown hair color very well. On the other hand, only pale shades of yellow should be applied. Avoid black as it can bring out the dark tones in light brown and you will end up darkening the shade.

It’s also a good idea to consider the light brown hair color dye you are using. Based on the dye, light brown shades can differ. For example: some companies might offer just simple light brown while others might offer more variety including medium light brown, lightest brown and other transitionary shades of brown that fall within the light brown label. Used creatively, light brown is one of the most versatile colors that can deepen to delicious chocolate brown and lighten to honey gold hues.

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Is Light Brown Hair Color For Your Skin Tone?

Is Light Brown Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

When picking a light brown hair color, many people focus so much on choosing the right color that they often forget about their skin tone. For this reason, we’re making a short guide that you can use to pick the best hair color for your skin tone. Just follow the simple steps mentioned below:

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1. How to Determine the Undertones of Your Skin

How to Determine the Undertones of Your Skin

To determine skin’s undertone, just look at your skin. The following are the key factors that will help determine the kind of undertone that your skin has:

  • Neutral – If you have a neutral skin tone, you probably have dark brown eyes. The visible veins on your skin have a purplish tone. Both silver and gold jewelry looks lovely on your skin.
  • Warm – If you have a warm skin tone, you probably have hazel green, amber or warm brown eyes. The visible veins on your skin have a greenish tone and gold jewelry suits you more.
  • Cool – If you have a cool skin tone, it is more likely that you have blue, gray or greenish blue eyes. The visible veins on your skin will have a bluish tone and silver jewelry complements your skin.
  • Note that the undertone of your skin has nothing to do with the tone of your skin. You can be fair skinned with warm undertones and vice versa.
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2. What Color to Pick and Avoid for Your Tone

What Color to Pick and Avoid for Your Tone

Once you determine skin’s undertone, you can begin to focus on picking the best hair color for your skin tone. Based on different skin tones, you can opt for the following:

  • Neutral – For neutral skin tones, you can go for the best of both worlds. Deep caramel browns and light honey tones can complement you along with reds. Try to find a balance in colors by not going too pale or too warm.
  • Cool – Opt for warm, rich and deep browns with a cool skin tone as they help to make your skin look more radiant in contrast to it. Avoid lighter or paler browns since these will end up making you look washed out.
  • Warm – With warm skin tones, you can pick the lighter browns. In fact, a light brown hair color for warm skin tones is extremely flattering as it complements your skin tone. Avoid deeper browns or browns with a warmer tone as they will not be as striking against your skin tone.
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Warm Brown

Warm Brown

If you’re thinking out of the box and want to pick rainbow colors, you should choose a color with caution. Darker, warmer skin doesn’t always complement pastel rainbow shades so opt for deep, saturated colors, including jewel tones. This lets you be as bright and bold as you want with your color choices. Keep in mind that these rainbow colors tend to fade faster as well so you’re going to have to work more to maintain the color. Application can also require bleaching so hair health can be a factor that you should consider too.

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Light Golden Bronde Color Melt

Light Golden Bronde Color Melt #brunette #brownhair #highlights

Bronde hair is very stylish for those who are looking for a light golden brown hair color that is the perfect blend of light blonde and golden blonde. Ask your stylist to mix lowlights and highlights to achieve a light golden brown hair shade that is full of depth and texture. Color melts are an ideal way to showcase both warm and cool tones. As well, they are the perfect compromise for those who want the best of both worlds.

This stunning color melt looks even more striking on long, wavy hair to show off the endless texture. Wear your hair to one side to give it a sensual vibe. And don’t forget to pair it with a natural makeup look for the air of innocence.

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Light Brown Hair with Sandy Highlights

Light Brown Hair with Sandy Highlights #brunette #brownhair #highlights

Light brown hair with highlights is a great choice for those who want to go lighter without going all over blonde. It combines both warm and cool tones and adds depth to your hair that you can’t get by simply bleaching your hair all over. Ask for honey blonde and platinum blonde highlights on light brown hair such as warm light ash brown. Go heavy on the platinum blonde hues in the front to softly frame your face.

These pretty blonde highlights with light brown roots are especially pretty on long beachy waves for a summery vibe that is sexy no matter what the season!

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Light Honey Brown Wavy Locks

Light Honey Brown Wavy Locks #brownhair #highlights

If you want a look that is natural and exudes warmth, ask for light brown hair with caramel highlights. Your base color should be a natural light brown hair color, and then you can ask for soft honey and caramel light brown hair colors. The result will be soft golden brown that shines like spun gold in the sunlight! No one will believe that this isn’t your natural color. Style your hair in loose waves starting around the chin length. Let them fall gracefully to your shoulders for a slightly messy look that’s both classy and fun.

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Light Ash Brown Hair with Babylights

Light Ash Brown Hair with Babylights #brunette #blondehair #highlights

If you want a light brown hair color that is close to a natural blonde shade, you can ask for a light ash brown hair color. Light ash brown hair is about as close to blonde as you can get without fully committing to blonde. You can combine both dark and light ash brown babylights to give it a multi-tonal look and added depth. Style your hair in long, beachy waves to add even more texture and dimension.

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Natural-Looking Light Brown Hair Color with Lowlights

Natural-Looking Light Brown Hair Color with Lowlights #brownhair #highlights

Lowlights are even more spectacular when paired with highlights as they add an infinite amount of texture to your hair. If you want a natural-looking light brown hair color, ask for a blend of soft brown and light blonde highlights and lowlights. Ask for a shaggy shoulder-length hair cut for even more bounce and movement!

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Golden Highlights

Golden Highlights #brownhair #blondehair #highlights

Golden highlights are always a great way to add some warmth to your light brown hair. Soft golden blonde highlights for light brown hair will add plenty of warmth and texture to your light golden brown hair. Ask for a light caramel brown and golden blonde balayage blend. Throw in some platinum blonde hues as well to add a soft, cool touch that makes for the perfect blend of golden brown.

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Light Brown Hair With Lowlights

Light Brown Hair With Lowlights #brownhair #blondehair #highlights

If you want a natural light brown hair color with some soft blonde lowlights, this look could be exactly what you have been hoping for. Light brown hair with lowlights will only enhance your pretty natural light brown color, rather than distracting from it. This look is very girly and chic. Blow dry your hair with a paddle brush and lift it a bit to add more volume. Then use a large curling wand to create soft waves to give it a demure look that is very playful.

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Nutmeg Highlights

Nutmeg Highlights #brownhair #highlights #balayage

If you have strawberry blonde or light reddish brown hair and prefer a darker color, you can opt for pretty light chestnut brown hair. Here is a striking blend of medium and light chestnut brown and honey and light blonde hues that form a stunning warm light brown hair color that just exudes depth and dimension. The blend of warm and cool shades of blonde and light brown adds a ton of texture for a truly multi-dimensional look that will appear gorgeous in the natural light.

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Melting Blonde Highlights

Melting Blonde Highlights #brunette #brownhair #blondehair #highlights

Dark brown hair with light brown highlights is an ideal solution for those who don’t want to say goodbye to their dark brunette locks. Add some golden blonde and copper light brown highlights on dark brown hair. The result will be light chocolate brown hair that will make you the envy of all of your friends. Keep your natural dark brown base and mix in thick chunky golden highlights to add a ton of depth to your hair. Style it in sexy, messy waves to drive men to their knees when you walk into the room.

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Scattered Bronde Highlights

Scattered Bronde Highlights #brownhair #highlights

Want to keep them guessing what the color of your hair is? Is it light red-brown hair? Or golden blonde? Ask for light brown hair with blonde highlights in shades of warm light brown, pale auburn, golden blonde and just a hint of buttery blonde tones. The final look will be full of depth and texture. Style your hair in soft beachy waves for a sexy and carefree vibe. Be sure to apply a generous amount of sea salt spray to your wavy tresses and allow them to air dry. Scrunch them a bit for a slightly messy vibe that is fun and flirty. Now you are ready to rock your light brown curly hair!

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