By: | Updated: 10/03/2019

Lowlights Will Accentuate Your Base With Dimension

Lowlights, highlights, babylights, balayage, ombre, sombre: the diversity and variety of modern coloring techniques seem to be unbearably infinite! It feels like it’s impossible to keep up with the trends, as brand new ones appear in the coloring industry every single day.

Okay, jokes aside. Today we are going to get things straight about the misconception of two basic techniques – highlights and lowlights.

Some ladies think that both techniques are nothing but painted streaks. Let’s dispel this common myth together! Besides the chic ideas that will inspire you for the next salon appointment, we will tell you the basic facts about these two. Remember: if you want to accentuate your hair color, adding some depth and dimension to it, you can’t do without this post.

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