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Strawberry Blonde Hair Isn’t Natural

Strawberry blonde hair originated during the Renaissance, which took place in Europe between the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries. The era celebrated creativity and imagination and saw great advancements in science, religion, politics, and many other fields.

The great artists of the time portrayed their most beautiful muses with strawberry blonde hair. Just look up Da Vinci’s Madonna, Raphael’s legendary angels (The Sistine Madonna), and Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, and you’ll see what everyone at the time considered the ideal hair color.

The red toned hair with lots of blonde highlights was not, however, natural. Women of the era used lye and spent hours in the sun to bleach out their hair. Then they used ingredients such as saffron, turmeric, and sulfur to attain the desired color.

While some people today claim they have natural strawberry blonde hair, despite the passage of several centuries, it’s still not a natural color.

Are Strawberry Blonde And Ginger The Same?

No, strawberry blonde and ginger are not the same hair color. Strawberry blonde is a reddish blonde color. It is actually lighter than red. In fact, it’s the lightest of the red hair shades. It is not a natural hair color. One must dye their hair in order to have strawberry blonde hair. Ginger hair color refers to naturally occurring red hair. Such color hair occurs genetically.

Can You Dye Hair Blonde Without Bleaching It?

While bleaching is really the only true way to lighten hair to a true blonde shade, there is an alternative for those with allergies or those who hope to avoid using bleach – high lift dye. High lift dye, however, only works for those whose natural color is no darker than light brown and provided they have no permanent dye in their hair (i.e., they must have pure, virgin hair). The dye cannot lift/remove another color.

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