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Alluring Fall Looks For Strawberry Blonde Hair

Strawberry blonde hair is the perfect fall shade, if you are searching for a soft, yet, sexy new look for your tresses. Fall will soon be upon us, and that means striking fall colors will be everywhere, including hairstyles.

This captivating blend of soft pink hues, warm red tones, and cool blondes is sure to turn heads. Strawberry blonde is soft and playful, if you are looking for a colorful blend of fall hues that is not over the top. And you won’t lack color options. From balayage to ombre to subtle highlights, there are dozens of ways to achieve a gorgeous strawberry blonde hue.

Check out some of the hottest new looks for strawberry blonde just in time for late night hayrides and Fall festivals. We are sure you will find one that suits your style!

Dark Ash Blonde And Dusty Rose Blonde Ombre

Dark Ash Blonde And Dusty Rose Blonde Ombre #blondehair #redhair #ombre

Dusty hair colors are so big right now as they are perfect for Fall with their muted tones. If you don’t want to go all over blonde, you can start with dark roots such as light chocolate brown or dark ash blonde. Then slowly fade to strawberry blonde that melts into dusty pale pink. This ombre fade looks striking on long layered hair as it is full of depth and dimension. Add some long, flowing waves by using a large curling iron for even more body. Light dusty rose is such a striking contrast to the darker base for a captivating look that appears stunning when worn in an updo such as a braid or chignon.
Source: kimwasabi via Instagram

Strawberry Blonde Hair Balayage

Strawberry Blonde Hair Balayage #blondehair #redhair #balayage

If your hair is naturally a lighter shade of ash blonde, this pretty balayage blend is an ideal way to add some depth to your blonde tresses. Either keep your natural blonde as a base or tone it down to a slightly lighter shade. Then mix in very light strawberry blonde and platinum blonde for a multi-dimensional look that is full of texture and movement.

This combo is pretty on any hair type or length, but we think it is especially cool on a shoulder-length cut with long layers that add fullness. This look is perfect for fall as it resembles a morning sunrise over the ocean with its breathtaking blend of light strawberry blonde hues. Style your hair in a slightly messy manner for a sexy bed-head look that shows you can handle whatever life throws your way.
Source: colorbyfabrice via Instagram

Copper Strawberry Blonde Ombre Fade

Copper Strawberry Blonde Ombre Fade #blondehair #redhair #ombre

Ombre hairstyles have been around for some time now, and they are only growing in popularity. Ombre hair doesn’t always have to be bold and colorful. Ombre can be soft and subtle, like this coppery blonde ombre fade. Start with burnt copper at the roots and gradually fade into light ash blonde ending with pale pink platinum blonde. These colors are reminiscent of a fall sunset as they slowly melt from warm light auburn to very light blonde with pink hues. That allows for a stunning strawberry blonde ombre.

This gorgeous ombre is captivating on a mid-length wavy haircut as it adds fullness to thinner hair. As well, long layers can help add life to thicker tresses. If you have been blessed with naturally curly locks, simply spritz sea salt or apply curling serum to your hair, run your fingers through it to style it into soft beachy waves and allow it to air dry. Those with straight hair can use a flat iron or medium barrel curling wand to curl one to two-inch sections into beach waves. Spray with medium hold spray to allow movement.
Source: kolorbykelly via Instagram

Pumpkin Spice Balayage

Pumpkin Spice Balayage #blondehair #redhair #balayage

Fall is all about beautiful colors and, like it or not, you can’t deny that pumpkins and pumpkin spice go hand-in-hand with fall. This pumpkin spice balayage blend is the essence of all things Fall. Start with very light copper and then blend in a pale ash blonde hue to end up with a warm strawberry blonde hue that will make you think of pumpkin spice latte on a cool Fall day.

This enchanting blend of alluring Fall colors looks especially enticing on a shorter bob. It is ideal for those with thin or fine hair as it adds body and dimension. As well, it is a great look for thicker tresses. No matter what texture your hair is, you will love this spicy strawberry blonde. Apply volumizing mousse to your hair and blow it dry with a round brush. Then create soft and delicate waves with a large curling iron for a fun and flirty look. Show off those layers of color in this adorable Fall hairstyle.
Source: balayage_by_najlv via Instagram

Dusty Ginger Strawberry Blonde

Dusty Ginger Strawberry Blonde #blondehair #redhair

If you prefer a more muted shade that embraces the glory of Fall splendor, this dusty strawberry blonde is elegant and refined. Start with a light brown base but go heavy on the ginger blonde hues to achieve a look that is sleek and sophisticated. The final effect is a breathtaking dusty ginger shade of strawberry blonde that will catch everyone’s eye as you pass by.

We think this multidimensional strawberry blonde hair looks just dazzling on an inverted shoulder-length lob with long bangs. This look is so full of depth and texture. Apply straightening serum and blow dry your hair straight with a round brush. Run your flat iron over your fully dried hair to achieve a smooth and silky finish. Apply shine serum and spritz with light hold spray. This look is great for both work and play, as it is classy yet sassy with its gingery-blonde hues.
Source: hairbykimtran via Instagram

Strawberry Blonde Highlights On Blonde Hair

Strawberry Blonde Highlights On Blonde Hair #strawberryblonde #longhair #wavyhair

Blondes are certainly everywhere. Just take a good look around. And, while they are indeed attractive, why go for the same blonde color they have in their hair? Change things up and add excitement and spice by putting strawberry blonde highlights on blonde hair. You get a dramatic range of spectacular highlights and lowlights, specifically if you add strawberry blonde highlights to dark blonde hair. Just look at those magnificent results. Such a delectable color deserves an equally delectable style. Red hair looks exceptionally awesome when it’s long, even more so when a hairstylist gives it a long layered haircut. And those waves are simply the icing on the cake. If such wavy hairstyles don’t come natural, simply use a curling iron, hot rollers, or roll wet with large rollers.
Source: evalam_ via Instagram

Strawberry Blonde Highlights On Dark Brown Hair

Strawberry Blonde Highlights On Dark Brown Hair #strawberryhair #brownhair #caramelhair

Okay, strawberry blonde isn’t a natural color. But just look at what happens when you put strawberry blonde highlights on dark brown hair. It looks natural, doesn’t it? And coupled with this model’s already dazzling blue eyes, luscious lips, and porcelain skin, she’s a complete head turner. To up the ante even further (as if she even needed to do so), she’s used a deep side part to create side swept bangs. Bangs are tremendously trendy these days and rightly so. They come in a variety of styles, look good on almost every type face, every age woman, and are appropriate for the office, for a day out with friends, or for a night out on the town.
Source: sargibson via Instagram

Strawberry Blonde Highlights On Brown Hair

Strawberry Blonde Highlights On Brown Hair #strawberryblonde #bobhaircut #sidepart #messybob

Strawberry blonde just seems to love those with natural brown hair. It certainly treats them like dear friends. It enhances their finest features and leaves them looking their most beautiful as if it placed them on a pedestal. That’s really a dear friend. The strawberry blonde highlights on brown actually make this model’s medium length hair strawberry blonde glow and her magnificent blues eyes practically reach out toward you. Her superbly made-up lips and eyebrows only add extra oomph. Her features and a golden auburn hair color all work together, as a well-organized team.
Source: iamfoxlove via Instagram

Strawberry Blonde Highlights On Black Hair

Strawberry Blonde Highlights On Black Hair #strawberryblonde #curlyhair #sidepart

Some claim that gold, copper, and silver hair colors are obsolete hair colors and that rose gold is the new metallic “it” color. Rose gold is subdued blonde with a pink tinge. It essentially burst forth out of nowhere and is now an obsession. Historians claim Carl Fabergé (yes, the jeweler who made the famous eggs) first created the charming pink hue when he combined yellow gold with copper. In addition to the hair color, it’s the latest color for everything fashionable, including makeup, jewelry, clothes, and shoes. Considering rose gold hair vs strawberry blonde, strawberry blonde is a warm shade that looks best on those with fair skin, while rose gold hair tends to flatter those with darker complexions. That is why these divine strawberry blonde highlights on black hair flatter this model’s skin so exquisitely and make just her one eye “pop.”
Source: mr_colorist_2017 via Instagram

Strawberry Blonde Highlights On Light Brown Hair

Strawberry Blonde Highlights On Light Brown Hair #strawberryblonde #caramelbrown #brownhair

Adding strawberry blonde highlights on light brown hair or dark auburn hair is like giving hair a soft, warm, loving embrace. Just look at how this model’s long, sumptuous hair radiates with essences of gold and chestnut. It’s as if someone’s holding a softly lit candle under it. And notice what her hair does to her beautiful face. Her stunning green eyes sparkle and her light colored skin literally glows. Long wavy hairstyles give movement and dimension to what might simply be boring, heavily weighed down hair. A large barreled curling iron, heat rollers, or plain rollers while hair is naturally drying could easily achieve these lovely waves, which also keep her style looking young.
Source: marinaruybarbosa via Instagram

Dark Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Dark Strawberry Blonde Balayage #strawberryblonde #blondebalayage #caramelbrown

Hairstylists apply balayage highlights in a gradual manner so that the hair looks “sun-kissed” with the individual’s own natural colors (it can also be done with unnatural colors). It’s a terrific way to add excitement and pizzazz without going overboard or putting too many streaks in a person’s hair, as some highlights can occasionally do. The look can be minimal or all over. This model’s dark strawberry blond balayage exquisitely goes from rich reddish brown to delicious reddish brown caramel. Balayage on certain ranges of blond hair colors often turns into the same stunning reddish brown caramel hair. It’s eye catching and spectacular.
Source: larisadoll via Instagram

Dark Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Dark Strawberry Blonde Highlights #strawberryblonde #blondehighlights #longhair

The true strawberry blonde color, the reddish color with specks of blonde, doesn’t look good on every person. Strawberry blonde works best for those with cooler complexions. Generally, such people have pinkish skin tones, blue or green eyes, and blonde or light brown hair. People with warm complexions generally have brown or hazel eyes, and dark brown, brunette, or black hair. If a warm complexioned person were to apply strawberry blonde to their hair, they’d most likely look pale and “washed out.” Dark strawberry blonde highlights look much better with warm complexions. Add balayage highlights and perhaps waves, as in this model’s hairdo, and the look is effortless, yet amazing.
Source: abbeycowen via Instagram

Strawberry Blonde Ombre Hair

Strawberry Blonde Ombre Hair #strawberryblonde #blondeombre #ombrehair #layeredhair

An ombre is a hair color technique where the hairstylist gradually blends one color into another. One color starts at the root and then changes shades and hues as it cascades down to the ends of the hair. Usually, but not always, the color starts out dark and moves toward lighter and brighter versions. Both natural and unnatural colors can be used. The strawberry blonde ombre hair technique typically begins with dark, natural roots, then fades to red, and then to blonde (refer to the blonde hair color chart to get a sense of what colors to expect when the hair stylist applies the dyes). This ombre style adds warmth and depth and intensifies this model’s beauty. She looks trendy and modern, yet she can still put on a suit and carry out whatever professional task to which she put her mind.
Source: michel_layoun via Instagram

Strawberry Blonde Ombre On Brown Hair

Strawberry Blonde Ombre On Brown Hair #strawberryblonde #bobhaircut #layeredbob #bobwithbangs

People often ask: can dark brown hair go strawberry blonde? As you can see, adding strawberry blonde tones to brown hair only gives it a rich, natural looking tone. A strawberry blonde ombre on brown hair is even more mesmerizing because it delivers a multitude of natural looking reddish tones. For the woman feeling down and drab and/or in need of a change, this is the perfect pick-me-up and a fantastic choice. Even more wonderful, it requires little upkeep. Add an amazing haircut, such as this delicious medium length bob with bangs, which flatters nearly every woman, and you’ve got a winning combination.
Source: prettylittleombre via Instagram

Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Strawberry Blonde Balayage #strawberryblonde #curlyhair #copperblonde

Balayage is sometimes meant to look as though the sun reached down and ran its fingers through the hair. When you look it this model’s strawberry blonde balayage, you literally imagine that happening. Though a hairstylist colored her hair, it appears completely natural and accentuates her gorgeous complexion and features. She’s hardly wearing any makeup, and you simply can’t stop staring at her ravishing beauty. Now, let’s get to that long curly hair. Those luscious curls require proper care, which begins with an appropriate cut. Her v-cut gives her locks volume and movement. The care should then continue with the dedicated use of appropriate products (co-wash, sulfate-free shampoo, etc.). As long as the care continues, those curls will go on looking fabulous.
Source: emblu via Instagram

Strawberry Blonde Ombre

Strawberry Blonde Ombre

If you prefer red hair with blonde high or lowlights, this reddish blonde ombre is perfect for you. The subtle fade from red roots to blonde tips is soft and chic.
Source: hairbytanya_t via Instagram

Dark Red With Golden Blonde Tips

Dark Red with Golden Blonde Tips

Red hair dye comes in many shades. So, with dozens of shades available, your style will be unique! These golden blonde tips perfectly compliment this daring dark shade of red.
Source: katiezimbalisalon via Instagram

Orange And Red Layers

Orange and Red Layers

This fiery look with a red base and golden orange layers can add a touch of vibrancy to any shade of red hair.
Source: butterflyloftsalon via Instagram

White Gold And Strawberry Blonde Balayage

White Gold and Strawberry Blonde Balayage

This look is perfectly enchanting with its golden white and warm strawberry balayage tones.
Source: pohl.jennifer via Instagram

Reddish Brown With Warm Blonde Tones

Reddish Brown with Warm Blonde Tones

Tousled waves look enchanting with this reddish brown base and warm blonde highlights. The side part and feathered front layers make this look extra chic and sexy.
Source: venalove via Instagram

Blonde And Pink Ombre

Blonde and Pink Ombre

This golden strawberry effect starts with soft red roots and then fades to a slight shade of strawberry blonde for a romantic and classic vibe.
Source: hairbykaseyoh via Instagram

Ripened Strawberry

Ripened Strawberry

With its dark brown base with intense red and golden streaks, this style has the look of a ripened strawberry. This look is a bit more bold yet still classy and elegant.
Source: hairbykaseyoh via Instagram

Rose Gold Layers

Rose Gold Layers

This look is quite stunning with its layers of rose gold that will compliment warmer skin tones. Add some pink streaks if you want to take this look up a notch.
Source: guy_tang via Instagram

Pretty In Pink

Pretty in Pink

If you are in the process of going from blonde to red hair, try this fun pinkish hue for a carefree look.
Source: circlesofhair via Instagram

Golden Buttery Blonde

Golden Buttery Blonde

This sexy shade of strawberry blonde is perfect for the summer. Soft golden highlights and a sleek silky finish will add texture and shine to your hair.
Source: monica_savig via Instagram

Retro Orange Curls

Retro Orange Curls

If you can pull it off, this retro 90s look with a bold orange hue and bouncy curls will be a show-stopper.
Source: sunny_bescene via Instagram

Strawberries And Cream

Strawberries and Cream

This elegant blend of strawberry blonde with creamy highlights is stylish and sophisticated and looks lovely in an updo or messy braid.
Source: kimwasabi via Instagram

Honey Strawberry Blonde

Honey Strawberry Blonde

With its lighter ends on a soft strawberry blonde base for added depth and volume, this look is soft and sweet as honey.
Source: thehaircolorexpert via Instagram


Rainbow Hair

This bold and edgy mane of golden blonde roots with strawberry blonde in the middle and then returning to the golden shade at the tips will definitely make a statement.
Source: kimwasabi via Instagram

Light Peach Blonde

Light Peach Blonde

These soft and subtle light peach blonde hues will work for ladies who worship romance.
Source: stylistricardosantiago via Instagram

Pink To Bright Strawberry Ombre

Pink to Bright Strawberry Ombre

Well, this super daring color blend is for those who take their dye job really seriously.
Source: playwithscissors via Instagram

Peach Strawberry

Peach Strawberry

Being another hard-to-get and high maintenance look, it won’t leave you indifferent.
Source: megryanhair via Instagram

Colorful Balayage

Colorful Balayage

If you opt for such color combination, it’s better to get it done by the real professionals.
Source: kimwasabi via Instagram

Bright Peach

Bright Peach

This color combination is anything but boring. You will look fantastic if you try it!
Source: isaac4mayor via Instagram

Soft Ombre

Soft Ombre

As you can notice, the transition of shades is very soft and barely visible here – that’s how a great dye job looks like.
Source: off7thsalon via Instagram

Ginger & Strawberry

Ginger & Strawberry #strawberryblonde

When a girl is about to leave her colorist with a one of a kind hair look, she should use heavy artillery of trends. Can you imagine how much of a visual impact you will achieve once you mix the most enviable shade of red with the ageless strawberry blonde? If you can’t, just let this pic leave you speechless.
Source: theplatinumgiraffe via Instagram

Soft Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Saturated Strawberry Blonde Soft Balayage #strawberryblonde

Not only color techniques contribute to the result of your color experiment but also the intensiveness of the colors applied. For distinctive looks, it’s better to go for saturated, bright shades drastically blending with one another. And if you prefer more harmonic, gentle color jobs, a soft balayage where the variety of colors become a single whole is the best choice.
Source: glamiris via Instagram

Black Roots & Pinkish Streaks

Black Roots & Pinkish Streaks #strawberryblonde

Leaving roots dark means to always have an opportunity to get back to your natural base with less of an effort. Still, it’s not the only reason why girls are so crazy about this idea. Black roots, whether they’re blended well or with a touch of abrupt contrast, give a sense of dimension to the color. Here, for example, you can see how dynamically black roots dance with pink streaks.
Source: glamiris via Instagram

Pumpkin Spice Sorbet

Pumpkin Spice Sorbet #strawberryblonde

The reason why most hair colors featuring strawberry blonde have such yummy names is pretty simple: they appear so sweet! This lush and shiny hair color does look like a tasty ice cream melting under the sun on a hot summer day. Besides, do you notice how dimensional the look is? The mix of pumpkin and strawberry blonde work wonders.
Source: theplatinumgiraffe via Instagram

Bronze Strawberry

Bronze Strawberry #strawberryblonde

While most strawberry blondes are rather warm, you can go different with the overwhelming trend. A bronze tint running over a coolish strawberry base will show the amazing hair color from a totally different perspective. The color is faded yet bright, who could ask for more?
Source: theplatinumgiraffe via Instagram

Sweet and Sassy Shades of Strawberry Blonde Hair

Ready to go for a new look? We hope that you love your new strawberry blonde!

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