Blonde balayage is something that grants you the necessary depth and dimension you have been looking for. No matter what shades you mix it with, the outcome will be unique and stunning. The truth is that it is almost impossible to look like anyone else once you opt for this technique. All the colors are chosen specifically to flatter you, and no one else. But we may just point you in the right direction with the list of ideas we have gathered here. Let’s have a closer look, shall we?


Are you familiar with a balayage blond technique?

Well, we must admit that once it became wide-spread, it was the real game-changer. Basically, it results in the hair color that appears so natural that you can’t see the difference when your hair grows out. And the great news is that this balayage technique is totally custom-blended, that is, you are unlikely to meet a woman with the exact shade like yours. It is one in a million chance!

Natural-Looking Balayage

There is nothing surprising about blonde hair these days, although it's pretty popular. That is why you should go further to achieve something unique and unforgettable. We think this complex transition from dark to light may be something worth paying attention to, especially if you have nice, long hair to take care of. A pleasant play of blonde and brunette shades is indeed a good idea for a natural-looking balayage.

In case you wish to look all-natural, one of these sexy long hairstyles is definitely for you. Such hair looks are no-fuss, which makes them really versatile. On top of that, loose, natural-looking hair will be appropriate for many occasions.

This year continues the fashion for natural hair colors. Therefore, you can't miss the balayage! If you want to go for it, but are not ready to radically change your hair color, try this natural-looking blonde. Although balayage can work with any shades possible, it's still the best choice for all-natural looks. In other words, you won't go wrong picking some matching tones and blending them with this technique.


Ash Blonde Balayage

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If you wish your ash blonde balayage to truly stand out, it is advisable to pick the style that is capable of playing around with your unique hair color. That would be waves or messy loose hair, for example. In fact, nothing looks better on a natural shade than something effortless, so beachy waves or a simple twist of texture will be enough to get the most of your color.

What is balayage ash blonde?

Dark Hair With Ashy Balayage

How to balayage blond hair so that it is quite otherworldly but still suitable for an official gathering? Well, opting for silver hues may be the answer you have been looking for. What do you say? Besides giving a nice touch of modernity to the whole look, this color idea will also spice up your look with a silvery or even metallic glow.


Cream Soda Blonde

According to such a well-known hairstylist as Sunnie Brook, cream soda blonde is a transitional shade. It is cooler than golden blonde, something between frosty platinum and buttery blonde. Now that celebs and models already sport it, don't miss out! Also, this shade will look especially great on girls with medium complexions with warm undertones.

It seems that it is all about drinks these days, even when it comes to hair colors! Cream soda hues are so warm and tasty; it would be a shame not to introduce them into your hair, indeed. Besides, there is a very slight chance any of your friends know about this upcoming trend.

Brown With Blonde Balayage

Since it's no secret that the most popular version of balayage is the transition from brown to blonde, it's a win-win option for everyone. For that reason, all you need is to choose the most suitable option for you. The best thing is, apart from choosing unique shades, you can also choose a unique color placement. In this way, you can go for a dramatic balayage with accentuating highlights or opt for a seamless blend.

Can you do blonde balayage on brown hair?


Dark Brown To Blonde Balayage

Sometimes it is difficult to make up your mind and go for just one shade. That is why we suggest you combine dark brown with light, honey-colored hues. Also, make sure that everyone notices this marvelous transition of color by wearing your hair sleek and loose. And, by the way, have you noticed how defined those hues are? Such graduation from dark to light not only builds balance out of contrasts but also gives a totally striking look.

Even though women tend to split into blondes and brunettes, these two iconic shades actually go hand in hand with one another. Choose a shade of medium or dishwater blonde that matches your brown base best and your balayage will be a look to steal. Unlike the previous trio, these ideas focus on the dark portion of the color combo. That is to say, you can create a totally different mood once you choose your base and your highlight.

Light Brown To Blonde Balayage

When you decide to go all-in, there will be no turning back. And it is unlikely that there will be anyone who wouldn’t cast at least a glance at that beautiful mane of yours. It all starts from subtle light brown roots and ends with something as pure as snow itself. Fascinating and natural at the same time! As a matter of fact, there's no need to switch from blonde when you want changes. Instead, you can freshen it up with another shade of blonde.

Dark Hair With Platinum Blonde Balayage

You are in love with the Mother of Dragons and love that pure white hair she has? Why not opt for it yourself then? However, to spice things up a little, we would suggest you dye your roots dark purple. Oh, yes, we knew you would get excited! Or, you can try a dark hair color instead of purple. It would also be a dramatic pick! Although it's hard to imagine such two extremes as platinum and dark shades build harmony together, there's nothing impossible about balayage.


Red To Blonde Balayage

It is falsely considered that the only transition from red to something lighter should always involve pink. Therefore, we are going to prove to you that a red to blonde transition is much more fun and unusual. Just look at this stunning combo of depth and color! Not only does it look harmonic and balanced but it also stands out in the crowd of popular balayage combinations. All in all, you only need a good transition to make the colors match.

Blonde To Blonde Balayage

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It seems weird that someone would like to mix blonde with a blonde. But when you have a closer look – you get the trick. The thing is that if you mix several shades of blonde together, there will be no way of telling that it is not your natural shade. Amazing, right? In this way, you create a naturally dimensional gorgeous color that looks effortless and balanced. And once the sun shines down on it, you will see the movement and natural volume at their best.

Can you do balayage on blonde hair?

Wheat-Gold Balayage

On your way to creating simple yet significant hair color, don’t forget about wheat blonde and some golden vibes. Despite being muted and moderate, the wheat blonde gives a noble touch to anyone with fair and pale skin tones. Also, to make the shade look richer, add some regal character with the help of golden blonde. Basically, the richest shades are nothing but a mix of a couple of simple hues.


Golden Blonde

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These color blends can instantly provide your haircut with a so-called cool-babe vibe. We believe that golden blonde balayage appears quite chic, especially on longer locks. Show off the beauty of this color blend by wearing your hair loose, as well as pairing it with a touch of waves. When you'd like to emphasize the chic sophisticated lady inside you, a touch of gold accents is key.

Beige Blonde

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The beige blonde hair color palette has a beginning but no end: there are so many ways to mix this balanced shade. On top of that, modern colorists recommend their clients to finish their beige blonde looks with a hint of ashy shade to make the looks even more flattering and chic. Besides, it will be a new take on beige!

Golden Beige Blonde

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This color blend will be perfect when that so awaited change starts calling. Of course, the change does not necessarily have to be drastic. It can be subtle as well, as you see here. These refined colors not only add some natural dimension but they also provide luster to the gorgeous locks. Also, if you have a closer look at it, you will see how blonde and brown give life to a new shade. Bronde is one of the most sought-after hair colors because it mixes the most pleasant blonde and brown shades. It's time to stop choosing between the two, and mix them, after all!


Light Beige Blond Style

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Light Strawberry Blonde Balayage

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Though light strawberry blonde balayage might appear differently from what you have imagined, it's still worth a shot. This color blend is so subtle and visually lightweight that it resembles something like souffle. Are you ready to taste the carefree life? Because this kind of balayage is super low-maintenance, you will let freedom into your color life.

Honeyed Blonde

These warm honey hues are capable of making your balayage blend sassy and sweet at once. Well, that's why it's quite a rare but so beloved combination. Do you know about any other color blend that is so delicious and so soft? When you want to add some warmth to your deep base, look no further than honey balayage!


Champagne Blonde

Do you know that champagne blonde balayage is an ideal color blend for women whose complexion is pale? And if you doubt that, just look at Taylor Swift! She is the living proof of this statement. Moreover, this shade is called champagne not for nothing. It will make drunk everyone beholding its charm, no doubts!

Icy Blonde

This super bright blonde color melt is ideal for women who wish to show off some carefree attitude. Are you free-spirited? Then probably such color blend is what you have been looking for! Even though it requires bleach, the striking result is worth all the efforts. And last but not least, it's a pretty rare option, as it takes the guts!

Chestnut Blonde

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Since blonde and brunette hair colors go hand in hand, the chestnut blonde shade does exist! Today, girls love to play around with these two, as well as create unique combinations with their vast palettes. And chestnut blonde, where a wheat blonde base meets light brunette hues is just to die for!


Platinum Balayage

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High Contrast Balayage with Cold Babylight

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Beach Blonde Hair

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Vanilla Blonde Balayage

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White Chocolate

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Dark Natural Blonde

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Blonde Foliage

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Moneypiece Balayage with White-Blonde Hair Shades

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Get the look of a celebrity with this balayage hair dye. The tonality and lightness is achieved by using two shades: white blonde and platinum blonde, which complement each other to create soft contrast for your hair color. It's time to go from dark to light!

Nowadays, with the never-ending popularity of balayage, more and more girls go for this technique instead of all-over color. Well, now that you've seen the latest ideas of balayage, it's no wonder why! There are no restrictions for going for balayage; you can start with any base, any age, as well as add any color you want. As a result, you will have a totally unique look that will be making heads turn. Since you know how balayage can change your life for the better, it's time for a color appointment!

FAQ: Blonde Balayage

Can a blonde get balayage?

Basically, balayage styles work on every hair color, so whether you have blonde, reddish or brown hair, you may wear them. Balayage is also the way to go if you’re seeking for highlights that are as easy to maintain as possible. Your hairstyle will appear completely intentional as the highlights develop.

What is the difference between bleach and balayage?

The main distinction is that balayage is a hair-coloring method, whereas ombré is a hairstyle. You can ombré your hair with balayage, which is a freehand painting technique. Balayage, on the other hand, starts about 1,5-2 inches away from the hair root to get a grown-out look.

How long does a balayage last?

Balayage has a number of advantages, one of which is how long it lives. Balayage lasts 3,5-4 months on average, however traditional foil highlights need to be “refreshed” every couple of weeks.

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