Split Ends And What To Do About Them

Gorgeous Mane Or How To Get Rid Of Split Ends Forever

Every lady wants to look gorgeous no matter the age or any other factor. There are many details that contribute to a youthful and healthy look. Your skin, your smile, and your hair are the ones on the top of the list. However, radiant skin, glowing smile and fabulous mane need proper care to look their best and we all know that. Yet, everyday busy life, the environment, and habits have their toll on everyone’s beauty and you are bound to know how to deal with them correctly. For instance, split ends can ruin the impression even if everything else is flawless.


That is why today we are going to discuss the issue deeply, starting with the definition and ending with the solution. So that your hair will always look shiny and healthy no matter whether you are spending an evening at home or heading for a party!

What Are Split Ends?

Before we move on it is essential that we learn what are split ends first. The thing is that most of you may already know what do split ends look like but it wouldn’t hurt to mention it once more. When the hair strand splits into two or more – that is a split end. The fact is that most of us have them, however, some have fewer than the others. There are various reasons for that.

In some cases, genetics plays a major role, but in most of them, it is the chemical or mechanical stress that your hair undergoes. If you think about chemical stress it is usually the aftermath of dying or coloring whereas mechanical stress is the use of various styling tools, such as blow dryer, curling iron, hair straightener, etc.

Now, when you know what they are it is time to learn whether it is possible to prevent them or not.


How To Prevent Them

It is obvious enough that the first question that arises is how to prevent split ends and whether it is possible at all. Since now we know what causes split ends in most cases it is apparent enough that you need to go easy on coloring and the use of styling tools. However, there is something else.

The thing is that something as simple as brushing your hair can affect the appearance or the prevention of split ends as well. You need to always keep it in mind that if your brushing process is silent – everything is fine but if you hear any scraping or ripping sounds – you are damaging your hair.

That is why you need to be patient with your hair even if there are lots of knots to deal with. A proper brush matters as well. You need to find the best suitable brush according to your hair type to maintain it healthy and to prevent the splitting.


How To Get Rid Of Them

Of course, when you spot the split ends the first thing that comes to your mind is – how to get rid of split ends? The truth is that there are two ways if you wonder how to fix split ends and we are going to have a closer look at both of them here.

  • Being gentle The fact that you have split ends does not mean that you can try to pick them to get rid of them. That would be the worst decision ever. The thing is that if you try to peel or tear off the split end the only result you will get is to inflict more of them appearing. So you need to forget about such an option once and for all.
  • Hair dusting As you have probably figured out the best way to deal with split ends is to cut them off. However, not all of you will be equally comfortable with the idea. That is why there is an alternative option. All you need to do is to ask a hair stylist to get you a hair dusting. This procedure will help you remove the split ends without sacrificing the length.


How To Disguise Them

There are times when you can’t go to the hair dresser’s but you need a perfect mane. In times like these, you can use some tricks to hide away your split ends.

  • Add some product on The truth is that in times when a new haircut is not an option a good shine serum can be that one thing you need. All you need to do is to apply it on after you are done with the styling and the issue will be temporarily fixed.
  • Hydration Even if you spot some split ends you need to make sure that they are not spreading. That is why all your favorite hydrating shampoos and conditioners should be added every time you wash your hair.
  • Mask a lot Keep it in mind that homemade masks are always more effective than the store bought ones. In many cases, they are a lot cheaper too.