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Faux Hawk Hairstyles To Be The Center Of Attention

A faux hawk: what is it? It is an up-to-date version of a Mohawk – a haircut that is super old, by the way. Do you know that a Mohawk owes its name to the warriors who were members of a tribe of Native Americans? It was spread all around the globe long before people cared about fashion.

Both faux hawks and Mohawks are short haircuts, but how to differentiate the two? Mohawks have shaved sides and the noticeably longer top. Of course, this is quite extreme for most people, and that is how faux hawks became trendy. Sleek down both sides of the hair, raise the central sections, and thus you get a trendy faux hawk without the necessity to shave anything. Such haircuts work for all hair textures and lengths, so everyone can sport one.

Let’s discover cool short hairstyles with a faux hawk for a stylish and daring look.

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