Gray hair is not a burden these days. Thanks to superstars like Lady GaGa and Pink, gray color is now ultra-trendy.

If you are naturally going gray, you can now embrace and enhance your hair color. There are a lot of trendy grey hair looks. From silvery gray to ombre gray, there is no limit to the number of styles for grey hair.


All Over Gray Hair Color Ideas

When you want your next makeover to be bold and big, all-over gray options will come in. The best thing is, gray hair has nothing to do with aging; instead, people associate it with the cutting edge of trends now. On top of that, the gray hair color palette comes in a great variety of unique shade so every girl can feel unique with their choices.


Silvery Gray

If you opt for a silver hue instead of matte gray, you will look years younger, especially if you enhance the color play with a little bit darker roots!

Short And Sassy

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This sassy short look with flicks of gray is classy and chic, which not only gives a totally modern look but also provides the hair with movement and body. Yes, colors also can give some fullness!


Punky Gray Princess

You can rock this look at any age: for mature ladies, this hair color will give a sense of modernity and comfort, while young ladies can show off their creative side in this way! By the way, these choppy layers look fabulous with chunks of white and gray!


Graphite hair is certainly not something that can be pulled off by anyone. In case you are ready to do that, we can’t but advise you to enjoy the power of graphite!


Ombre & Balayage Gray Hair

When you'd like to add some dimension and dynamics to your gray hair masterpiece, there's nothing like ombre and balayage. Unlike any other color, gray will show you these popular techniques from a whole new perspective with its ethereal variety of shades and transitions.

Blonde Ambition

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If you aren’t quite ready to fully embrace the gray, you can ask your hairstylist for ash blonde tones with subtle gold, silver, and gray highlights, for example.

Gray And White Ombre

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This look is timeless and trendy at the same time with its white base that naturally fades into a sophisticated foggy gray hue.


Salt-n-Pepper Curls

This adorable salt and pepper blend looks truly stunning, especially when paired with these bouncy curls for a fun and playful vibe.

Blondish Hue

If you want to hide your grays, this blonde tone will help blend out the grays for a youthful look while giving you a totally natural color as a result.

Grey With A Pop Of Color

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Just because you are going gray doesn't mean you can’t add bold steaks. Deep royal purple, electric blue, neon pink, bold green, or bright magenta will look stunning on a gray base.


Salt & Pepper Layers

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This shoulder-length look is full of texture and volume thanks to the salt and pepper layers, and dark roots, of course.

Cute Wavy Gray

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When you want to take full advantage of your grays, opt for different hues for a stunning balayage effect for your naturally curly or wavy locks.

Soft Layers

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You don't have to chop off your hair just because you are starting to go gray. Instead, you can balance out your naturally gray hair with some silvery hair dye. This gorgeous cut with long and soft layers is simply breathtaking not only because it's so bouncy and voluminous but also for its amazingly b


Timeless Yet Trendy

This look is epic with its longer layers and flicked ends that gradually melt into perfect ringlets. When you go for contrasts, you get a look that is classy and sexy.

Grey With Aqua

Since grey and soft aqua are complementing shades, every hairstylist will be amazed at this fabulous color blend.

Rainbow Grey

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Grey hair is one of the most popular hair trends now. But there are those who decide to go even further and mix two unique trends in one. And these two are grey and rainbow hair trends that have turned out to play a good team when mixed. Just look at this ethereal beauty that gives birth to another trend of today!


Long Bob

Lobs are super trendy regardless of the color you decide to wear. However, sleek long bobs look extremely sweet and fairy-like if you combine them with silver hair color. To get the most of this idea, you can add some lavender-grey shade to your roots, as well as finish them with a soft lilac hue.

Spicy Silver

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These wavy gray locks with streaks of spicy red are edgy, bold, and still harmonic; that's why gray hair color is so huge today.

Ashen Gray Ombre

With its ashy and grayish hues that add depth and movement to your long, curly tresses, this look is perfect for blondes who want to experiment with their hair and look different at once.


Silvery Fringe

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Bangs are totally in right now, and these big loose waves with thick full silvery bangs are totally hip as well. Also, this look is gorgeous with its perfect blend of ash brown, silver, and blue highlights.

Aqua To Siver Ombre

The best way to stand out is to combine some completely opposite colors. Obviously, aqua blue and grey aren’t something you can call a regular color combo. But it is outstanding, nevertheless, don’t you think?

Graphite To Deep Blue Ombre

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Deep silver looks extraordinary on its own, but there is a way to spice things up. What we have in mind is the blue to graphite ombre. Astonishing-looking and so pleasant at the same time, wouldn’t you agree?


Gray Hair Highlights

Silvery and gray colors can also accentuate your modern color job, adding some natural shine and creative vibe to your hair color. Now, it's time to see how variously you can breathe individuality into your look by getting gray highlights!

Silver Pixie With Lavender Highlights

Pixie cuts indeed look superb with gray tones. And once you add in some gorgeous lilac highlights, you can take this trendy look to a new level!

Bluish Gray Waves

Even though this color idea consists of a faded blue tone and soft silvery highlights, it still somehow looks pretty natural. Well, that's what happens when you choose perfectly harmonic shades for your highlights.


Classic Bob

This short sleek bob is ultra-chic with its gray base and platinum blonde highlights. In fact, it looks different because of the color, so no wonder if many girls will start getting the classic bob with gray tones.

Far Out Frost

This stunning style with dark roots and silvery gray highlights is soft and chic while also being unique and kind of bold. All in all, such a color commitment takes the guts! The silvery strands are even more alive when finished with lightweight pinky tones.

Retro Chic

These glamorous curls hark back to the golden days of Hollywood, but the blue and purple streaks on the dark gray base give it a modern flair.


Gothic Gray

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This angled bob that just barely grazes the shoulders is sleek and sophisticated. But the charcoal gray and silver streaks add an extra touch of class.

Arctic Freeze

These long layers with dark roots and face-framing layers with icy gray steaks on a black base are quite mysterious and alluring.

Blue Gray Goddess

With long flowing waves, this gorgeous gray hue with just a hint of blue will make you feel like the goddess we all know you are!


Streaks Of Silver

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This shoulder length cut with fun layers that add depth and volume is fun and chic. With its sassy silvery hue, you will look classy and feminine.

Ocean Blue Waves

This wavy cut with its greenish-blue highlights will make you look and feel like a sexy but sophisticated mermaid. In case you need some extra depth, dark roots will do the talking.

Ravishing Raven

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This shiny dark black with gray and blue ombre highlights is subtle yet sexy, which is a win for those who want to add blue hues to their lives but still have a balanced, effortless look.


Dark Grey Locks

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There is not only grey needed for the creation of dimension, in case that is what you are aiming at. Adding some blues and reds is that perfect combo that will result in something as deep as this hairstyle. Some muted green accents also won't hurt the look!

Hidden Emerald

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If you want to be different from anyone else, we may have an idea in mind. How do you feel about hidden emerald strands within the depth of your icy-silver mane?

Tips For Gray Hairstyles

  • Longer Hair: Long grey hairstyles are making a comeback with ombres, balayage tones and bursts of color!

  • Medium Length Hair: Medium length styles give you a lot of options for texture, layers, and volume.

  • Short Hair: Short gray hairstyles are fun and edgy, especially if you opt for pixies and short angled bobs!

Trends change not only the way we color our hair but also the way we perceive colors. In this way, the once aging color has turned out to be one of the most sought-after color ideas that even celebrities can't help but try. Moreover, this color has an approach to every woman, allowing for different creative experiments. Now that you've seen how the power of gray hair works, you know that you can make this color work for your unique style.


FAQ: Gray Hair

What causes grey hair?

The pigment cells in our hair follicles gradually die as we age. As a strand of hair develops, it will have less melanin since there are fewer pigment cells in the follicle. As a result, hair acquires a more translucent color (silver, gray or white) as it grows.

Is gray hair caused by stress?

According to a new study made by the American Hair Research Society (AHRS), stress can cause gray hair. Scientists discovered that the body’s “fight-or-flight” reaction is involved in graying hair.

Can you reverse gray hair?

There are currently no viable therapies available to reverse or prevent the graying process. You can only reverse gray hair to some extent, according to new research. However, in order to investigate this further, we need additional research.

  • Here are the best gray hair color ideas and styles. They`ll make you want to call your colorist and dye your hair silver ASAP. Source