When it’s been two weeks after your last color session and you notice your rich blonde shade to go yellow, it’s time to let purple shampoo come into your life. You may come across lots of color-preserving products in the hair care aisle. But, in fact, none of them can compare to this essential shampoo.


Though it’s hard to keep up with an enviable blonde color like one on the cover of Cosmopolitan yourself, it’s still possible. And today you’re going to find out how to preserve the shade you left your salon with and flaunt with it between those regular salon appointments. The basics to know and products to try are here for you, too!

What Is Purple Shampoo?

WHAT IS PURPLE SHAMPOO #purpleshampoo #shampoo #hairproducts
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“What is purple shampoo?” and “what does purple shampoo do?” are probably the most common questions that come to ladies’ minds when they first hear of it. It’s a hair care product with purple pigments designed to eliminate those unpleasant yellow undertones from lightened hair, whether it’s blonde coloring or highlights for brunettes.

Why is it purple?” is the key question that also bothers everyone. Well, everything is easier than it seems to be. Think of the color wheel. Yes, the one you saw on the wall in your elementary art school class. Purple is located opposite of yellow, which means that it can neutralize the latter, washing the brassiness away.


Purple Shampoo Before And After: Why Is Purple Shampoo For Blonde Hair Is SO Necessary?

Purple Shampoo Before And After Why Is Purple Shampoo For Blonde Hair Is SO Necessary #purpleshampoo #shampoo #hairproducts
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Every time you get your hair lightened, the yellow undertones reveal itself during the color session. To get rid of it, your colorist applies a toner that smoothes out any yellow, orange or even reddish traces. And when the toner starts to fade away, the undertones show up again. And this is when your purple shampoo comes in.

Remember to involve this product into your hair care routine to keep the color fresh as if you’ve just left your colorist. Otherwise, you will need to live in the salon.

Such undertones are a threat not only to colored blondes; hard water, heat styling, and a lot of sunlight can also cause them to arise in your natural blonde hair color. So getting a good purple shampoo for blonde hair will be a nice investment for all light manes. And if you’re wondering how purple shampoo before and after effect looks like, have a look at this pic.


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There are no super complicated requirements on how to use purple shampoo. On the contrary, nothing can be simpler! When the brassiness shows up, replace your regular shampoo with the purple one, and that’s it.



HOW OFTEN SHOULD I USE PURPLE SHAMPOO #purpleshampoo #shampoo #hairproducts
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And you are the one to decide how often to use purple shampoo as well. Use the product as frequently as you would with your regular shampoo.


HOW LONG SHOULD I LEAVE PURPLE SHAMPOO IN #purpleshampoo #shampoo #hairproducts
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The time you leave the shampoo in is based on the saturation of your color. These tips work for both highlighted or fully colored hair:

Warm blondes: 1-3 minutes

Neutral blondes: 3-5 minutes

Cool blondes: 5-15 minutes


Top Products To Consider To Find The Best Purple Shampoo For You

Here’s the list of the most recommended products from around the globe that will help you to find the best purple shampoo for you. Check them out, pick the one you find to be the most suitable, and forget about dull hair color once and for all.

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Rahua Color Full Plant-Based Shampoo

Rahua Color Full Plant Based Shampoo #purpleshampoo #shampoo #hairproducts
Source: https://rahua.com/

Apart from being a perfect idea for colored blondes, this cutie will nicely work for all colored hair, protecting your color with its absolutely natural ingredients.

The Drop Solution By IGK

The Drop Solution By IGK #purpleshampoo #shampoo #hairproducts
Source: https://www.igkhair.com/

In case you’re looking for shampoo for purple hair, we’ve put this product on the list. It’s an awesome solution for silver, violet, and blonde hair that requires toning.


PHILIP B Icelandic Blonde Shampoo

PHILIP B Icelandic Blonde Shampoo #purpleshampoo #shampoo #hairproducts
Source: http://www.philipb.com/

Ladies with blonde or silver highlights can’t do without this shampoo. Not only does it make the accents illuminate but also bring the healthy shine back.

Platinum Blonde Shampoo

Platinum Blonde Shampoo #purpleshampoo #shampoo #hairproducts
Source: https://www.paulmitchell.com/

This product is designed for natural and colored blondes only. Anyone with silvery, whitish, and platinum shades will love the way this shampoo enlivens the color.

The Hair Healer Cool Blonde Shampoo

The Hair Healer Cool Blonde Shampoo #purpleshampoo #shampoo #hairproducts
Source: https://loveamika.com/

There’s also shampoo created specifically for cool-toned blondes, as, you know, there’s nothing worse that yellowish hue over a winter-kissed blonde!


The At-Home Color Sidekick

The At Home Color Sidekick #purpleshampoo #shampoo #hairproducts
Source: https://www.dphue.com/

Here’s a universal product that can deal with hair that got bleached. It contains no sulfates and parabens and is responsible for canceling warmth from cool tones.

The Ultimate Brass Eliminator

The Ultimate Brass Eliminator #purpleshampoo #shampoo #hairproducts
Source: https://www.clairolpro.com/

How about a product that will not only work on faded highlights and light hair colors but also strengthen your locks? This protein-enriched shampoo is key!

Frizz Fighter, Color Balance Shampoo

Frizz Fighter Color Balance Shampoo #purpleshampoo #shampoo #hairproducts
Source: https://www.joico.com/

Girls who rock trendy grey and platinum shades consider this joico purple shampoo to be an irreplaceable part of their care routine, not for nothing! It enhances, protects, and enriches the color, keeping you away from frizz!


Davines Alchemic Shampoo

Davines Alchemic Shampoo #purpleshampoo #shampoo #hairproducts
Source: https://us.davines.com/

Created especially for silver and platinum manes, this little cutie nicely rejuvenates dull hair colors and gets rid of brassiness.

The Shine Enhancer By Matrix

The Shine Enhancer By Matrix #purpleshampoo #shampoo #hairproducts
Source: https://www.matrix.com/

If you’re not into universal products and want to go for something designed for your gray hair, look no further this matrix purple shampoo.

OGX Hydrate & Color Reviving Lavender Platinum Shampoo

OGX Hydrate & Color Reviving Lavender Platinum Shampoo #purpleshampoo #shampoo #hairproducts
Source: https://www.ogxbeauty.com/

Brilliant shine, no-brassy look, and an excellent scent. Isn’t that a perfect combo to keep your blonde shade fresh?


Blonde Ale Brightening Shampoo

Blonde Ale Brightening Shampoo #purpleshampoo #shampoo #hairproducts

Chamomile extract, sandalwood, ginger, and mint fragrance containing in this shampoo will give your blonde ombre and highlights the needed moisture and integrity of the hair color.

The Best Smeller

The Best Smeller #purpleshampoo #shampoo #hairproducts
Source: https://www.randco.com/

Notice your grey or blonde hair become too dry and unmanageable? This product is a nice example of hydrating and color-preserving shampoo rolled into one.

The Hydration Hero

The Hydration Hero #purpleshampoo #shampoo #hairproducts
Source: https://nymbrands.com/

This is another versatile product for all hair types and colors that fights with brassiness. If you don’t know which one to choose, remember: you can’t go wrong with it.


The Shower Accessory

The Shower Accessory #purpleshampoo #shampoo #hairproducts
Source: https://www.oribe.com/

This product works just like any other purple shampoo. Yet, it has one important feature: its sulfate-free composition, which is a win-win for ladies with weak or overstyled hair.

Purple Shampoo For Blonde Or Grey Hair

Purple Shampoo For Blonde Or Grey Hair #purpleshampoo #shampoo #hairproducts
Source: https://www.lushusa.com/

For vegans, finding a suitable hair care product can be pretty tough. So meet the vegan must-have shampoo that doesn’t contain animal product while working on the brightness of your color.

BlondMe Cool Blondes Tone Enhancing Bonding Shampoo

BlondMe Cool Blondes Tone Enhancing Bonding Shampoo #purpleshampoo #shampoo #hairproducts
Source: Schwarzkopf

Packed with keratin, this sulfate-free purple product will make your hair way stronger after each use.


Sachajuan Silver Shampoo

Sachajuan Silver Shampoo #purpleshampoo #shampoo #hairproducts
Source: https://www.sachajuan.com/

Do you know that UV rays can affect the quality of your hair color? Anyway, this shampoo contains a UV-shielding ingredient that can save you from the fade caused by the rays.

Pravana The Perfect Blonde Shampoo

Pravana The Perfect Blonde Shampoo #purpleshampoo #shampoo #hairproducts
Source: Pravana

Wanna see results after the first wash? Be it!

Fashionista Blonde Shampoo

Fashionista Blonde Shampoo #purpleshampoo #shampoo #hairproducts
Source: Tigi

Violet, pearl, and rice milk extracts are here to fight the irritating brassy look, bringing your colored mane back to shape.


Violet Shampoo For Blonde, Highlighted & Silver Hair

Violet Shampoo For Blonde Highlighted & Silver Hair #purpleshampoo #shampoo #hairproducts
Source: Sexyhair

Instead of calling your stylist once you see a trace of brassiness, you’d better invest in this cleansing, nourishing shampoo for cool-toned hair.

Lush Luminous Blonde Shampoo

Lush Luminous Blonde Shampoo #purpleshampoo #shampoo #hairproducts
Source: https://www.marcdaniels.com.au

Is there a girl with colored hair who doesn’t need a sulfate-free shampoo that can restore damaged locks? If you’re such a girl, stay away from this product.

Blondeshell Debrass Shampoo

Since color-treated hair tends not only to fade but also to lack strength, a cleansing keratin-rich shampoo won’t hurt.


Colour Renew Tone-Correcting Shampoo

Colour Renew Tone Correcting Shampoo #purpleshampoo #shampoo #hairproducts
Source: John Frieda

Don’t worry! With this color-rejuvenating product, the gorgeous lush color will come back after just three shampoos.

No Yellow Shampoo

No Yellow Shampoo #purpleshampoo #shampoo #hairproducts
Source: Fanola

If you can’t help but play with various colors and often deal with bleaching, this shampoo will help you to keep up with a decent hair look between color sessions. It works equally well for lightened and gray colors.

Now that you know the importance of having purple shampoo in your bathroom shelf, you can avoid the so much frightening yellow nightmare. So why don’t start making your color better today? You’ve got everything you need, girl!

All You Need To Know About Purple Shampoo Why & How You Should Use It Infographic

FAQ: Purple Shampoo

Can purple shampoo darken hair?

Purple shampoo may cause your hair to become slightly darker for a short period of time. It contains inky purple pigments which are darker than the yellow tones present in blonde hair.

When should you start using purple shampoo?

Purple shampoo should only be used when your hair is brassy, not on a daily basis. In general, if your hair starts to look brassy, you might want to incorporate purple shampoo into your hair care routine several times per week instead of your regular shampoo.

How long do you leave purple shampoo on dry hair?

If you need to make your hair look less brassy, use a comb to rub your purple shampoo through your dry hair before getting in the shower. Leave it on for up to 15 minutes before washing it off and applying hair balm as usual. Purple shampoo can even be used to remove yellow tones from natural gray hair.