Purple ombre hair has been on the edge of popularity for quite a while now. There is no wonder why. Every one of you who thinks that there is nothing harmful in showing a little bit of extravagant self should opt for purple. In case you think that all the worthy ideas have already been stolen, you should totally check out our freshest collection!


Smoky Lavender Ombre Hair

Ashy Lavender Ombre Hair
by @curtiscolorshair
Smoky Lavender Ombre Hair picture1
by @riibendz
Smoky Lavender Ombre Hair picture
by @riibendz

While playing with ombre hair, there is no need to go over the edge with brightness. Sometimes what is subtler can be more attention-drawing and appealing. Do you still have any doubts?


Black & Purple

Black and Purple Wavy Hair
by @curtiscolorshair
Black & Purple Sleek #purplehair #ombre
by @theplatinumgiraffe
Black & Purple Waves #purplehair #ombre
by @foxandbellesalon

The overwhelming popularity of black and blue hair doesn’t stand still, so meet another jaw-dropping trend that has already taken over Instagram and Pinterest. As it turns out, purple ombre hair looks unbelievably harmonic on black hair, giving it a seductive character and tons of dimension. The best thing is, it looks gorgeous no matter how drastic or subtle it is.

Violet Shades of Purple Ombre

Violet Shades of Purple Ombre picture1
by @harleyannartistry
Violet Shades of Purple Ombre For Long Hair
Violet Shades of Purple Ombre For Long Wavy Hair

When one shade is totally not enough for you, you can always opt for more. Luckily, the range of purple hair dye shades is so wide that you will easily choose your combo. For example, let your chocolate brown hair fade into light purple, and then into vibrant deep violet. Looks cool, right?


Obsessed with Purple Ombre - Fuchsia

Obsessed with Purple Ombre Fuchsia picture1
by @deardaynalee
Obsessed with Purple Ombre Fuchsia picture
by @erinscissrhands
Obsessed with Purple Ombre Fuchsia picture
by @themintdoor

Not everyone knows that purple shades are extremely versatile and that between lilac and violet there is something else – a fuchsia shade! It looks extremely deep and vibrant when combined with dark hair.

Magenta Toned Purple Ombre

Magenta Toned Purple Ombre picture1
by @shae_stylist
Magenta Toned Purple Ombre picture
by @hhairbyjoni
Obsessed with Purple Ombre For Short Curly Hair

If you can’t decide between red and purple, there is something different that will suit you perfectly. What we have in mind is the magenta shade. Just look at that juicy richness of two of your favorite colors!


Shades of Purple Ombre - Amaranth

Amaranth Shade of Purple Ombre
Shades of Purple Ombre Amaranth picture3
by @hollyydoeshair

Some people consider that if their hair is of a middle length, opting for bright ombre is not a wise idea. We think otherwise. Just look at this sleek bob in a combination with amaranth ombre, isn’t it gorgeous?

Shades of Violet Ombre - Wild Orchid

Shades of Violet Ombre Wild Orchid picture1
by @bluemangohair
Shades of Violet Ombre - Wild Orchid For Glossy Hair
Wild Orchid Shade of Violet Ombre

Wild orchid – the name itself sounds so exotic and extraordinary, right? But if you combine your blonde hair with wild orchid ombre, you will achieve the sweetest and the brightest-looking outcome. Breath-taking!

Electric Purple Shade

Electric Blue And Purple Shade
by @hhairbyjoni
Electric Purple Shade With Pink Highlights

Some shades of purple are meant to add a slight hint of lilac vibes to the look, and others have come to our world to set their own rules and steal the show. If you want to turn your hair into a masterpiece that will make heads turn and minds go crazy, some electric charge to your purple dye will do the trick!


FAQ: Purple Ombre Hair

How long does purple ombre last?

Within days, the purple ombre color fades. Due to the dramatic combination of shampoo and conditioner, that snappy hue holds its vitality for 3-5 days, or over a week, if you’re lucky. This capricious color will not persist as long as you wish, even if you use color-safe items.

Is ombre good for your hair?

Ombre gives your hair a dimensional and voluminous appearance, making you look younger and more energetic. Because the colors and the chemicals that come with them don’t reach the scalp, ombre is safer than coloring your hair overall.

What happens if you dye brown hair purple?

If you want a pastel lilac tint, this implies lightening your hair a lot. The good news is that you can choose between a light violet color and a dark plum, unlike those with blonde hair.